Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Select Halloween Layouts For Your Profile-2

In the first article, we learned the basics of choosing a layout for Halloween. The points we discussed were mainly the weight of the page. If the profile is heavy, the page will not get downloaded fast and your friends will move away. What factors make the page heavy?

Any thing on the profile page adds to the weight. To begin with the - layout. Then any other widget that you add. Contact tables, countdowns, music, videos, surveys, and any such widget that we add to our profile adds to the beauty of the profile. But it also adds to the weight of the profile. Therefore it is important that we think about weight right from the day we select the layout.

The next important consideration is color of the layout. The choice is between different colors and the darkness of the colors. Which color should you be looking for Halloween? Black and red are most popular colors. Red signifies blood and black signifies dark night. The layouts are not commonly made in mono colors. You will find many colors in the layout. Choose a color that satisfies one criterion. The text is readable or not. I have seen hundreds of profiles where nothing can be read. Because the font color and the background color are so similar that it is impossible to read the texts. Chose a color that allows the font to be read.

Should the color be shining or mat. This can be tricky because it also depends upon the settings of your friends. You may choose something very bright and your friend may have a monitor with high contrast and low brightness. So you cannot control what they view. Best is to chose what looks good to you. In the next part we will discuss more about the colors and other widgets.

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