Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When And How To Send A Private Message On Myspace

Having a free MySpace account will give you vast connections of friend. MySpace is a best way to have new friends, aside from adding existing friends on your “Friends List”; you can also join up with your past friends. There will come a time that you need to send a private message. The next section will talk on how and when to send private message to another MySpace member. Sending a private message is essential in many situations. Usually you need to send a private message if there are definite information to be passed. Some of this information needs to be placed in a private message may include: • phone numbers • addresses • full names If you get the possibility to share information like this kind, you must do this in private message. Adding a comment on your friend’s profile will shown to everyone and this is not usually secure. Make use of the “Send Message” feature of Myspace to avoid showing personal information. You must be logged into your own MySpace account first in order to send a private message to a friend or a possible MySpace friend. Once in, check on the profile of a member you want to send a private message. Click “Show All Friends” to view a friend who is already listed on your home page. Find the “Contact Table” of the person from their profile if you want to send a private message. If the layout is customized, you may find this any where but this is usually placed below the profile picture. You may find the following links on a typical MySpace profile. • Send Message • Add to Friends • Instant Message • Add to Group • Forward to a Friend • Add to Favorites • Block User • Rank User Pick “Send Message” if you want to send a private message to a person. Click the top link on the left side of the list in the contact box to send a private message to someone with a customized layout since the links will not be marked the usual way. No matter how it's tagged, there will always be a "Send Message Link",

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Learn About Article Submission To Make Money

In today’s internet age an important aspect of any online business is having your website optimized for search engine rankings. There are many different aspects of building a website that helps them being found and ranked by the different engines and while each one is different, there are a few common traits that all search engines look for. In the past, some companies attempted to trick the search engine spiders into believing they were offering legitimate information but it did not take long for the spiders to become wise to tricks being used. When people typed in key words into a search box, they expected to find information relevant to those words. What they were finding were web pages loaded with information on several terms, totally unrelated to the search criteria. This was due, in part, because some sites held nothing but a series of keywords and when accessed automatically redirected the searcher to another page. Today spiders look for text content that is on target to the information being sought. Many freelance writers have found a niche market in writing articles pertaining to web site information the can submit to web builders for inclusion on their web pages. This information is interpreted by the search engine spiders as valid text and improves the site’s ranking on the engines. Many people are finding out about article submission and are accumulating original articles on a variety of subjects for potential sale to web builders. Typically, they can sell quality text at between two and three dollars for articles ranging from 250 to 500 words. Key words or phrases appear within the contest of the informative articles between one and three percent of the word total, which helps raise the page’s awareness level to the spiders doing the searching. Most writers will do this type of work on a part-time basis, knowing at the rate of pay offered for their article submissions will not make them rich, but it can keep their writing skills sharp and their typing skills honed.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Is It A Time To Change Your Web Host?

Many webmasters face an important decision – whether to find a new web host or stay with the current one. In my view, there are several good reasons to change web hosting company: price, technical support and software issues. I)Price How do you know if you overpay for web hosting? You can compare your web hosting package to web hosting deals from Web Host Checklist at . These are some of the best web hosting packages available. If your web host is similar in terms of price and features, then you are fine. Otherwise, you are paying too much. II)Technical support Sometimes all of us experience web site problems: pages that are slow to open, can’t log in into ftp site, certain software package doesn’t work… Once a problem occurs, we need competent technical support that can resolve the issue as fast as possible. In my opinion, a good technical support should fix a problem within 48 hours. III)Software issues Software related problems are some of the most frustrating. For example, you want to create web pages using certain programming language, but your web hosting service doesn’t support software. May be your web site pages aren’t displayed correctly because of problems with your web host. You have only two choices when faced with software problems. You can either use programs supported by your web host or change web hosting company. There is no exact formula on whether to switch web hosting company. Each situation is unique. For example, your web hosting cost is higher than average but customer service and software support are excellent. Or let’s say that technical support is quiet slow but problems are very rare. What would you do in above situations? Should you stay or go? I believe your decision depends on a total picture. If you are satisfied with an overall combination of the price, technical and software support, you should stay. Otherwise, it is time to find a new web hosting company.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finding Science Articles Online

The Internet is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for science articles. Whether you are a student doing homework research or a scientist who needs to keep abreast of the latest findings and publications in your field of endeavor, there are many sources of science articles online that are right for you. Many sources of science articles are the web sites of the publications in which those articles originally appeared. For example, some newspapers publish articles in regular science sections that appear weekly, such as The New York Times. Some magazines include both scientific and nonscientific information, such as National Geographic. Some publications cover science from a popular perspective in their articles, such as Popular Science and Science magazines. Scientific journals are also a source of science articles. Journals from different scientific specialties are often published online, either in full, or with abstracts. Sometimes you may need to subscribe, or be a member of a science organization, or pay to read the full article. "Pure play" online science publications are publications that specialize in collecting or originating science articles for an online audience. These are publications that do not have print editions. Although some are restricted to members, these sites are less likely to require that you pay to read their articles. Aggregators and directories that collect links to science articles throughout the World Wide Web are another source. Some may specialize in general science, while others can direct you to specific areas such as nature, space, astronomy, physics or chemistry in greater depth but narrower focus. Science articles for kids can also be found online. Many of these sites will also include experiments that children can do at home, homework help, ideas for science fair projects. Science-related puzzles and games help children become more interested in science as the children are having fun while learning.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How To Have Temporary Office Space All Over The World

Do you meet with prospects and customers in cities around the U.S. or even overseas? Wouldn’t it be nice to have temporary office space or a fully equipped meeting room available to you without any hassles? Just a quick call and the office space you need is yours. Executive suites are a generic term for office space with flexible rental plans offering many features unavailable with conventional leasing of office space. For example, executive suites can be rented by the hour, a day, a month or however long you need the office space or a meeting room. These executive suites can be found in cities all over the U.S. and overseas. They are all tied together in a network which means you have access to temporary office space or meeting rooms in over 500 cities. How can your business have hundreds of facilities available around the globe? First, you will need to contact an executive suites provider in your area. The fastest way is to do an internet search for the term ‘executive suites’ and type your zipcode to find a location closest to you. Explain to them your needs (which you may want to write down before calling) and they will provide a plan for you. After that, all you need to do is make one phone call and a distant office space or meeting room will be waiting for you in a prestigious office building. You will be amazed at how affordable and flexible the leasing options are. Executive suites mean temporary office space which comes completely furnished, ready for you to conduct business with your prospects and customers. And as mentioned before, if you only need to lease a single conference room, you will be amazed at the tastefully appointed spaces you can lease that are both comfortable and modern. If making a positive first impression to your business prospects locally and abroad is something that is important to you - then leasing temporary executive office suites is simply the best option out there for the business savvy professional.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Benefits Of Buying SEO Placement

A discussion of the benefits of buying SEO placement and how it can be part of a successful search engine optimization strategy for a website. Search engine optimization consists of about a 100 techniques of which buying your way to the top of a local search engine is just one. This is sometimes simply referred to as buying SEO placement. As only about 30% of people actually click on these (studies have shown) it is probably a good idea not to rely on buying SEO placement solely to bring business to your website. However used in tandem with other strategies, buying your way to the top of the search engine page by buying SEO placement actually has quite a few benefits. First of all simply optimizing your copy can take awhile especially if you are doing it all yourself. Getting a service to do it for you could save you some time. On average it takes most people about two months to SEO a website on their own and sometimes as long as a year before they see this have any effect on their search engine page rankings. The best and cheapest way to buy SEO placement is to do it through a pay per click program. The risk to your pocket book is minimal especially if you go to the time and trouble to test your keywords first. Most of the big pay-per-click systems on the most well known search engines have set up test programs so that you can see whether or not your choice of keywords actually drives customers to your site. This is important, as you don’t want to spend money on keywords that don’t work for you. Keep in mind too that you should always be monitoring your pay per click campaigns to see how much of the business sent to you actually produces buying customer. The last thing you want is a busy website that is full of non-purchasing or non-converting visitors – unfortunately sometimes that is a by-product of buying SEO placement no matter how good your selection of keywords initially seemed to be.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Basics Of Web Hosting Services

The Internet is full of different web hosting companies these days. There are many different choices to help you get your site on the web. However all of these different web hosting companies offer a variety of different services. How are you ever going to choose which company is right for your web site? The easiest way to choose between the different web hosting companies is to look at the different services they offer and choose which one is the best fit for your web site. Most web hosting companies offer basically the same types of services, but some companies offer better quality services than others. One of the most important services to look for when choosing a web hosting company is the amount of space they will give you. If you plan on creating a very large web site, then you need to make sure that the web hosting company you choose gives plenty of storage so that your web site has room to grow. Also many web hosting companies offer free email accounts when you host your web site with them. This can be a great feature if you plan on giving out email addresses on your web site, or you need email addresses for employees in your company. However if you do not need many email addresses, then this is not a great service for you. I believe one of the most important services that can set a web hosting company apart from other companies is the ability to create web sites that can use server-side code. Using server-side code will allow you to communicate with a database on their server, and dynamically make changes on the web site depending on what information is in that database. In this new age of Web 2.0, using server-side code to create a truly dynamic user-driven web site is essential. However if you just want to communicate your message to your audience, and you do not need to have your users interact with your site, this service might not be that important to you. No matter what kind of web site you are creating there is a web hosting company out there with the services that you need.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Selling Item On Ebay: An Introduction

The phrase "selling item on eBay" can be understood from two different angles. Since I don't know from which angle you are viewing it, I will talk about both. One can understand selling item on eBay as, "I want to sell an item on eBay." On the other hand, one can also understand selling item on eBay as, "What are the items that are selling on eBay?" First, let me talk about selling item on eBay from the perspective of you wanting to sell items on eBay. To sell items on eBay, you need to be a registered member of eBay and you need to register as a seller. The seller registration process involves you verifying your identity, selecting the way you will be paying your seller fees, and you need to offer either PayPal or a merchant account credit card as payment options for your buyers. The process of becoming a seller is free of charge. It is also important to read and understand the rules for sellers. eBay has comprehensive help available that tells you all the rules, give you seller tips, and gives you a seller checklist. Now, let's talk about selling item on eBay from the angle of what items are selling on eBay. One would think that almost any item sells on eBay. That would be true, but some items do sell better than others. To make money selling items on eBay, you need to focus on those that are the better sellers. One way to find out what items are selling on eBay is to simply study the main page of eBay. They highlight many items and item categories. You can be pretty sure those are items that sell very well on eBay. eBay Pulse is also a great way to find the most popular items. eBay Pulse shows you the ten keywords that people search for most often overall and per item category. If lots of people search for an item, you can be sure that the item is selling well. I hope I've helped you in a small way to better understand selling item on eBay, regardless from which angle you were thinking about it before reading this.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How An Attractive Backend Can Stimulate Growth

There is no need to waste time and money to locate new customers to increase sales. Your sales can be increased easily once you apply the tricks of backend marketing to your existing sales campaigns. Backend marketing, also known as suggestive selling, is simply trying to make another sale to a customer who just bought from you. Once you have made a sale to your customer, they are more willing to hand you even more money because they have already made the decision to spend the money and buy your product. This means they already trust your services and you have a good relationship with them. You will not have to convince them that you are a credible company and your products and information are good. This works really well if you try to suggest a product related to the one they just bought from you. The key is to suggest something to them that is better than what they already bought and you can mark the price up and make even higher profits. If you have ever shopped or looked around at you will notice they keep statistics of their customers. When you select a book you are interested in or want to buy, they will show you a list of books that other customers have bought when purchasing that specific book. You will notice that the book you are looking at buying is directly related to the books they are suggesting you check out. Not only does this bring in extra sales at no extra cost, this can help make your customers feel like you are trying to meet their needs. A good strategy I have seen is to offer a small percentage off the regular price of the item they want to buy if they buy your even better suggested item. This is what most successful ecommerce businesses use. To simplify it, they get their customer to pay a little bit of money earning their trust and delivering a good product. They then suggest their more expensive product for higher profits, earning a bigger revenue, all at no extra cost.

Monday, February 20, 2012

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Real Estate Website

Handling a real estate business online isn’t all about clicks and browse. There’s more to the business and it’s not even appropriate for any real estate agents to skip a day without checking the status or conditions of his/her real estate website. The fact is, search engines never stop crawling through websites and if you update or take care of your real estate business and website regularly, there’s a good chance your site get acknowledged for the hard work done. However, there are more rules that a real estate agent (or any online marketer) should follow or else, there’s a great chance of getting your real estate website de-indexed. Although most of the SEO experts teach you and even share with you the coolest and easiest way of getting your website ranked, there are more unspoken warnings about what someone like you shouldn’t do when dealing with this type of business. Also, search engines don’t like websites that are flawlessly designed only to increase page rankings. First and foremost, search engines don’t like stolen contents from another website. This is a grave offense especially if you’re still starting with your real estate business. Someone might report you and it could lead to bigger copyright problems later on. Remember how your mother reacts when you speak of profanity inside the house? Search engines don’t like it either if you put in unfriendly or even slang words on your website so carefully check all words in your website. Also, you think that having more keywords on your website is a good thing? It certainly is not. Be sure that you keep all your keywords under control and that means, it should only comprise 5% of the entire content you have in your website. If not, you’re on your way to keyword spamming. There are more important things that most online entrepreneurs tend to overlook. In times like these, be sure you have the latest information from reliable sources about SEO.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Starting A Cruise Travel Agency

For people who love to travel, starting a travel agency specializing in cruises can be very exciting. Earning a living by talking about your cruise experiences and helping direct less experienced cruisers to the right vacation can be very rewarding. Many people are also attracted to the travel discounts you can receive by becoming a member of the International Airline Travel Agency Network (IATAN). Membership is available after earning $5,000 in commissions during the previous 12 month period. It takes a little while to build your business. Great customer service and knowledge of the business are key ingredients to a successful career. Cruise lines tend to specialize to certain types of people. Some appeal to older crowds, others have many activities for children, while look for more active cruisers by providing more daytime activities on the ship or nighttime entertainment choices. One of the best ways to gain a lot of customers quickly is to sell a group trip. Join local groups, religious organizations, college alumni programs, etc. Cruise lines typically pay commissions of 12% - 15% of the base fare. This excludes charges for port taxes and government fees. Additional money can be made by selling travel insurances where commissions are much higher, selling tours while your clients are on land and booking airfare and transportation to the airport or port. If your clients take travel insurance, they will be covered in case of delays, lost luggage or sickness, which will reduce your chances of having an unhappy customer. As with any upstart business, you need to control expenses. A cruise travel agency can be operated right out of your home with the majority of work done through the telephone or internet. Cruise tickets can be sent by messengers to your clients. One of your more important and higher expenses will be the Errors and Omission Insurance Policy. This will protect you from mistakes during the booking process or from errors in printed materials or advertising.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beware The Impact Of Using 301 Redirects

Let me share a story of the devastating effects changing a domain name and using 301 redirects can have on a sites traffic for several months. I have a DVD review site that has been running in one format or another since the year 2000. The site itself was reasonably successful and made a fair profit at times. Back in the summer of 2006 the core team on the site decided that we needed to expand in order to future proof the site. DVD as a format probably now has a limited lifespan and we wanted to expand into other areas such as games, music and the new HD formats for movies. We all agreed that the domain name needed to change as the name was very DVD specific. I was well aware that such a change could have a big impact on traffic, search engine hits etc. so I tried to do everything I could to minimise the hit. I arranged every single page off the old url to redirect to the new site, and I also set the redirects up with proper 301 error messages so that the search engines would know that the pages have moved somewhere else. I also started going through all of the back links and trying to get those sites to update those links including DMOZ (still pending at time of writing). To try and boost things along I also had a press release written which I distributed through the likes of PRWeb. I also ensured all the tools were in place like a google site map, rss feeds etc. Despite all of these things, the change has had a devastating result on traffic. After one month of the new site, traffic is at it’s lowest in years. I could see that the search engines know about all of the site pages but they were all ranking very low indeed. Income was at an all time low too. Eventually things returned to normal but it took a long time and a lot of hard work to get there. The one lesson I’ve learned from all of this is to not underestimate the impact of changing a domain name as it’s had a major impact for me and I suspect that it would do the same for you.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Webconference Applications For Finance

Problems The image of the title "CFO" (Chief Finance Officer) no longer corresponds to that of a severe auditor who authorizes minimal expense, and who is always waiting for revenues, behind closed doors. Relationships with investors, and "road shows" for brokers in an effort to get financing, as well as the publication of results, take up much time which could be better used to improve the company's revenues. In some major projects, the sales people are left on their own to negotiate directly with a particularly skillful CFO to discover the margins and to make the prices go down. Solution Web conference presentations using PowerPoint and Excel are among the new arsenal used by CFOs to convince financial partners. As a follow-up to the interest or questions of the interlocutors, another document can be sent by the CFO to complement the information or to direct them to a particular WEB page. Apart from the online meeting, it is also possible for him to have a private conversation with a participant, an associate, or a partner for immediate consultation in order to make the best decision for the company's benefit. Results It is best to have your interlocutors' attention focused on their screens instead of on the walls of a meeting room. Still better would be to have scanned copies of all the supportive information needed ready, beforehand, just to send it to an investor at the exact moment when a question is raised. From an investment point of view, the swiftness of reaction is crucial for the subsequent decision. Otherwise, the impact will be lost and, in all probability, the interest of the interlocutors will fade away. Their time is as valuable as anybody's, and usually they are very concerned about how they use it. As a matter of fact, there is nobody better than a CFO to negotiate an important contract with another CFO. Now all this is possible without them having to leave their offices.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seo - Clickbank And Seo Content

Clickbank is a system that works really well for authors and also SEO marketers. This is because within its system is a multi-tiered marketing system that gets affiliate marketers selling your book for you. If you have a good product you will suddenly find all sorts of professional marketers promoting your book like mad as well as web masters putting the link to your book on their site. The key is to base the book on a popular trend in the first place. It costs fifty dollars to register five titles with Clickbank. You must have two .com web pages – one to serve as an introductory page to the product and another that serves as a Thank You Page to confirm your client has paid for the product. The idea is that people click on one of your affiliate’s link and they are led to the Clickbank site. They are then referred to your web page describing the product. If they like it they can press a Buy Now button that leads them to Clickbank’s payment processing system. Clickbank takes its cut of your affiliate’s profits and deposits the remainder in your account. If you are not good with maintaining your website then Clickbank is not for you. You also have to be on top of emails requesting the book so that your customers get it right away. If your product is late more than twenty-four hours Clickbank can suspend your account. Of course to avoid this problem entirely you can get a website that automatically delivers electronic informational products directly to your clients. Another good thing about Clickbank is that you are the one that decides what your affiliates get for selling your book. For instance if your ebook is $24.00 you would still get $12.00 per book if it really took off. Clickbank only pays by checks that are mailed out so that they reach you on the fifteenth of every month. This can be a drawback if you are not American, as you have to wait quite a bit of time for their checks to clear.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To Choose Anti-Spam Filter?

The damage spam brings you is huge: loss of time, bandwidth and money, risk to delete a legitimate message together with junk emails. So, an anti-spam filter is not a whim but a necessity for almost all PC users who actively use email. What criteria should you follow to choose the right spam filtering program? What capabilities must an anti-spam tool have to filter and cut off spam mail in most effective way? Here are the main features a good anti-spam software must have to block spam effectively: 1) it should be a standalone spam filtering tool, which checks all incoming emails on the server, detects and deletes spam messages. 2) deletion of spam without receiving it in your inbox. This way you won't download all the superfluous kilobytes into your inbox and you won't see annoying spam mail. 3) powerful antispam filters built in one program that analyze the message from "outside" and "inside": message header, message body, and message source. Flexible whitelist and blacklist easy to edit and update are also very useful as they help save much time when filtering emails. Good anti-spam software must also have the Bayesian filter in its arsenal of spam filtering tools. 4) easy and safe method to preview emails marked as spam. Inherent in antispam technology is the fact that there will be false positives and false negatives, i.e., email can be flagged as spam even though it is not actually spam and vice versa. 5) flexible spam filtering. Spam emails should be moved to a separate folder. A good spam filtering software should provide the ability to recover an email if it was accidentally marked as spam and trashed. Simply put, an anti-spam program must be a standalone, easy-to-use software supplied with powerful anti-spam filters able to be adjusted by every user for his personal needs. Now with all that said above you can choose the right anti-spam software among all spam filtering programs available on the Internet.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Temporary Office Space Is Ideal For Start-up Companies

If you are starting a new company in temporary office space with flexible leasing options is a priority. If you’ve ever shopped around for commercial office space in this area, you more than likely have come to realize that flexibility is far from what is being offered. In fact, most commercial leasing companies will require you to sign a yearly contract and don't forget you may have the extra financial burden of hiring a secretary or the hassle of buying additional office furniture and computer equipment. But what if, for example, you are fully capable of performing the majority of your work from the comfort of your own home office, say two or three days per week? The solution is simple – there are companies who will gladly provide temporary office space in a prestigious building for people like you. They deliver where the commercial office space companies generally do not. You will find these companies will allow your small start-up office a much smoother transition to Orange County, California. Furthermore, temporary office space, from an executive suite provider, is completely furnished...with almost any type of office equipment available for your use. All you have to do is walk in and sit down at your desk. You can even have a phone connected to an exchange. Typical commercial office space contracts require you to handle all that by yourself. Here are just a few of the advantages over commercial office space most professionals do not know about: • You set up the rental package around the needs of your company. • You can be moved into your temporary office space almost immediately. • You avoid restrictive leases that come with many commercial office space contracts. • You get full-service options that are not available with typical commercial office space. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent business location in Orange County, California, office space with flexible terms is waiting for you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Using Content To Increase Website Exposure

Numerous websites all over the world depend on their contents to attract attention from their potential customers. However, the process entails a number of key steps to make sure that you succeed in your article marketing: Autoresponders are a nifty tool. It's quite easy for you to download an autoresponder, list your articles there, and thus send copies to your subscribers. Another good idea is to compile all of your articles into a single ebook, so that individuals who would like to read them all can store them in PDAs and read them at their convenience. By giving your articles to valued customers, you can better attract future traffic to your site. Send your article to free article directories, hundreds of which will gladly accept and publish copies for free. Since these directories have many thousands of subscribers, your exposure will be greatly increased. A well-written and informative resource box with a link to your website will make the article better, by making it much easier for interested readers to go directly to your website. That is, after all, the point of this exercise. Ensure that you use research to obtain the most up-to-date information. Use the vast amounts of rare data that can be found on the Internet as references in your articles. To maintain a professional appearance, proofread your articles. Avoid even the smallest of grammar and spelling errors. These errors can easily be avoided by proofreading an article before you submit it. An excellent way to increase traffic to your own website is to network with similar online businesses. Businesses with similar interests as your own may want to use the articles you publish on their sites. While you should avoid businesses that are in direct competition with you, it is worthwhile to contact others by e-mail or by telephone to offer your content. If they publish the articles, the increased web presence generating traffic on your own website.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Consistency In Prospecting Allows You To Do More With Less

The numbers make it pretty clear; while sales usually take at least 5 contacts, most sales professionals don't make it past two. That should be a pretty big reminder to a salesperson that might be struggling. Of course, there are reasons that sales people don't follow through with prospects to improve their chances at winning the business. A few of the reasons might be no process once they identify a prospect, too many hard to handle clients, or they are just consumed with following up on too many prospects that waste their time. On the whole though, it seems to be that it's primarily lack of a process. A sales person should have a way that they want to communicate with their prospects,and it should be proven. You can see great examples with real estate agents who consistently send information. It might seem like a daunting task to remember, but what makes it possible is a good CRM software program. Good prospecting software programs will allow you to layout the steps that you'd like a prospect to go through. Then, when steps are due, you simple have your assistant take action on them when they don't require you making a phone call or a visit. Using a good CRM software program, it can keep things in your pipeline moving towards those all important 6 contacts and keep your lead generation system running. By the time you place the phone call or make the visit, your prospect is at least warm from having seen your material. But that still doesn't solve the problem of having customers that take up too much time though or too many prospects that are not our target client. Getting rid of customers can be done, but not always. But one thing that every sales person should be doing is cleaning up their prospect list to identify only the ones with large upside potential. If you combine that with a good process for prospects that you can follow, then you will be successful at brining in more sales to your company.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Autopilot Social Bookmarking Too!

As SEO professionals we are constantly searching for ways to get our sites ranked and indexed better. As part of the online community you would have heard about social bookmarking lately. As a matter of fact, you can spend hundreds of hours of your precious time right now just to find out what Social Bookmarking is all about. Well, not here. I am giving you this information. I have researched and found this to be the most powerful way of getting laser targeted traffic to your website. The best news is, it's 100% FREE! When you do a search in a search engine you get all the sites that have something to do with the keywords you typed into the search box. The Social Bookmaked tags are the most interesting feature of these sites. It is obvious that the way things are going social bookmarking is the future of search. The key to using social bookmarking is tagging. While social bookmarking is a good hobby imagine if you could replace the website option with blogs?. the best way of keeping track of sites which we like was to keep a list using bookmarks or favorites. How Social Bookmarking tool can get 100s of High PR links Automatically! If you have a website you can easily add (assuming you do your own webmastering or know the rudiments of copying and pasting) a "save this page" to any and all of your important webpages within your site. This gives the user a way to classify rank and organize content using tags. The most popular Social Bookmarking Site is del.ici.ous which has millions of users. Check out Just click on the cloud to see all the pages tagged with a particular label. So while being aggressive is possible when you bookmark; being careful to consider the best interest of the community is certainly warranted. This RSS alerts you to new links in your areas of interest.. Put Social Bookmarking on Autopilot!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Why You Wont Make Money Without Traffic Generators?

Traffic Generator: Godsend The thing is getting traffic with traffic generator is the most important thing in the world of online business nowadays. Make certain the report has value for the subscriber or they may feel it was simply a bribe to capture their email address. Are More Always Better? More isn't always better and if you focus your marketing on 'targeted traffic' you'll quickly find that the hits your getting on your website aren't just empty numbers - they'll be potential customers and more importantly sales. Things will get very interesting for you when the viral effect takes over and your articles get re-posted in hundreds and then thousands of other sites all over the web. And with your link still intact in the resource box. There are many conventional and many not so conventional ways to drive targeted traffic to your website but we'll explore them in other articles. The purpose of this article is to point out the difference between website traffic and targeted traffic. Make Sure you Monetize Your Traffic! Another method of monetizing your traffic are affiliate programs. You can link up with other tried and tested sites and online companies and monetize your traffic by having a percentage of sales generated by traffic coming from your site. Make sure you use simple language not industry-specific jargon. You are sending a message to your potential customers. Make sure you do it with the right Traffic Generator software. Getting Targeted Traffic All Day! It will also ensure that they can send you targeted traffic (customers) so that you can get that 83% of first time visitors your online business needs to survive. If you've got a motor-related site writing an article on "how to sell a car" could be an excellent idea. Give away the autoresponder course as a free gift to your current customers as a way of letting them know you appreciate their business.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Business Idea: Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is writing content for others and assigning all rights to the content to the person who has paid you for it. This means that your name will not appear on the published work and you’ll gain no public recognition for it. Are you hoping for a home business that will let you use your creative writing gifts to generate an income? Ghostwriting may not be for you. Just Kidding! Actually there might be some truth in it. A love for creative writing doesn’t automatically transfer into ghostwriting talent. Creative writing usually involves writing about topics that feed your personal interests. Ghostwriting on the other hand is writing about topics that other people choose and embracing writing styles that might not appeal to your personally. If you do write well, have a strong command of language and grammar and also happen to enjoy researching a wide variety of topics, ghostwriting may indeed be a perfect business choice for you. But to succeed as a ghostwriter you’ll have to shake some of your expectation and embrace a professional business plan. Ghostwriters serve a community of authors, speakers, internet marketers and website owners who need original content created that they don’t have the time or perhaps even the talent to create on their own. Ghostwriters pen articles, special reports, ebooks, web copy and even full length books for their clients. Ghostwriters earn anywhere from $7 per article on the low end to thousands of dollars for a full length book. Obviously to get started, you’ll gain more clients by offering your services at a lower price. As you gain experience you’ll be able to command higher prices. Providing miscellaneous writing services to others will often involve deadlines but at the same time it gives you some flexibility in a work schedule. You can write anytime and pick up where you left off from day to day. There’s very little need for telephone calls or venturing out of the home for appointments as most work will be assigned through emails.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How To Use Linking To Your Advantage

One of the main objectives of any internet business is to get a good search engine ranking. This is an objective to pat attention to. There are many factors that go into a search engine ranking, though. It is complex and getting more complex by the minute. With so many websites out there competing for the top spots, search engines are adding in more and more factors to help them determine who gets those tops spots. If you know what to look for and what action to take you have a much better chance of reaching you goals sucessfully. One of the latest things search engines are basing rankings on are links. Most websites have a link page or have links to other websites somewhere on them. These links are now playing a large role in where your website lands in the search engines. Study how these links work and what search engines can do for you and you will be on your way. Choosing links is an important process. For a business, you want to link to sites that complement and do not compete with your business. You want links to websites that are going to be likely to bring customers to you. One thing you should consider besides this, though, is the actual websites to which you are linking. Before linking to another website you need to make sure that website is high quality. It should reflect the same professionalism and attitude as your website. It should also have a fairly good search engine ranking. The links that will help your search engine rankings are ones that are doing good in their own rankings. You do not want to link to just any website because it could actually bring down your ranking if it is poor quality or if it ranks low in the search engines. Links are more important now then ever. They don’t just help bring traffic to your website in one way, but effect your website overall. Choose your links carefully and be cautious before accepting a link. You will find by doing this one simple thing that you can improve your search engine rankings quite a bit.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Should There Be A Play-Off In NCAA Football?

There are many differences in the NCAA football and NFL football. For one, the rules are totally different in college football than the NFL. In the NFL, when a player catches a ball, he must have both feet in bounds, yet in college football, it’s only necessary for them to have one foot in bounds. That is certainly a big difference, especially when players from the NCAA have to adjust how they play after being drafted into the NFL. Another major different in the two types of football is when there is a pass interference. In the NCAA, it would be considered a fifteen-yard penalty, but in the NFL, the players are penalized from the spot of the foul. One of the biggest differences between the NCAA and the NFL is that there are no play-off games in college football. Due to this fact, at the end of the year in the NCAA, there is always a big problem. This is because they can not decide which team should be number one or number two. Let’s take this year, for instance. There were four teams that could have been considered number one, but Michigan lost to Ohio State, University of South Carolina lost two games that eliminated them from the hunt for the championship. This leads many people to feel that there should be a play-off in order to help to determine which team should be ranked number one for the championship. In lots of people’s opinions, Michigan should be playing in the big game, but they didn’t win the conference, and they lost to the number one team, also. Also, they were in the same conference, so the committee chose Florida to play in the championship game, because they won the conference out-right. So, instead of allowing a committee to decide which NCAA team plays in the championship, why not have a playoff? It would take a lot of stress off the committee, and would also make things fairer for the teams involved. It would also make fans a lot happier. They would have to actually earn their way into the championship, but then again, they do that anyway.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How Being Set For Business Can Be Helped By Internet Service Providers!

If you are set to go worldwide with your home based business, internet service provider speeds and boundaries will need to be measured. In a global environment where dial up service used to the norm, new technologies have increased rapidly. For your business, internet service provider overhaul to their own technology have resulted in astounding rewards, which might be had for little if any money. As a matter of fact, many an ISP now packages a large number of attractive services distinctively customized to the requirements of a web-based business - internet service provider advertisements are very precise on these offerings and these cost little more than residential services. Certain, you may speculate what this has to do with success on the Net. For a home based customer a business internet service provider used to be the dial up access. A modem was connected to a telephone line and the computer, and this meant that unless you had another independent telephone line, your connection would be busy. Telephone orders could not get through. The speed of the connection was slow, and downloads were distressing because the time was measured in minutes, not seconds. Setbacks are experienced simply because connections are famous to drop suddenly. Fast forward to today's business internet service provider; these days business is done at the speed of digital data transmissions, and downloads take place in tiny proportion of seconds. Connections are always open, and customers and business owners can interact in real time. This means that your ISP can aggressively help you not only in gaining new business but also in doing business much more efficiently! Your business will gain a reputation for being sociable; you will receive the internet rep of being eager to serve your customers and quick to respond to questions and concerns. In short, whom you choose as your internet service provider will have a big persuasion on the success of your home based business.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Affiliate Marketing With Blogs: The Golden Goose?

Want to make more money online in an affiliate marketing programme? Here's some advice from a very smart -- and very successful -- guy who does just that: "I blog at and I make about $2,000 USD a month via affiliate products. Here's my advice if you choose to use a blog as part of your affiliate marketing arsenal." TIPS FROM AN AFFILIATE MARKETING EXPERT: - Blog honestly and consistently. When you blog every day and make the content your own words, and helpful, you build up a very powerful relationship between you and your readers. At a certain point your blog gains the credibility of the recommendation of a friend. After that, sales are a piece of cake. - Don't hesitate to write over and over about the same product in your affiliate marketing programme. You can come at it from different points of view that way... write about what you expect from the product at first, why you bought it, how you hope to use it, and so on. Then you can tell your cyber-friends out there, (the ones whose trust you've gained through your blog), exactly how the product came through for you. You're basically echoing what any purchaser goes through with any product, not regurgitating a lot of recognizable affiliate marketing jargon. Product reviews are highly sought-after and help make sales for you. - Make sure everything you blog has content the reader can really use, and are not just sales puff pieces. - For your affiliate marketing plan, you can attract links with blogs much easier than with normal websites, so do remember your slogan: Blog Every Day! - As you build up content, it will compound the effect of each single blog, and each article will have a synergistic effect on the whole process. - Save time every day to work on building a list. Once you have a credible, substantial blog and a list to match, you're in the affiliate marketing business!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seo - Viral Marketing And Seo

The most successful trend in online marketing and advertising is the concept of viral marketing. Viral marketing simply means getting others to do your word of mouse for you simply by giving away free stuff. It is about overwhelming the competition with your sheer omnipresence. It means knowing what marketing incentives to offer for free so that your content will be replicated again and again in various places on the Internet. Once you master the fine art of information replication your profits from your Internet business should grow by leaps and bounds. In essence, viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others. Using the right keywords is essential to these strategies. Like viruses, these messages multiply to spread your message to hundreds, thousands and maybe even millions of people. A successful viral marketing strategy need not contain ALL the following components but usually viral marketing consists of at least one of the following – • Gives away products or services (such as a free ebook) • Provides for effortless transfer of information to others (through chats and blogs) • Exploits human nature by giving people what they want or by piquing their curiosity • Utilizes existing communication networks through the use of white hat or black hat SEO techniques • Takes advantage of others' resources • Requires no costs The very simple idea behind all of this is that you can lure ten more people to your site by giving away one thing to one person for free. This builds such a buzz about you that soon people will be coming to your site to see what else you have for free. Top off this strategy with well placed SEO, including a smoothly functioning shopping cart and something good to sell and you have a profit-making monster. Viral Marketing can take any shape of form and it is one of the most effective forms of SEO around.

Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Have A Quick Start In Network Marketing

The first thing that we to understand when starting our own network marketing business is that this is not going to be something that will net us two million dollars in two weeks. We have to treat it like any business and put in both our time and money. With that said, let us look at some ways to explode our business in the shortest time possible and the least amount of dollars spent. The first thing that we need to do is register a domain and forward it to our affiliate site. This will help make our business more professional looking which will help drive more cash into our pockets. This can be done through many sites; just do a search for domains and you will find a ton of companies selling them. I personally use Godaddy for all my domain needs. Then next thing that we can do to explode our business is advertise via signature files. All we need to do is simply search for forums we would like to participate in and set up a signature file (also known as a resource box) with our domain in it. The goal is to add one post everyday to each forum, keeping in mind people only want to read legitimate posts. This may take some time to generate results but it is well worth the effort. The next thing that we need to look at is using pay per click tools such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing to drive traffic to our site. This is easy to set up and can bring in a lot of site hits. The biggest thing here is not spending too much for each click. Take a look at what other people are paying for the same type of services and what the return on the investment would be. Finally, another way that we can we can open our business with a bang is through the use of ezines. Ezines are essentially online magazines where you can pay to have an advertisement placed. This is a fairly cheap method of marketing and can generate wonderful results. It’s time to get off to a great start.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So, Where Has Your Search Engine Been Today?

Visit Google, Yahoo, MSN or one of the lesser search engines, and you get a few million results for just about any search term. Despite this impressive depth of results, most users consider only a few of the WebPages being pointed to. A lot of research indicates that most searchers exit search engine result pages to visit one of the top three results. That raises the question: What about the remaining million plus results? Are they all worthless in the labyrinth of the Internet? Or are they snared by the constraints of the algorithms that search engines use. Surely there can be better results than the ones dished out to us. WE NEED A SEARCH-ENGINE TO SEARCH SEARCH-ENGINE RESULTS! Based on the above premise, I set out on a mission to simplify search engine results. But, try as I might, I could not find an automated method to simplify search engine results. I think that is logical, otherwise these multi-billion dollar behemoths would have done so themselves. So, I thought: What is that one thing that I can do which the Googles and Yahoos of the world cannot do. And the quick answer was: I can use human / personal discretion in choosing search results. This would bypass the legion of search engine optimizers who keep building link popularity to rise up in search pages. CAN HUMAN SELECTED SEARCH RESULTS BEAT ALGORITHM SELECTED SEARCH RESULTS? Tough to say, but you can look for yourself. Compare the Google results for Hair Removal ( and my selected results for Hair Removal ( There is some overlap, but the results that I display are a result of my personal visit to the listed pages. CONCLUSIONS As search engines become better and faster, there is a need for a human touch to search results. In this constant struggle between spammy (scammy?) search engine optimizers and search engine engineers, the searcher can be the victim.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SEO - Using Overture To Find A Niche Product To Sell

An initial mistake that many newcomers to the business of selling informational products online make is to pay hundreds of dollars to businesses (and sometimes even scam artists) that claim they have the keywords or special programs that analyze which keywords are hot and which are not. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste money on this type of information. Very often all that they are selling is stale information. The most valuable and free tool exists for searching the popularity of a keyword or niche term is Overture's keyword inventory at http:/ All you have to do is type a single keyword into the search box of their inventory search tool. In return, Overture will provide you with a list of numbers that quickly and accurately tells you how many times people have searched for that term in the last month. The key to finding effective keywords is to find more specific terms. For instance you do not necessarily want to use keywords that are too popular such as the word “psychic” as that may bring you lots of traffic but not necessarily targeted traffic. The key to finding effective SEO keywords using Overture is to type in the niche keywords that do not necessarily describe the entirety of your business, but the essence of what you may be selling such as “psychic chat online.” Avoid keyword search terms that are too popular as it may mean that the market is heavy with sites that have already mined that area. You should also always avoid keywords that are too general as well as those that have very low numbers. Remember to also take a look at the misspellings on Overture as it is quite amazing how many people will misspell a common word such as “jewelry.” I f your product can be sold internationally also type in the searches for different English spellings. A good example once again is “jewelry” which in Canada and the U.K. is spelled “jewellery.”