Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Should There Be A Play-Off In NCAA Football?

There are many differences in the NCAA football and NFL football. For one, the rules are totally different in college football than the NFL. In the NFL, when a player catches a ball, he must have both feet in bounds, yet in college football, it’s only necessary for them to have one foot in bounds. That is certainly a big difference, especially when players from the NCAA have to adjust how they play after being drafted into the NFL. Another major different in the two types of football is when there is a pass interference. In the NCAA, it would be considered a fifteen-yard penalty, but in the NFL, the players are penalized from the spot of the foul. One of the biggest differences between the NCAA and the NFL is that there are no play-off games in college football. Due to this fact, at the end of the year in the NCAA, there is always a big problem. This is because they can not decide which team should be number one or number two. Let’s take this year, for instance. There were four teams that could have been considered number one, but Michigan lost to Ohio State, University of South Carolina lost two games that eliminated them from the hunt for the championship. This leads many people to feel that there should be a play-off in order to help to determine which team should be ranked number one for the championship. In lots of people’s opinions, Michigan should be playing in the big game, but they didn’t win the conference, and they lost to the number one team, also. Also, they were in the same conference, so the committee chose Florida to play in the championship game, because they won the conference out-right. So, instead of allowing a committee to decide which NCAA team plays in the championship, why not have a playoff? It would take a lot of stress off the committee, and would also make things fairer for the teams involved. It would also make fans a lot happier. They would have to actually earn their way into the championship, but then again, they do that anyway.

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