Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Does It Mean To Become An LLC?

LLC also known as Limited Liability Corporation or Company is a type of business entity. Which is much like a corporation, just cheaper and less paperwork to obtain. When you operate under a LLC, you qualify for a tax ID number from the IRS, you can also open a bank account and perform all of your business transactions under your LLC name.

The main advantage of becoming an LLC is that the owners of the LLC are no longer personally liable for any debts or legal matters involved in the LLC. If the LLC were to go bankrupt, the owners would not be liable to pay from their own pockets. The same if the LLC were to be sued for damages. The owners personal property is not at stake, only the assets owned by the LLC.

Becoming an LLC is actually quite simple. The first thing that you would need to do is visit the secretary of the state’s website that you are wanting to be an LLC in, and make sure that the name that you are wanting is not taken. Once you have chosen a name that no one else in your state has, you can then print and fill out the paperwork yourself and send it in. Or, you could hire a business attorney to take of this for you. By paying him a small fee, he will draw up all of the paperwork that is needed, and then ask you a short series of questions, have you sign on the dotted line, fax your paperwork in for you, and you are in business. Simple as that.

If you are considering going into business for yourself, checking into becoming a LLC is a great idea. You never know what the future will hold for you or your business, and it is best to be prepared.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Insurance Card Reader: Who And Why

There are many ways that an insurance card reader makes life easier for some people. Of course, this is not something that is used by everybody in every day life, but many people know no other way of doing things. The fact of the matter is that there are many people who use insurance card readers, and the reasons that they do this are quite varied. If you think that you may benefit from one of these, or that you are going to have to use one in the future, you should learn as much as you can about insurance card readers.

Who uses insurance card readers? First off, anybody who works in a medical office or other health setting may find one of these to be quite useful. As you can imagine, having the ability to scan insurance cards is much easier than having to write down the information on your own. An insurance card reader will pick up on all the details of the card, and from there, allow you to use it in a number of different ways.

In most cases, one insurance card reader is more than enough to keep things running smoothly. As you can imagine, a doctor’s office only has to collect so many insurance cards each day. And in many cases, the patient’s information is already on file so nothing has to be done. But if you need to take down information, it is always better to have an insurance card reader that you can rely on.

All in all, there are thousands of people who use insurance card readers for a number of reasons. If you are one of these people, make sure that you are getting the most out of your unit. The benefits of an insurance card reader are quite great!

Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Gain Traffic From Expired Domains

Expired domains are the unknown way of driving traffic to your website. There are many benefits for you from using expired domains. First the traffic has already been built for you. Next the domain name has already been registered, so you do not have to do any work. I strongly suggest you read this article carefully and put into practice the information you get here.

Okay so let's get started. First go to . This is where you can find domains that relate to your business. The domain names should be somewhat relevant to your business. You may use domain names not related to your field but I find it more effective when I use domain names related to my business.

Before you purchase your expired domain name, you need to perform certain checks. We have to make sure the domain name is still bringing in quality traffic. So go to and check your expired domain names to see their traffic level. Then go to to see if a website was ever built for the domain name. Now we need to see how many links the domain name has, the more the better. Go to

If you feel the domain name is getting good traffic, it is then time to register it and redirect the traffic to your site.

Register the name, and then get a free account with Add the domain name with them and all the traffic should be redirected to you.

Here are a couple things to remember. Do your homework. If you purchase 3 or 4 good domain names the results should be through the roof. The key is to make sure the expired domain names are still getting a lot of traffic.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joining a Web Hosting Affiliate Program

If you currently host a website, joining a web hosting affiliate program can not just recoup the costs of bandwidth and server space, but it can bring you significant new income. Web hosting affiliate programs are also easy and free to join - all it takes is a couple of customer referrals from you in order to earn a credit or a payment.

If you’re happy with your current domain and hosting provider, ask them about their web hosting affiliate program. Often times, customer referrals can bring $50, $60, or even up to $100 for each person that signs up to your provider’s services.

Your host may even offer a web hosting affiliate program that gives you a percentage cut of the sales made when customers off your referrals sign up for services. This might be a recurring monthly or annual payment. Most web hosting affiliate programs will provide regular payments via check or directly to your bank account or even to your Paypal account.

An example of a high-paying web hosting affiliate program is the Yahoo! Small Business Affiliate Program. Businesses currently using Yahoo! Web hosting can earn anywhere from $60 to $100 per customer referral. For customer referrals resulting in Yahoo! Domains sales, you can also receive 20% of the total sale.

Other sites catering to website owners also provide affiliate programs. These include TemplateMonster and WebmasterFX. Joining such programs can provide you with additional income while catering to the same group of customers.

Joining a web hosting affiliate program is easy – just fill out an online form and put an approved link on your existing website. Look for a program with a large range of banners and other advertising material to place on your site, and within minutes you can be on your way to making profits through a new revenue stream!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Web Hosting 101

Hosting for your domain name on the world-wide web does not have to be like sending a Space Shuttle into orbit. With a little bit of research and using search engines to review a potential host you should have nothing short of a positive hosting experience.

The majority of people probably spend more time looking over a take-out menu and deciding what to order than they spend on researching their future web host.

The hosting market is saturated with companies both big and small, so how do you even begin to find a suitable company to host your web site?

You have all heard this before, research, research, research no truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to web hosting. A wealth of information resides on the internet regarding the performance and reliability of web hosting companies. From forums to search engines, all that is required is a little effort on your part.

Contact The Hosting Company:
First and foremost contact the potential company’s sales dept and ask the rep a few questions. Are you satisfied with the answers provided at the sales level? Then email their tech support department with some questions. The end result of this work will be a short list of prospective companies for you to carefully consider.

Valuable Asset:
The most important thing to keep in mind during your search for web hosting is that your web site and data are valuable assets. With that said it is important to finally choose a company that can both serve and protect your asset. The old adage you get what you pay for certainly rings true in the web hosting world.

With a little work and research your hosting experience will be a much better and enjoyable experience and you can rest assured that your web site is being served to the "world".

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paid Surveys For Free - Free Tips For Making Money With Online Paid Surveys

I was always kind of interested in working from home and earning money filling out paid surveys, but I wasn't exactly sure where to go about finding all of the paid surveys for free. Besides that, I had heard of all of the various scamming sites out there, and I was nervous that I was going to fall victim to one of their schemes. I didn't know of anyone who worked in the industry, so I didn't even know of anyone to ask. Basically, if I wanted to make money working from home filling out paid surveys, I was on my own.

Immediately, I started doing as much research as I could into the industry in an effort to find the site that would give me access to the most paid surveys for free. What I found was that most of the sites charged monthly membership fees, which I thought was a sure fire sign of a scam. Getting paid to fill out surveys shouldn't be an expensive venture!

In the end, I decided to join a couple different sites. I have to tell you, I have never been displeased with my decision. Not only do these give me the biggest list of paid surveys for free, but they also have a ton of focus groups that I can participate in to make even more money. The sites have also taught me a lot about how to fully take advantage of the offers that certain companies are willing to make. For example, I learned how to get paid to drive my car around town and eat at my favorite restaurants. The only thing better than free stuff is getting paid to take free stuff, and I think that's the coolest thing about my new job. Well, that and the fact that I make around $3,500 a month!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What Is A Business Card Scanner?

Do you know what a business card scanner is? If so, you have probably used one in your day to day life at the office. Although every business person does not need to have a business card scanner, there are many reasons that you may want one. But guess what? There is no point in going any further until you know what a business card scanner is. Luckily, it is not hard to understand this piece of equipment.

Generally speaking, a business card scanner does exactly what it says; it is meant to scan business cards. And as you can imagine, there are many reasons that you may want to do this. After all, inputting data from business cards in your computer can be a long, tedious process. But when you have a business card scanner that you can use, this is far from being the case. Instead, you can simply scan each card that you have, and from there you will have the information available to you on your computer. It does not get much simpler than that.

A business card scanner is not a large piece of equipment. In fact, if you purchase one, you should be able to find plenty of room for it in your desk. In order to make this machine work, all you have to do is follow the directions. It is very easy to scan the business cards that you have, and most machines will even do both sides if necessary. Once again, this is a feature that will help you to save time.

As you can see, the job of a business card scanner is not hard to understand. There is not a lot to these, and you should look into buying one if you are the type who is always collecting new business cards.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Money For Free

Yes that’s right money for free, no this is not a mistake or a misprint, and this is how you can get money for free.

It is the latest idea on the internet, all you have to do to get your money is what you already do and that is surf the internet, you also get paid for referring other people who sign up for free and they get paid for surfing the net.

This is about to become the biggest thing on the internet as not only do you get free money when you surf the internet but you also become a part owner in the company when you sign up.

Take note if this idea becomes as big as the experts think it will be as big as you tube which google just bought for 1.8 billion dollars, now that’s interesting.

Could the same thing happen with this that is very possible?

The only things we have to do is sign up surf the internet for which we get free money, and refer others to sign up who then get free money for surfing the internet.

It’s that easy.

So lets look at this, it costs us nothing to sign up it costs us nothing to refer other people to sign up it costs those other people nothing to sign up and so on, we then all get free money for doing what we do anyway, plus we become part owners in a company that has the possibility to become as big as you tube and therefore worth as much money.

I know what my feelings are on this, Show Me The Free Money, And in the future maybe even a lot more free money.

So if you like the idea of getting free money the same as i do, then I think it is time for this idea to become very succesful, don't you agree.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cheap And Reliable Website Hosting

Many internet business owners wonder if it is possible to find cheap web hosting without having to sacrifice much needed features for their business. With so many choices for web hosting available today it can be very confusing for people doing business son the internet to get the information that they need to determine if cheap web hosting is a good choice for their website.

First of all you want to decide what types of web hosting features are vital to your Internet business. If you do not need a whole lot of bells and whistles with your web hosting you are very likely to be able to find a cheap web hosting package that will meet your basic needs. Many companies that offer cheap web hosting have packages available that start at around ten dollars per month.

Shared hosting can be another alternative for those looking for cheap web hosting. Shared web hosting is when several instances of the same service can be found on a single server. This can be an extremely economical way for a website owner to get cheap web hosting and you can generally upgrade your service as needed and still get website hosting for a reasonable price.

You want to really pay attention to the amount of bandwidth that a web hosting company allows you when you are looking for cheap web hosting. Nothing would be worse then having your website go down for going over your allowed bandwidth. This is an excellent way to loose both existing customers as well as potential new customers.

So While there is nothing wrong with spend a nice amount for hosting for your website many business owners will find that cheap web hosting fits the needs of their online business perfectly. A quick Internet search will point you in the direction of where to start looking for cheap web hosting.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Curious About Working At Home?

If you're reading this, I can assume that you are feeling exactly the way I did only a few short months ago: sick of your day job, looking for a way out. After reading this article you may need to look no further.

It's natural to be curious about what else is out there, that will provide you with a comfortable income, while letting you operate out of the comfort of your own home. Or maybe you want to supplement your income to increase your standard of living, or just be able to spend money when you want to without feeling guilty. Any or all of these things are possible.

Curiosity is one thing, but if you're like me, no matter how determined you are, you may run into friends and family members who will tell you that you can't do it. I'm here to say one thing to you:


There is absolutely no reason. The opportunities on the internet for home business are ENDLESS. You don't need them all, just one or two easy methods that work for you. People may tease you or tell you that it's not possible, but people who don't know me think I'm a genius.

I'm not. I have no idea how to build a website, and internet marketing was a complete foreign object to me. But now, NOBODY is laughing at me anymore or tells me that I can't. This is because I have proved that it can be done. If I can do it, so can you.

So go for it. Work in your jammies. Stay in bed if you're sick without having to apologize to your boss. Think back fondly of the days you worked with morons. It IS possible.

You just need to want it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

CashRichMoney Has Announced its Launching of a Slick Brand New Affordable Web Hosting Design

Following the recent trend in changes to improve visibility, customer enjoyability, and improved service, CashRichMoney has decided to perform a 360 turnaround by implementing a slick new innovative Website design.

In comparison to the former design, the new interface makes it easier to surf, read, and click on each web hosting provider. The remarkable interface creates a unique experience for consumers by separating and discussing each web hosting company which is shown on the site. There is also a brand new press release section which has commingled and blended extremely nicely with the rest of the site.

The old design caused an uproar amongst visitors. Congested content, and hard-to-view interface made it difficult for the casual surfer to find out more about each web hosting provider. This took away from the overall experience and enjoyment of CashRichMoney.

"I love the new design, the colors are much warmer, the new logo ensures credibility for a growing company, and I've been impressed with the layout and distinctiveness of each sole web hosting company. They've managed to keep the integrity, heart and soul of the company without damaging its reputation." - Lawrence Tin, Free Lance website design analyst

CashRichMoney has also stated a new forum will be launched soon to help mainstay visitors ask each other and moderators questions and get assistance regarding the website and web hosting packages.

For Additional Information, contact
CRM (cashrichmoney): Our main objective is provide affordable web hosting. The company's desire is to make it easier to register a domain name. CRM ensures success with its customers by being honest, affordable, easy, and friendly.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scan ID: Three Steps

To scan ID, there are three steps that you need to be aware of. As you can imagine, learning how to do this is not something that you may ever need to learn. But of course, there are some people who scan IDs every day of the week. When it comes down to it, a lot of doing this has to do with the type of job that you have. For instance, if you work at a bar or restaurant, you may have to scan IDs on a regular basis. But if you are in a different line of work, this will probably not be the case.

Here are three steps that will allow you to scan IDs.

1. In order to scan IDs you must first have a machine that will allow you to do this. Luckily, these are quite affordable, and you should be able to buy one for a few hundreds dollars at most.

2. Once you have your ID scanner, you will be ready to get started. Of course, you will want to make sure that you read the directions before you get ahead of yourself. These will tell you how to get everything set up, and what you need to do in order to get an accurate scan.

3. Finally, the last step is to actually scan the ID. This is done easily enough with the swipe of an ID card. You will get a reading on your screen, and from there you will know exactly what is going on.

These three steps should allow you to scan IDs with success. Remember, it is not you that has to put in the work. As long as you know what you are doing, your ID scanner will take care of the rest. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to choose the right web hosting plan for your website

There are many factors involved in choosing the right web hosting plan for your new website. The trick is to weight the cost against the features provided. Of course it is easy to get the cheapest price web hosting plan with a XYZ company. But this plan does not have SQL or PHP functions, it has limited traffic bandwidth etc. So, really it depends on what your web site needs are.

To select a good web hosting plan, I recommend that at least the following features are included:

1. Big traffic bandwidth.
2. Supports SQL and PHP.
3. Supports sub domains.
4. Cpanel for easy control.
5. At least 5000Mb storage space.
6. Auto responders.
7. POP email accounts.
8. FTP accounts
9. Backup support

Then from all these features, select the price that is within your budget. Some hosting providers charge a one time setup fee, and some charge less if you pay one year fees in advance. Also look out for incentives like free domain names provided, this is a powerful draw which is quite common nowadays.

If you are planning to host multiple web sites, you need to choose a plan that supports multiple domain hosting on one single account. Some providers do support this and it is mostly 2 or 3 domains. I heard of others that support unlimited domains, but you need to analyze the price factor against this option.
The downside is that if the hosting provider server goes down, all your web sites will be down as well. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Probably there are many other considerations before you decide on the web hosting plan that is most suitable for you. But time and effort spent on getting the right plan the first time round is worth investing in.

More information available at

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Buzz About Mybloglog

As MyBlogLog itself proclaims, “MyBlogLog is launching this new Communities service to empower authors and readers to operate at the same level.” The purpose of MyBlogLog is to provide a community for readers of the same blog. Instead of being limited to interacting with only the author of the blog (and very limited interaction with other readers through comments), MyBlogLog allows readers to interact directly with each other. MyBlogLog is an interesting concept that is expanding. As the web site continues to grow, it should also become a quality way to drive new visitors to your blog.

As Shoemoney predicted, Yahoo purchased MyBlogLog on January 9th. According to several sources familiar with the deal, Yahoo paid between ten million and twelve million for the social blogging community. According to the guys that created MyBlogLog, Yahoo’s acquisition of the web site means that it is going to pour in a ton of resources, which means that they will be able to roll out a lot of new features. Additionally, they are moving the site to Yahoo’s infrastructure, which means that the occasional slowdown will be completely removed.

Although Yahoo now owns MyBlogLog, they are not going to completely absorb the web site. Instead, they are planning to keep it a separate entity. However, you will be able to register with your Yahoo ID, and the MyBlogLog communities will be integrated with Flickr and Yahoo Answers.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheap Web Hosting - The Nation's Most Affordable Web Hosting

I bet you asked yourself many times where and how do i know i found the best hosting possible? Well look no more because has put together six, i repeat six of the best essential web hosting companies on the net. Such web hosting companies are ixwebhosting, hostmonster, startlogic, hostican, hostgator, and last but not least anhosting. Some of these you probably have heard before, although i bet you haven't read the time consuming reviews that cashrichmoney has put together for you on their website. CashRichMoney cares and has dedicated it's time to put as much information as possible about each web hosting provider so that you know exactly what you're getting from your hosting provider. To give you a better understanding on how CRM has set up their page is each cheap web hosting company is listed with a description about their benefits. Users now have the option to read more about each company by simply clicking on read more below the description. In addition, each cheap web hosting provider has it's own detail page where you can access directly on Ok now I want to list 6 tips on finding the best cheap web hosting companies. 1. Price (obvious one) 2. Web Space 3. Benefits/Offers that you will actually actually use such as marketing credits. For example $50 Google Adwords credits. 4. 30 day money back guarantee. 5. Unlimited bandwidth 6. Any additional scripts installed already for you. CRM is the best web hosting review site where you can buy cheap web hosting, read about web hosting and of coruse trust web hosting.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Important Things to Consider when Choosing a Web Host

A Web host company will provide you with space to host your website A domain name and a whole host of scripts from forum software to shopping cart integration.

If you want to be seen on the internet you will need a web host, but do not just go picking any host. You need a reliable web host who offers a quality service. So here comes a few of my own personal needs before i sign up with a web host.

Price, Ok this is not the most significant factor when choosing a web host, but we do not want to be paying stupid prices for a service we can get just as good from someone else at half the price.

Experience, This is one of the things i expect from a web host, Yes every company has to start somewhere but why should you be the one to suffer if someone does not have the experience to keep your site online at least 95% of the time.

Reputation, as anyone who has a buisness knows reputation goes a long way, make sure you choose someone with a good one.

Infastructure & Adaptability, A good webhost will already be planning for the future, they need to be able to upgrade to the latest and fastest equipment as and when it is needed. New things come out on the internet all the time and you want your provider to be able to offer advice and support if needed.

Support, Most websites now offer 24/7 support online and offline, make sure the one you choose also offers the same support, no point having customers if your site is down and your web host is unavailable.

So with all that in mind take your time and shop around, use google and make use of the review sites that are out there.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Best web hosting online

While searching for the best web hosting online, you may find that there are a confusing array of options to choose from. There are so many plans out there, and from so many companies. While it is often tempting to pick an inexpensive provider, it is not always the smartest idea to choose a plan solely on cost. However, if you can determine exactly your website will require, you may find that the least expensive provider is exactly what you need.

Many companies offer the same packages, and all will claim to offer the best web hosting online. The truth is you may just be paying for the name of the company. Some companies such as offer a starter package with 5GB of disk space for $3.95 per month, while others such as SBC Yahoo! are charging $11.95 per month (or more) for the same package. The difference is that SBC Yahoo! is an established company, while is a relatively new start-up provider. If you have a small, personal website, then a cheaper plan may offer everything you need. For a large-scale business needing a similar web hosting plan, spending a few extra dollars could buy you the features you need most.

Remember, when searching for the best web hosting online, comparing plans to your website’s needs is extremely important. Only you know what size disk space you need, or how many email addresses your site will require. By knowing exactly what each plan offers, you pay only for those features you need, and avoid overpaying for a plan loaded with features that you just won’t use. Making the best choice means making the choice that’s best for you, your budget, and your needs.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to find and use file-hosting

What’s the difference?

While surfing the net in order to find free space for home video or favorite songs, users often confuse two things - web hosting and file hosting. So, what’s the difference? First of all, web hosting allows you to place your site on the web. And file hosting gives you free space, where you may store whatever you want - from files to songs. So, now you can save your time looking for file hosting instead of web hosting.


First of all you must define why you need file hosting? Basically, there are 4 common types of files - video, images, music and data. If you are looking for any special file hosting server, you should use the keywords “file upload” and add the type of file. For example “file video upload”. Another good way is to type in SE “file hosting”. The best SE in my humble opinion are Google and Yahoo! So, start your search and I’ll tell you how to deal with file-hosting services.

How to use it?

Usually, file hosting services offer you to choose a file from your hard drive. As I’ve already said, you may choose mp3, video or any data you want. But keep in mind that the file must conform to upload restrictions. The upload limit may vary from 10 to 250 Mb.
And this is not the only restriction. There may be upload and download speed limits, free space limits, and so on. But all these restrictions can be lifted if you sign up for “premium account”. So it’s up to you.
After uploading a file you get a link that you can keep in the closet or share. Using this link you can download files whenever you want.
There is no doubt that file hosting service is the most reliable and easy way to share and host your files.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Affordable Domain Hosting

Searching for affordable domain hosting for your personal or business website needs could get confusing. There are so many plans to choose from, and plans are offered from so many companies. While it is often thought you need to pay more for quality hosting, this is not necessarily the case. By knowing exactly which features you need for your website, you will find that using the cheaper providers will fulfill your needs for much less money.

Many companies will offer the same or similar packages for less, offering a more affordable domain hosting service. When you pay more you probably are just paying for the name of the company. While companies such as offer site hosting with 5GB of disk space for only $3.95 per month, other companies such as SBC Yahoo! are charging $11.95 per month for the same plan features. Both remain affordable, though SBC Yahoo! is an established company and able to charge more for their services. is a relatively new start-up venture, though their services are no less reliable.

For a small, personal website, cheaper is the way to go, as fewer features will be needed. However, for a large-scale business site, spending a few extra dollars will provide you with the options you will need in the long term. Just remember that when searching for an affordable domain hosting service, comparing plans is extremely important. By knowing exactly what each plan offers you pay only for the services you need and avoid paying for features that you simply won’t use.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Steps that you need to follow to get your website up and running with a web hosting

There are couple steps that you need to follow to get your website up and running with a web hosting company. First you need to find a domain name for your website.

*Domain Name - The Name that you use for your website. Ex:

*Web Hosting - With this service people are able to see your website. Web Hosting is where you host your site.

A domain name is the name that you use when people visit your page ( that's my domain name. Once you have your domain name in mind then some of the cheap web hosting companies will allow you to get a domain name for free if you buy a web hosting package from them but If you don't want to get the domain name from the web hosting company then you can go to and buy your domain name from them. Don't include http:// or www when you are registering your domain name.

After you get your domain name register and if you still don't have a web hosting company then you need to start looking for cheap web hosting packages. One thing that you need to have in mind is that it doesn't matter if the hosting package is cheap or not the main thing you have to look for it, is the programming language that the web hosting supports. Some of them support more than one programming language but others support only one. So try to find first the web hosting companies that have the programming language that you are going to use and then look for how cheap are the web hosting packages.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that offers businesses, individuals, organizations, and user with systems online for retrieving, storing information, images, or graphic/s, movie/s. video/s, or clip/s and textual content that is easily available through the Web (WWW).

Internet web hosting service/s are businesses or can be organizations private or public or even an individual/s that is their own IT department. We provide storage or space on a server (some may no it as a directory) which depends and varies - OS system & etc. Usually own for use – employ something for a purpose by our customer/s and as well supply Internet connectivity to the ‘Net for servers we may not own.

And can be in most cases – typically provided and housed in a data center – facility with a lot of electronic equipment and tops.

About Us: is a complete professional & verified site dedicated to ‘Web Hosting & More’ throughout The USA, Canada, Internationally, & Locally.
With offers to Register Domains, Hosting Plans, Site Building, Design, E–Mail Accounts, Blog, Promotion, 24/7 Customer Support, Guaranteed 99.9% Up Time, Latest Updates, Information, Tips, Technology, Links, and SO Much MORE. Please VISIT>

'FREE' to print with our link to our site only.

copyrights 2006 all rights reserved.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Class-c IP address help boost pagerank

As a case study, on April 2007 google updates, I having about 10 websites. And got 2 of them are sitting in the same server and linked to each other. In general all my websites are increased in pagerank, except the two that are sitting in the same server.

The major issue that I identified is one of the two website, the homepage/index page is having pagerank lower than the inner page. I did a backlink checked and all backlinks are going to main page, not the inner page. Question is why the inner page got better pagerank instead?

We know that pagerank from page A flow to Page B when they are linked together. And the inner page pagerank must be come from index page, as there is no external source that link to inner page.

Finally I found out from online webmaster forums, that there are few discussion about this as well. And its concluded that the same IP address is the main caused for this. Some view it as google sandbox. But its not totally correct. Google sandbox is where your website is totally drop from google SERP.

Definitely you will either need to place your websites at different web server at different location, or get a class-c ip address for each of your websites. Hostgator is offering really good seo hosting as well, view here for more information on seo hosting and how class c ip can help you as well.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1-Click Webhosters - Rapidshare

Before I introduce you to Rapidshare, here is a short summary of the history of 1-Click webhosters.

Back in 2006 there was a sudden flood of what are popularly know as 1-Click File Hosting websites. The term comes from the simplicity of the upload process offered by the respected sites. As opposed to using complicated FTP software users are able to easily locate files from their HDD or simply drag-and-drop them directly into their favorite browser. After that with a mere click of a button their files begin uploading without further interaction. After the files have been uploaded the user is provided with a download link which they can share with their friends.

Since then a lot of 1-Click webhosters have emerged but for one reason or another failed and eventually were put out of business. One of the few successors in the business is Rapidshare©

Rapidshare© is a premium 1-Click webhosting solution based in Germany. Over time they have increased the hard disk and internet bandwidth capacities of their datacenters to eventually reached, as of today, 140 Gigabit/s internet connectivity and the whooping 3.5 Petabytes (1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes = 1 000 000 gigabytes) of storage space. The fact that Rapidshare© is number 11 according to the Alexa traffic monitoring and ranking website speaks for itself of how popular and widely-used Rapidshare©'s service is.

This concludes the article on Rapidshare - one of the biggest players in the highly competitive file sharing business.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Things you should know about Web Hosting

Some people or a lot of people knows what Web Hosting means, for those people that don't know what Web Hosting means I'm going to help you to understand more about Web Hosting. First Web Hosting is a service that some companies provide to users or people that want to have a web site online. If you are planning to have a web site or already have one web site, then you should ask yourself this questions; How big is my web site? How many people are going to visit my site? What programming language I want to use for my site? and how much money I'm want to spent? After you answer all the questions you'll have a better idea on what type of Web Hosting you need for your web site.

If you are not a webmaster or a programmer and you want to have your web site, I have good news for you. You don't need to be a programmer or a webmaster to have your web site up and running in a short period of time. Web Hosting companies have tools and software like CMS (Content Management System) which its already a site that have a lot of modules and templates that are ready for you to use. If you are a webmaster or a programmer the only thing you need to do is make sure that the company you are looking for Web Hosting support the programming language that you are going to use.

Make sure that you read and review all the information from the web hosting company since normally if you want to save money you need to pay a whole year in advance.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One way to get content for your website

You can find couple ways to get content for your website but in this article I'm only going to talk about one way to get content for your website.

Free Articles is one way to get content for your website. You can find some websites where people submit their articles and you can download them for content for your site. One thing that you need to know it's that the article is free to download and you can use it for content but you can't change or modify the article when you add the article to your site. Also you need to give credit to the author of the article.

With this method of getting content for you website you can have a lot of content on your site in just couple minutes and Good Content means better ranking on the search engines for you site. Don't just go and download any articles to your site just to have content because if you download articles that don't have anything to do with your site you won't get the benefit of having better ranking. Search Engines look for Content, Inbound Links, Links Exchange and some other factors to give your website good rankings, but if you don't have good content on your website then you won't be able to reach the top on search engines as fast as you want.

In this article, I want you to see and learn how easy is to get content for your website. This is just one step to get better rankings but if you combine this with other methods you'll be able to be ranking good in the search engines.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Is cPanel?

So your searching for web hosting and have seen the term cPanel what is it and what does it do? Simply put cPanel is a graphical user interface for use on Unix/Linux Servers. The development company cPanel Inc. also claims to be working on a version for Windows based servers.

Short for control panel and designed for the end user cPanel is a web-based graphical management tool used to make administration of web sites as easy as possible. Insulating the end user from a Unix command line the typical web site owner controls aspects of there web site management from within this simple, easy to use graphical interface.

Your hosting company chooses from a variety of themes for the cPanel interface that suits their branding and clients. The end user interacts with cPanel to control such things as web-based email, email account setup, mailing lists, FTP accounts and Cron Jobs. The graphical user interface also makes the task of site management easier by providing quick access to sub-domains, Web site stats, CGI scripts, custom error pages and redirects.

To make things even easier for newcomers to cPanel the vast majority of hosting companies also provide online Flash based tutorials. These tutorials demonstrate user interaction with the various management functions of cPanel.

So now when you come across hosting companies that offer cPanel you have a pretty good idea of what they are describing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arizona Web Hosting Company

There are so many companies out there that offer hosting that finding an Arizona web hosting company may be difficult to find. Some claim to be an Arizona web hosting company but may actually be located in Europe or Canada. It may be hard to find out which Arizona web hosting company out there really is from Arizona.

While you can certainly choose to work with any web hosting company around the globe, some people choose to work with a company closer to home. People in Arizona may prefer to find an Arizona web hosting company so they can easily get a hold of customer service when they have a question. The ability to be able to contact customer service is very important when trying to find an Arizona web hosting company.

To begin your search, try looking for Arizona web hosting company online through search engines. You may have to put quotation marks around the search term in order to find the right companies. There should be a good selection of Arizona web hosting companies out there. Just be sure to check for a phone number and address for the company. The phone number may actually be an 800 number but it is still important to have. You may need to call them directly to find out where the company is located.

Once you find an Arizona web hosting company, just take some time to get to know the company. Many have different web hosting packages available and you should find the right one for you with just a little bit of research.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Great Host!

First, of all see if the web host charges a set up fee. This is a ‘GREAT’ example of this; never a set up fee. Next, check to see if there is a long term contract? No, you have an option. Month to Month.

Secondly, check to see other options that you can choose from. Such as, different Web Hosting Plans - for example, shared hosting, virtual hosting or private dedicated web hosting. Also, check to see if the hosting company or business offers dedicated IP address or addresses, that is so your IP address is only just for your site.

In addition, see if you can upgrade at anytime and add additional storage space or add addtional bandwidth. This is just some of the basics of a Great Hosting service provider.

The most important thing is customer service and up time which is 99.9% guaranteed.

Lastly, Customer Service is 24/7.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mambo (CMS) for Web Hosting

Mambo is a Content Management System (CMS) that can be use for any type of website. Some Cheap Web Hosting companies have Mambo included in Fantastico. Fantastico allows you to auto install scripts or programs like Mambo, Blogs, Forums, FAQS and much more.

If you are not a programmer you don't have to worry anymore since Mambo pretty much do the coding or programming for you and it's really simple to use. With this kind of CMS you can have your website up and running in just couple minutes.

These are some of the features that Mambo (CMS) have:

*Advertising Management
*Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL's.
*Events Calendar

and much more.

For all of us that are programmers but we don't want to code something that is already done this is a good solution. You can find a lot of modules, components and more like Polls, Events Calendar, and Photo album for Mambo. A lot of Cheap Web Hosting companies support Mambo or let you use mambo in their Web Hosting.

My experience with Mambo in the past was great. Mambo lets you code yourself if you need to and also it lets you add new modules or components and I also recommend you to use Mambo for Web Hosting even if you are planning to do a big website.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Web Site Hosting 4.95$

There are many reasons why you should have a web site, and just as many reasons why your choice of our web hosting services is truly worthwhile. We focus our online efforts on providing both novices and IT professionals with a complete web product that gives you everything you need to step onto the Internet scene quickly and trouble-free - cost-effective web hosting plans with domains and e-mail features, FREE web design and web content tools, and lots of guarantees for your online success.

Friday, January 1, 2010

...How Much Do You Charge For "X"?

This is a question that comes up a lot on sales calls and one that you want to handle with care. As I've stated in other posts, questions are always driven by thoughts and never happen by accident. There is always a "context" from which the questions come and your ability to understand the context will improve your odds in developing the right answer. When I suggest that we work to create the "right" answer I don't mean that we are trying to fool anyone. Frequently, when we are addressing questions there are multiple answers and we just want to make sure that we have a higher likely hood of picking the right one.

In relation to price questions, it is always important to answer the question "in context". So usually, in order to understand the "context" in which the question was asked you'll need to ask more questions. Also, you'll often find that the question "how much do you charge" is really not the real question. Starting a dialog with the prospect about what they want will move them away form price and get you better information. Using a "reflector" or reverse will help you understand the real question.

Of all of the "reflectors" or reverses that we teach in relation to price one of the simplest has turned out to be one of the best. When asked about price try " depends". This simple phrase has an uncanny way of handling an awful lot of the price questions you'll get. Price often depends on a lot of things like:

When do you need it?

How many do you need?

What kind do you need? (good, better, best?)

Another great reflector, particularly effective on the telephone for inside sales people is "while I'm looking it up did you select that item for a reason?". Often times prospects calling in for a price on an item, hear it... and hang up. Engaging the prospect and getting better information will not only help you build rapport but eliminate a lot of those "get a price and hang up calls".

Talking about price before understanding what your prospect is trying to accomplish is sales suicide. Use some of these simple reflectors and you'll get better results!