Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Blog Themes Are Better Seo Than Others

If you have absolutely no idea what the theme of your blog should be one suggestion is to look at several indexes of large portals on the Internet and see how they categorize themes and topics. Clickbank at provides a good example of what the main topics on earth are. However in general popular blog categories include news, society, culture, politics, religion, ecology, commentary, technology, business to business, art, information, recipes, web site building, humor, how-to, troubleshooting, rants and product reviews.

There are of course some topics that are more difficult to write about and that really do require some credentials or authority. For instance many people are tempted to write about politics, however the problem with writing this type of blog is that you can seriously turn off prospective buyers by maintaining certain opinions. The same goes for religious, medical or technology blogs. The most successful blogs are those who are written by someone who has some kind of expertise about a subject, otherwise you are just another weirdo on the Internet with an opinion.

The idea is to provide expert content on your blog; content that is backed up with research and facts. Remember that you are competing with the real news when you write a blog so it should be as well researched and credit given where credit is do. This means no plagiarizing or paraphrasing other people’s ideas. One mistake that beginning bloggers make is pitching ideas from other sources that are well recognized by readers. Unique information that is borrowed for the purposes of making yourself look brilliant usually makes you look very unethical. In fact the only thing it identifies you as is an expert plagiarist. As a rule of thumb, if you are printing and idea that has been printed before, it is not unique!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

SEO And Magnet Content

Whenever you post any information to the net you are in effect acting as a publisher. Your goal as a publisher is to build a site that is interesting enough for people to want to visit again and again. A great site is like a book that people don’t want to put down. Keep in mind too that whatever appears on your site, whether it be a bunch of robotically written keyword paragraphs or revelatory well written articles about your product is going to represent you and your branding in the future. Ultimately you can think of your website as an entity that represents you.

Your first job as a publisher, however is to make your site as smooth and functional as possible by giving it functionality, usability and a shopping cart and payment processing system that works. . Your site has to have the equivalent of a table of contents, pages as well as resources and appendixes. There must be an about the author section which in essence is about you as well as a way of contacting you. And finally the site also has to have "magnet" content, which is one of the buzzwords used to describe content that keeps bringing people back to your site.

Magnet content serves two purposes. It is not only contained within the site, but it can also be used to be sent out via article submission tools, newsletters and ebooks to keep your audience's focus on your URL and not your competitor's. It is called magnet content because like a magnet it draws customers to your site. It is up to you as an imaginative and knowledgeable publisher to decide exactly what content it is that will keep your visitors coming back again and again. It could be new and fresh imagination or it could be solid step-by-step advice that is helpful. Either way, magnet content is a crucial part of good white hat SEO as it is not deceptive to either readers or to search engine spiders.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Steps To Switching To A New Web Hosting

New Web Hosting Company Switching to a major lacework hosting interest can be a rigid task, but we have provided you a guide of things to carry off that can go into your transition inimitably smoother.

1. Before you concede unfolding for your new web hosting services, make sure that your new plan offers all of the same features that your web site is currently using. Do you have enough disk space? Does your new plan offer enough bandwidth? Is it using the same operating system (Windows or Unix)? Also make sure that your new plan supports any programming languages that you are currently using.

2. Once you have researched the company and verified that the new web hosting company will support your website, go ahead and sign up for your new web hosting plan.

3. Set up your existing e-mail accounts on your new server. Make note of the new POP3 and SMTP that you will soon need to start using.

4. Upload your website files to your new server. Since your domain name currently points to your old hosting account, you will have to use your new IP address to do this.

5. Test to make sure that your site looks good and functions properly on your new server. Most web hosting companies can provide a link to preview your site before the domain name has been transferred over.

6. Once you are satisfied that your site looks and functions OK, you can go to your registrar and change the DNS settings to point the domain to the new web host's nameservers. You should be provided this information after signing up for your account.

7. You will see your site on the new server 24-48 hours after you modify the DNS settings. Your e-mail will also start going to your new account at this time.

8. Verify that your new website is working OK. Make sure that all of the files were loaded properly and that all scripts are running fine. You have now successfully switched to a new cheap web hosting company!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

SEO - Finding Quality Link Partners

Linking with quality partners is one way of practicing SEO as it can help boost your rankings in the search engines. Link popularity is a factor that many search engines use when ranking web pages within their indexes. Nineteen of the top twenty search engines currently look for this when ranking sites for their search engine pages.

Whine it comes to linking, quantity has been important in the past but the recent trend is for the search engine to consider the quality of the links. The most expedient way to get expedient links is to link yourself to popular directories such as the Open Directory Project, which is considered high quality because it is edited by humans and not search engine spiders. Once Google and Lycos sees you listed in this site they usually add you and boost your ranking.

It also hopes to look for partners whose products or services have something to do with what you are selling. For instance if you have a site selling search engine optimization software you might want to link up with a site selling an easy ezine or article submitter as the two products compliment each either. However the important thing is to choose a partner that is not going to imitate you or grow into selling the same products that you are.

When you look for such sites look for quality, highly ranked, non-competing sites that have plenty of working links or resource pages. Even better, many of the links on their pages may be a valuable resource when it comes to finding links that also suit your site.

The best way to ask for a link from a big site is to add their link first to show that you intend to work with them in good faith and then ask them if they would like to trade links with you. You can always remove it if they decide to be nasty and say no which is more common than ever with some of the larger sites.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Earn Money Online With An Internet Home Based Business

Let’s face it, we live in exciting times. Now more than ever, the dream of becoming financially independent is a reality. With an Internet based home business, you can earn money online from the comfort of your own home with just a computer and an Internet connection. As someone who escaped the corporate rat race several years ago to do just that, I want to share with you some of the reasons why you should consider starting an online business right now. Hopefully by the end of this brief article, you’ll see why so many people are retiring early from their 9-5 jobs to seek a better lifestyle as an Internet business owner.

Making money online is a lot of fun. Years ago, if you told me that it was possible to generate a substantial 6-figure income from home without meeting with anyone or making sales calls, I would have laughed. With the Internet age, this is now not only possible -- it’s extremely doable.

Being an Internet home based business owner provides unlimited earnings potential. As an employee, you have to ask, beg, and plead for a raise. As an online marketer, you can give yourself a pay raise by simply building another “virtual” income stream.

Last but not least, earning a living online gives you an incredible amount of freedom. For the first time ever, you can literally work anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. I don’t know of anything else that allows you to travel around the world and make money in the process. It’s truly amazing.

Hopefully this short article has given you some idea of what the Internet lifestyle is like. Working for yourself has never been so much fun and we are not even beginning to scratch the surface with the potential offered by the Internet. Having said all of that, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whether they be online or off.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adding Photos To Your Myspace Site

During the registration process on free MySpace, you are encouraged to upload a photo from your computer. But when you already set up your account, you can add pictures for other members may be able to view it when check your profile. The next section will talk about adding more pictures to your MySpace account, as also explain how to do it.

As mentioned, you will automatically be encouraged to post a profile picture during the registration process. This will be your “default photo”, this will be shown in your profile and to your friends’ page next to the messages you sent and comments. Make sure to have your best and latest picture posted for this reason

If you frequently update your pictures, the procedure is easy to learn. First, you have to put in pictures in the provided space to change your default picture. After changing your default picture, it will still be visible to any member who checks your pictures. Now the new picture you post will be considered as your "default picture", this will be shown in all the areas your previous default picture was displayed.

Simple steps to follow in adding pictures to your MySpace account:

1. Log into your MySpace account.
2. Look for the link marked "Add/Edit" photos, which is directly under the "account settings" link.
3. Click the link.

Locate the "Upload Photo" box at the page. You can browse pictures from your computer to add on your MySpace Site. Click “Upload” to the selected picture from your computer. After the page refreshes, change the default picture with the new one if you wish to do so. Click the box underneath the picture you want as your default that says "set as default".

To let the members view your photos, they have to click “pics” underneath your default picture on your profile page. They can view all your pictures at your photo page and leave comments about the pictures if wish to.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How Often Should You Contact Your List?

One question that people have once they have a list whether that be past customers, newsletter subscribers, or leads is how often they should be contacting them.

There’s really no hard and fast answer to this question, but I can tell you that most people are so afraid of contacting their subscribers too often and annoying them that their err on the side of caution and don’t contact their people often enough.

You need to remember that if you’re not constantly reminding people that you’re still there, that someone else will, and that person will likely forget about you.

For example, if you’re not contacting your subscribers at least once a month, you’re just not contacting your customers often enough. A lot of people think that contacting subscribers everyday is way too often, but there are certainly areas where it works. I am on a list right now where every weekday I’m sent a short little email, and I read it everyday. However, these aren’t marketing and sales pitches, but rather little motivational blurbs – they’re short and take me less than a minute to read.

A good rule of thumb that works for a lot of people is to contact your subscribers once every 2-5 days. That’s often enough that they’ll remember who you are but not so often that they’re going to think they’re being bombarded with messages. Feel free to play around with this number and see what works best for you and your subscribers.

Also remember that not every contact that you make with your customers needs to be an advertisement for something. While sending free content to your subscribers or past customers may seem like a bad financial move, it can be a way to build up good will with your past customers or current subscribers, and when it comes time to buy, they’re going to remember you, and will be far more likely to do business with you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Creating A Website To Make Money Online

Creating a website to make money online sounds great but there are a couple of key things you need first. It is better to be prepared than unprepared and then end up wasting your time and money.

Before you even start your website you will need to find a product. Now you can choose to create your own product, become an affiliate for a product already in place, or join an MLM company. If you are going to create and sell your own product, be sure you research your product before investing time and money. You need to figure out if there is a market available for your product, who your competition is, and who your target market is.

Now that you have your research done you can focus on building your website. If you do not have the tech skills to build a quality website, I would suggest hiring a professional to build website for you. Depending on who you go with this may be pricey. Look and interview as many different professionals as possible. Do not be afraid to negotiate what you are willing to pay with them. One other thing is not to spend all your money on the website, marketing your site is more important.

When your website is up and running you must do a couple of things. First, make sure to have your page optimized. After that it is time to drive traffic to your page. Driving traffic to your website is how you make money with your website. Having a beautiful webpage and the best product in the world will not make any difference if no one is able to see it. There are countless ways to drive traffic to your website ( way to many to cover in this article). I give out a free course on driving traffic and getting leads for your business.

Creating a website to make money online will work as long as you work it. Once you have one website making money, the next websites will be a cakewalk. The first one is the toughest.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Climbing To The Top

Have you ever had a friend call you and say, Hey, I googled myself today and actually found me, cool, you think. You go to your computer and try to google your friend as well. Nothing comes up. You tell her. Oh, well, you have to click next at the bottom of the page. Keep clicking that until you’re on like, the forth-seventh page do you see me yet? Of course, just keep clicking next, why didn’t you think of that?

You didn’t think of it for the same reasons millions of other people searching the Internet don’t think of it. They’re either in too much of a hurry to pay attention to anything after the first results page, or they’ve come to believe that anything after the first results page isn’t as interesting or helpful.

Getting your website and business on search engines is a good way to help promote yourself, but getting to the top of the search engines is where you want to be. After all, people aren’t going to keep clicking until they find your site on the forty-seventh page. People don’t even know they’re looking for your site. It’s your job to put it out there so it’s easy for them to find, and one way you can do this is by getting to the top of the search engines.

Before you submit your website to a search engine you want to first make sure your site is rich in content and that you are avoiding all spam and html tricks. Then, once you’re listed, keep these keep points in mind:

- the higher your number of inbound links, the better
- pay loving attention to each page of your site
- keeping keywords at the top of your page is the best place; matching search phrases is more effective than matching single words
- elaborate graphics are not helpful

Once you’ve been successful in getting to the top of the search engines, you must keep working to keep yourself there. It is crucial to monitor your status on a regular basis, and pick up the step if you position on search engine result pages starts to slip.

Friday, July 22, 2011

What Is ASP Hosting And What Can It Do For You?

Understanding what ASP hosting is and how it works will allow you to know better which is the right choice for your specific needs. First, let us define just what an ASP is. In the most basic sense, ASPs are a way of selling and distributing software on the web. The term ASP stands for application service provider. But, there is much more to know about what these actually do.

Some excellent examples of companies that can be considered ASP in the way they are set up include Amazon, Ebay and Epinions. It is the way in which these services are set up that they are considered to be ASP services. While they do not have to provide software solutions, many of them do and that is what the term has come to mean.

Some features that are common in these include the following. The ASP will own and operate the software solution. This keeps prices low for all those that use the service. They also own, operate and maintain the servers that the software application will run on. They will employ individuals to maintain the software applications as well. And, they will allow for people anywhere, to be able to access the software from any place that the Internet can get into.

The other key factor to ASP hosting is that the company will charge a per use charge for those who use the application. Or, they may do a monthly payment set up or even annually. In some of the rarer cases, they will provide the applications use free of charge as well. Even harder to find are those that pay the customer to use the application.

Finding the right ASP hosting options for you needs should take into consideration several things. First, the fit of the company and its application is quite important. From there, price, quality, and the amount of set up time involved will help you make a choice. You’ll find your hosting needs available in a variety of ways right here on the web, no matter what your need actually is.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tips For Maintaining Multiple Web Sites

A lot of internet marketers have multiple web sites. Multiple sites mean multiple streams of revenue. Sounds good. It’s not quite so simple though. Multiple sites can turn into multiple streams of revenue only if you are doing the right things to turn them into revenue earners. Here are my tips on maintaining and managing multiple web sites:

Think Before You Start: Think about why you are starting a new site, what you plan to offer and what you plan to gain from it. Don’t just start a site because you feel like it. Do your research, do some thinking and then go ahead.

Treat Each Website As A Separate Business. The first step is to write down the mission statement of your new website. The mission statement must include what information/services the website is going to offer and which market it’s going to cater to.

Maintain A Database : Document the passwords and usernames and everything related to that website.

Be Consistent: Only add content to the site that fits with mission statement. Refer to the mission statement frequently. Don’t get distracted from the goals for that website.

Monitor Revenue Independently : Maintain separate revenue statistics for each website. Your websites might be doing well all together but there might be a few which are not performing well. By keeping separate revenue charts you can focus on the profitability of each website separately.

All Marketing Efforts have to be independent of each other. Every marketing effort - right from article marketing to press releases has to be separate for every website.

Lastly don’t start too many websites. Start only as many as you can maintain. It’s better to have five good websites rather than ten bad websites. Number of websites is not the key to your success, number of good, well maintained websites is the key.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Tips For Getting Started Online

When you begin marketing on the site, where do you start? You know you can't compete with some of the large companies on the net. Niche marketing is much more effective.

Analyze what you are selling or what you want to sell. It should be in an area that you know a lot about. It may have wide appeal, but think of those it appeals to most. For example, does your product appeal to musicians? That's a pretty wide market. Now narrow it down. Who is most likely to be interested, singers or instrumentalists? From there you might want or need to narrow it even further. For example, your product might appeal to musicians of a certain age, or musicians who favor a certain kind of music or even a particular singer.

After narrowing it down as far as you can, think of appropriate keywords. Check with Google to see how many sites come up using these keywords. Next use a site that tracks keyword usage (such as Word Tracker or Overature) to see if there are plenty of users looking for that information. If there are enough potential customers and the competition is low, you may have found your niche.

After you have chosen your niche, try to use it in your website title. This can help your website ranking.

Choosing a niche will help your website stand out. Find one with plenty of potential customers and little competition and you have a very good chance of watching your business grow.

Anotherr option is Multe Level marketing is appealing to many. It offers the opportunity to work part time with potential to make full time wages. Some people make quite a bit of money with these programs, but it requires hard work to get to the top.

Choosing a multi level marketing program can be difficult. There are so many of them, and they will all offer you the potential to get rich with minimal effort. Start with a program that find interesting. This is a part-time job, and you want to pick something you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Set Your Insurance Website Different From Others

Web-based Insurance businesses are in for a tight competition online. There are many other insurance websites that offer the same type of services, specializes on the same niche of insurance marketing and both of these factors alone can already set you apart from them. What you should do for your website is to stand out among other insurance websites; but at the same time, offer content and still, quality service.

If a customer is deciding between two insurance websites but still caught in the middle because of the almost identical features and mechanics, there's a 50-50 chance that that customer will choose you or the other website for insurance. When the other website is chosen over you, you wouldn't have a clue how often it happens or will happen, so watch out and the sooner you update your website, the better.

At this point, you need to assert that your insurance services, or your website to say the least is different and much better than the others. There are some areas in your website which you can develop right away or one step at a time. It doesn't matter how immediate you can start, as long as you make sure that you're better than the rest. When the customer knows that they can find justification from a service they want, the quality of your website will spread like wild fire in the internet.

As a content-based insurance website, you always need to make sure that you have good website content. Also, don't stick to what you already have, explore and increase the quality of your expertise. You also have to make sure that you continue to learn and develop the insurance niche you're working on because that is the part which customers will likely go after.

If you still want your site to get better in another way, try putting a section on your website where both customers and visitors can leave their comments.

Monday, July 18, 2011

SEO - How To Make Google Trustrank Trust You

A discussion of Google Trust Rank and a look at the things you can do to earn creditability in the eyes of Google TrustRank.

The Google TrustRank is just one big algorithm that relies on a number of secret factors when it comes to elevating your pages in the search engines. However most Internet gurus will tell you that there are certain things that you can do to greatly increase your chances of being put in a more honorable spot by the famous search engine.

First of all you might try registering your domain name for a long time. That shows Google how serious you are about getting into business. Register your name for ten years and see what happens. A website that’s registered for a long time is probably going to be given priority over one that is only registered for a year.

Secondly make sure you are working with an SSL certificate on your site. This also tells Google that you are a serious merchant that cares what happens to its customers and that intends to treat anyone who visits the site fairly. It also helps to list a real mailing address with the site as opposed to a Post Office Box. Too many scam artists use P. O. Boxes so Google may ignore your site if it sees that you don’t have a “real office.” Also be liberal with your contact information on the site. This gives you credibility with TrustRank.

Yet another tip for gaining credibility with TrustRank is to only link with sites that Google might consider reputable. These are known as authority sites. If you link to crap then Google might see your site as crap too. This would be a big mistake. You are better to have a few quality links instead of scads of less then respected links even though internet experts will often tell you that the more links that you have on your page will help boost your rankings in the search engine pages.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Increase Business By Sending Gifts!

Business Owners are always looking for new ways to increase sales. One way to do this is by allocating a percentage of your advertising budget to promotional products.

Instead of spending 100% of your budget on advertising, allocate 25% to promotional products. Repeat business from existing customers is the mainstay for most businesses!

If you are sending promotional material by direct mail then include something cost effective like a pen, letter opener etc. Make sure that your business logos, phone numbers are printed / engraved on the gift.

If you are creating a radio campaign then include a free gift for the first 100 customers who reply to your campaign. It could be as simple as a mug. Every time the customer has coffee you will be on his mind!

If you are running a newspaper campaign then include a voucher that entitles the user to a free gift. Maybe a tee-shirt or a baseball cap with your logo on it.

Arrive at your present client bearing a small carefully thought out gift and ask him for a referral. You will be surprised at the response! Diaries, calculators & calendars go down well and you will be in the customers mind long after you are gone.

Once you have given a promotional gift to a business client, then you will earn respect. If the client then receives 2 quotes for the same goods, and yours is slightly out, you will still get the business because you have built loyalty!

Bear in mind that it is important to have your details on each product you give and you will reap the benefits long after your campaign has stopped! You don’t necessarily need to add your full company details. Even your basic logo will act as a reminder as to who sent the gift!

Before you ask - No, we don’t sell promotional products but I am sure that there are local businesses that do! To find companies that market promotional products, just do a search on the internet for "promotional products".

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Discussion Boards Or Chat Rooms To Profits For Your Web Site

1. You'll be able to communicate with your visitors. They'll begin to trust you and get to know you on a more personal level. People will purchase products quicker from somebody they already know and trust.

2. People will revisit your web site to participate on your discussion board or chat room. They will meet other people with similar interests and your web site will become a hang out were they can chat.

3. You can learn important information about your visitors by reading the conversations they have. They may chat about your web site or products. With this information you could learn to market your products more effectively.

4. You could answer the questions your visitors ask in your online communities. You'll become known as an expert by giving the answers to their questions. This will give you and your business more credibility.

5. You could teach a free online class using your chat room. This will give you an expert status and increase traffic to your web site by offering the free class.

6. When your discussion board or chat room becomes popular, you could sell advertising space on them. This will give you an extra income stream for your web site.

7. You can network with other businesses by having a chat room or discussion board. You could exchange business ideas, leads, advertising, etc.

8. You could allow other web sites who don't have a discussion board or chat room to use yours. You will get free advertising by allowing them to link to your online community.

9. When you have a discussion board or chat room you can get free advertising by listing them in online community directories. You can also join web rings with similar discussion topics.

10. You can make money by advertising your own products and services on your discussion board or chat room. You could also join other people's affiliate programs and make commissions advertising them.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Business Domain Name Success - Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing a business domain name can be one of the most important decisions you make. You can even sell domain names if you buy them as an investment.

Domain names are important to all businesses. Why? It’s as important to any e-commerce business as it is to a retail business. Your name means a lot, and you want something to stick when people hear it. If your domain name is concise, you are more likely to sell it for more, and profit more than long ones.

There are more ways to earn more with the sale of domain names, doesn’t that make you happy? Many people have made fortunes with the sale of domain names, and you can too! Many people like you and me have bought popular domain names as soon as the original owner forgets to renew it. If you buy a domain name, and the owner wants it back, you can ask for whatever price you want! You can easily make money if you’re smart about your domain buying.

There are tons of domain investors who check the availability of domain names. Many can sell these domain names and even lease the domain names so they can earn extra money. If you ever tried to find that perfect domain name for your business then you know it can be expensive if someone else already owns it for an investment.

You can also buy domain names that are generic, then sell the domain name to people in the industry involved with that name. For example, you can buy, and sell it to Why is that? Because McDonalds might want to take the traffic from, and use it to their advantage! Of course something like that example is long gone, but there are always other opportunities on a smaller scale. Just like any other business, making money in this is going to take practice, trial, and error. Nothing is easy, so if you make mistakes or lose money in the beginning, don’t give up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is a word or word sequences that are entered into the address bar of an internet navigator to visit a particular website. In simple terms, a domain name is an online identity of a web owner.

A domain name helps to translate IP addresses to words. A domain name is a name that identifies one or more IP addresses, for instance the domain name represents about a dozen IP addresses.

Internet is based on IP addresses, not domain names, so every Web server requires a Domain Name System (DNS) server to translate domain names into IP addresses. Domain Name System stores and associates many types of information with domain names and helps to translate domain names to IP addresses.

Internet users use domain names as the URLs, ‘Uniform Resource Locators’. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. Take the URL, in the URL is domain name.

Every domain name has a suffix, which is termed as top level domain (TLD). The top level domain indicates the category to which a domain name belongs to. There are a limited number of top level domains, such as .gov (government agencies), .edu (educational institutions), .org (organizations, .mil (military), .com (commercial business), .net (network organizations), .ca (Canada), .uk (United Kingdom), .de (Germany or Deutschland), .us (United States) etc.

Technically, domain names are host names. Oftentimes domain names are referred to as "web addresses" that is technically incorrect and often domain names and hostnames are used interchangeably, but there are subtle technical differences between the two.
On the Internet, a hostname is a domain name assigned to the host. It is usually a combination of the host's local name with its parent domain's name. For instance in URL “," the host name is “fr” and the domain name is ‘’. The host names are translated to IP addresses via the local hosts file, or DNS. A single may possibly have several host names. A domain name is not a host name, if it doesn’t have an IP address. Thus all hostnames are domain names, but not all domain names are hostnames.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Many Benefits Of Franchising

Franchising is practiced in many business establishments today. With franchising, the franchisor generally licenses its trademarks and business modus operandi to the franchisee. This is done in exchange of a recurring payment from the franchisee which may be a percentage of gross sales or gross profits and annual fees. Businesses working as franchise arrangement are referred to as chain store, franchise or franchise outlet.

The advantage of franchising lies in the fact that the franchisor is still in command of the financial part of the business. The franchisee only pays the franchising fees and other commitments while the assets are controlled by the company. Moreover, with franchising, the franchisor provides trained employees for the franchise. In fact, if required, they will also provide the necessary training to the employees, wherein the franchisees save in training costs.

When entering into a franchise agreement, it is necessary for the franchisee to pay some capital amount as security deposit to the franchisor. With this payment, the franchisee runs the franchise with the needed dedication as they will not want to lose the capital sum to the franchisor. As the company would have already had a good standing in the market, and allots franchises just to expand, there is not much of a hassle in getting customers, and business to the franchise.

Franchising helps in the growth of a business as there are no limits to the number of franchises to a company. It is in fact much easier to open franchises of a company, than branches of a business as the cost involved is much lower. Moreover, the franchise receives franchise fee, franchise royalty, better lease options, discounts on equipment and raw materials and discounts from vendors. So they basically have more money to run the franchise than an individually owned company or companies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seo Profile: Shoemoney

Jeremy Schoemaker, aka Shoemoney, is one of the most popular (and sometimes controversial) members of the search engine marketing community. While Shoemoney did “attend” college for three years, he never completed a degree because he spent the majority of his time expanding his company, Shoemoney Media Group. After the “dot com crash” took place, Shoemoney was forced to take a job with Wells Fargo and Commercial Federal Bank. Although he was temporarily a member of the “corporate” world, Shoemoney continued to manage his server and work on his web sites. He eventually quit those jobs and returned to the search engine marketing world.

Shoemoney joined Digital Point in September 2004. According to several of his posts, he had spent many months reading through all of the valuable information on Digital Point before deciding to actually join himself. As time went on, Shoemoney’s popularity on Digital Point continued to grow. In May 2005, Shoemoney posted a thread which was simply titled “my tips.” This thread contained many of his money making philosophies during that time period, and can truly be identified as one of the reasons why Shoemoney is the popular icon that he is today.

At some point in time, Shoemoney became known as the “King of Ring tones.” This was a reference to the massive amount of revenue he was generating as a result of his work in the ring tone affiliate industry. Although he has never disclosed specific details, Shoemoney has revealed in one of his many interviews that he makes “eight figures” a year.

2006 was a good year for Shoemoney. His blog, which has an Alexa ranking of 1,436, had over five hundred thousand visitors during 2006. Shoemoney also hosts his own radio show, which is appropriately titled “Net Income.” Each week, Shoemoney interviews a member of the internet marketing community and discusses different methods of making money from the internet.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Halloween Myspace Comments - How To Choose

Halloween is coming nearer. As the day approaches, everybody who wants to celebrate Halloween is thinking of ideas about dresses, parties, cards, celebration, and myspace comments. Believe me, for those who are active on myspace there is nothing more precious than to look for good comments to send to their friends. Let me tell you how to chose the myspace comments for Halloween.

Myspace Halloween Comment Selection-

Do not choose any comment that looks ordinary. Look for well made comment with proper color and font. If the design does not look scary, no use chhoosing that coomment. The colors, the graphics and the text all three should cause a heartbeat to skip because of some fear. After all this is Halloween. Try to choose a design that will be liked by your Friends. If they do not like a particular color, avoid that. The choice of design should be one, which is appreciated by your friends. After all you want to scare them.

Size of Comment-

I have noticed people sending large sized comments. When such comments are added in the profile, they distort the whole profile. They may also slow down the downloading of profile. This will one-day get your comment deleted. Send a comment of decent size, not exceeding three inches either way. The comment should not be very small otherwise it will get lost amongst other comments. Think of your comment as one amongst many. Will the profile owner notice it? If yes, send that comment.

Graphic or flash comment?

Most of the websites are offering JPG graphics as comments. Only one or two sites offer flash comments. Flash comments look better because of clearer color definition. Graphics may be little lighter in weight, but they have become common. Select flash comments and send. Remember that flash comments weigh more, so if weight is a criterion it is better to choose a graphic comment or graphic for Halloween.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SEO - Use Digg To Make Your Website An Overnight Success

Internet marketers are going crazy over this new social network called Digg and for good reason too. Using Digg correctly can send tens of thousands to your website virtually overnight.

This is how Digg works: People register with the site, and thus join the Digg community. These registered users then submit newsworthy or rather “Digg” worthy content. A short summary of the news item is written about the content. You can submit nearly anything to Digg; this includes videos, stories, blog entries, funny pictures – Anything!

What then happens is “Registered Users” then “Digg” the story or whatever has been submitted. The “Digg” is actually a vote for the content that was submitted to Digg.

The stories with the highest number of “Diggs” make it onto the front page of Digg. Stories can also be “Buried” which will send them shooting down to rankings at Digg.

Digg stories are then kept in the up and coming section for around 12 – 24 hours.

If the story does not receive enough “Diggs” it is then sent to the Digg homepage. If the story starts to get “buried” it will automatically disappear.

Writing a good story that gets a number of Diggs, and by number I mean a few hundred can produce tens of thousands of page views which will mean thousands of visitors and potential customers to your websites.

To produce a popular story you need to write about something that will help people, actually, writing about Digg itself is a very popular subject and frequently makes it onto the top spot.

This is a form of viral marketing, get it right and your site will do incredibly well, get it wrong and nothing will happen. Site promotion like this is a far, far more powerful way of gaining popularity and backlinks to your site than traditional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Techniques.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Savvy Marketing - Business Internet Advertising

Savvy marketing - business internet advertising depends on it – is the key to a successful internet business. Taking into account how many competitors are fighting for your client’s credit card number, it is anticipated that marketing, business internet advertising, and online promoting have become buzz words that every entrepreneur who took a home based business to the ‘Net has become familiar with. Ibrahim’s goods and services are simply not enough to draw customers and clients, but spreading the word of where these can be had is just important.

In the earlier days of marketing, business internet advertising took the form of banner ads. Many of these banner ads sought to draw clients by being brighter and more colorful than the competition. This soon translated into neon orange banner ads that would make your eyes ache. Shortly, this color war was not enough, and animation was added to the banners. Hence, banner ad marketing - business internet advertising at its natiest in some cases – got a dreadful reputation and numerous webmasters took down a lot of the more unbearable ads. Undoubtedly, this left merchants clamoring for other ways of advertising their commodities and services.

Individuals who were ad savvy toned down their banner ads to be elegantly constructed and pleasing to the eye. Rather than going for amaze value they enrolled the help of affiliates to publicize the word about their products. Furthermore, these internet entrepreneurs looked to other media to spread the word of their merchandise, and quickly these leaps of faith paid off. Print ads are now regularly taken out for online businesses, and in countless cases a website takes the place of a telephone number. Savvy marketing - business internet advertising at its best – has once again reclaimed the world wide market place and made it a sociable place for consumers and a competitive environment for merchants.

Friday, July 8, 2011

How To Choose The Right Home Office Furniture

Having a home office with the right furniture is a major component of ensuring your continued productivity – regardless of whether or not the pieces you decide to use are new, or they're things that are just plain comfortable! What matters is that the furniture you choose is functional, usable, and safe for the environment.

Choosing a Desk
Your desk is where you’ll be spending most of your time, so this needs to be large enough to accommodate your computer, keyboard, space for papers and actually doing paperwork, a telephone, and extra spots for things like mail, pens, business cards, and so forth. Needless to say, the larger you can go with a desk is typically better – but in a home office, you can often be working within a confined space. Try to pick a desk with drawers – it helps to minimize the inevitable clutter.

Choosing a Chair
This is one area you can’t compromise on. You’ll be sitting in your chair for 8 hours – or maybe more – each day, and the last thing you need is something hard on your back or rear. Stress on the spine, day in and day out, can cause serious health problems. A chair should have a slight contour to follow the curve of your back, and should have enough padding on the bottom to remain comfortable for several hours. That said, you also need some wiggle room – don’t get a chair that’s too snug.

Choosing Storage Space
Storage space is where everything else goes when you’re not working on it! This includes things like filing cabinets and bookshelves – both of which are very important elements of home office furniture. Without these pieces, you’ll find that papers and projects pile up in various places in the room in random order – inevitably leading toward the loss of some key paper or telephone number at a crucial moment. Do yourself a favor and invest in some solid, lockable filing cabinets and sturdy bookshelves. You'll thank yourself for it later.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get A Free Google Friendly Website

Squidoo is a free website service. They provide you with a tag based webpage that you can use for just about whatever you choose. It can be a list of your grandmothers cooking recipes, a family tree website, a collection of pictures of your house pets or whatever you want. You just cannot post porn or hate related stuff of course.

The site is set up is such that many different areas of the squidoo site link back to your page via tags and other group links ect. The overall sitewide pagerank on squidoo actually helps each individual site's pagerank improve if the site content is kept fresh by it's owner. This creates good backlinks immediately upon publishing your first page or as they call it: a Lens. Squidoo pages are used for virtually anything. Some Squidoo pages are used for business opportunities and some are used to list grama's favorite recipes and anything in between.

Squidoo also puts Adsense ads on all lenses sitewide and splits the proceeds with the lens owner that the click came from! And remember this website site is free!

Squidoo also has pre-made modules for Amazon Ebay and others that you can add to your site and you can make money from those sales as well.

The site allows HTML in all fields of the setup process. You can see your Squidoo lens in Google within two weeks without even submitting it to a single search engine! And my site showed up in Google the second day after I made it! I just followed the prompts, and put in what I wanted to say and it was not complicated at all.

The site administrators at squidoo work hard to ensure this is a friendly community for everyone. This is very important and I must say, they do it very well.

In my case I created a site to sell products but you can use this site for almost anything. Long story short, you just cant go wrong with a Squidoo page so get yours free today!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Article Writers Keep Search Spiders Busy

While it may not take a superior talent to write web site content for the internet, it does take a person who can weave words into a form that search engines understand. As the engine’s spider’s crawl through the web looking for key words and phrases, the article writers providing the web content must also make their articles short and informative.

No longer do search engines rely strictly on the meta tags in a web site’s heading. Now they look for real text content on target with what the user is searching for. This provides users with a better opportunity to find quality information, more on target with what they are looking for.

Many web site owners and developers may have numerous pages on their sites, each page typically having slightly different content. As they attempt to attract better search engine responses, content article writers will present an array of text information to be used on the different pages of the site to offer information specific to the page on which it is located.

One particular topic may have several key words or phrases relating to the topic being used on the same site and article writers are charged with submitting quality, informative and above all, original, content for the site. The writers may be producing information for several web sites and even if on the same topic, each article must be original. Typically, article writers found to have copied an article and turned it in as their own work, are immediately terminated, to save the integrity of the article writing business.

Quick understanding of the subject matter, the ability to turn that information into understandable text and do it quickly is key to being a good content article writer. Since payment for each content article is considered low, being able to produce many articles in a short period of time will enable article writers to pick up some extra money while they work on their novel.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Managing A Home Business? Outsource Everything!

Managing a home business can be tough purely because space is limited. Assuming you find a business opportunity that does work, what you will find is that sooner or later you will need to take on more staff.

By outsourcing everything (ok, maybe not everything…) you can avoid this scenario completely. Outsource your bookkeeping, payroll processing, order processing & outsource your technology so that you can spend time doing what you love doing best… managing your business.

Let's face it; it is difficult to keep up with all the new accounting rules and regulations that you have to comply with. It is far better that a professional book keeper does this for you. Do you know what an accountant uses for birth control? His personality. You were never meant to be an accountant!

Why bother trying to design and create new brochures and other marketing material when a professional can do the same job as you, but so much better? You might save money in the short term doing this yourself but it will definitely cost you money in the longer term.

The benefits of outsourcing are:

1) More resources available for customers.

2) Fewer employees and therefore more peace of mind.

3) Lower requirements for computers, printers, phone lines & ink.

4) Access to experts in many different fields.

5) More free space.

As you can see from the list above, outsourcing is not only about cutting costs. Rather it can be used as a strategic tool for planning your business growth.

By outsourcing all the items you hate doing or do not have the space to do, you are now free to focus on customers and ensuring that they get the best service.

Outsourcing works and makes small business sense. If you want to reduce your overheads and free up more of your valuable time then consider outsourcing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello World Of Internet Marketing

Hello World!

I have just entered into the world of Internet Marketing. They tell you to fire your boss, quit your job and started earning lots of money.

Since I started about 2 months ago I have at least 200 emails a days all trying to provide information and promotions leading to a very confused newbie especially when he is nearing the edge of 60 years.

I was overloaded with information which comes left, right and center.

I was given a sorts of free ebooks. The word freebie set my heart afire and I begin to download all kinds of ebooks, softwares etc until my hard disk was bursting to its rims a few times.

I have to copy all my downloads on dvds before it run out of space. This happened a few times.

Information overload was one important keyword. Lack of sleep was another keyword - learning about email marketing, autoresponders, affiliates marketing, joint ventures, giveaways, viral marketing, spams, scams, adwords, seo, web designs, web tools, ebooks which you downloaded with a different name from the same ebooks you just downloaded the day before, one time offers, and the very important time sensitive offer of sale of ebook which increases at a rate of 5 or 10 cts per minute, etc, etc, ad naueum.

It is just as well that I did not quit my job because I have been spending something like $200+ per month. All I get in return was a cheque of $9.

After 2 months I find that I am getting a bit more focussed. I closed my ears to instant money making machines and try to concentrate on a few things like writing a ebook, designing a simple website, doing some affiliate marketing and building slowly a mail list.

I hope that I am doing the right thing. But I am slowly learning and I intend to give it a try. Any one who reads this blog please wish me luck and offer some free advice. There s that four letter word again free .

Wish me Success!

Ken Kee

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Your Home Internet Enterprise Is A Global Business

There are many challenges facing home Internet enterprises in today's global market, as they adapt to changes in the global business environment and attempt to satisfy local market demands at the same time. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the barriers to entry to some of the countries marketplaces that existed in the past are now becoming non-existent. It is no wonder that many home Internet enterprise owners are struggling to learn the new rules, but you can look at these challenges as opportunities instead of problems.

For example, it is now possible to export your products to foreign countries without having to deal with the trade restrictions that were present previously. In addition, you could even set up a manufacturing facility in another country without opposition. This shows the free movement of goods and services for today's global home Internet enterprise. It is the smart modern business owner who puts emphasis on developing his or her brands. In line with this, you can see that brand packaging, graphics, and the content of a brand should remain the same throughout the world. (Text in different languages aside) The message must be the same, so if the brand is promoting wellness in North America then the home Internet enterprise owner will promote a similar concept in Europe. They should not stray from their core identity. Their advertising efforts should have some similarity, even though it will have to be changed to accommodate local preferences.

It becomes more difficult if the home Internet enterprise deals with a physical product rather than an informational one. Offering a global product that is consistent can be quite hard because of the sourcing of the raw materials and their pricing. At times, the exact same product will cost more in one country than it does in another, because of currency fluctuations and the differences in local living conditions. The challenge is keeping the product consistent both in quality and in price in these vastly different areas. This quality problem can be eliminated by centralizing your home Internet enterprises manufacturing, but there is little that can be done about global price variances.

It is important for modern home Internet enterprises to communicate with their partners from foreign countries. Every problem or success in one country should be reported everywhere, because this can affect the profitability of the entire enterprise. E-mail, video conferencing, and even telephone calls can be used to accomplish this goal. These tools will enable the owner to manage the whole Internet enterprise effectively from home.

The climate of today's global business environment dictates that it is important to have innovative products and services to stay ahead of the competition. Home Internet enterprises can improve their operations by observing the best practices employed in other countries and using them universally. Considering the perspectives of the maximum number of associates from around the globe will keep the companies thinking fresh, not stagnant, and will do the most to ensure the enterprises long term profitability.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Internet Business-- How Kids Can Help

Doing business online can be a real challenge. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology and product trends. If you don't have time to do your homework because you are too busy working a full-time job and taking care of a family, it may make things seem impossible if you are not internet savvy. There are definitely some perks having a technology, marketing and product development staff at your place of employment. Just thinking about all of the people it takes to operate a viable business is overwhelming. I have spent many hours reading e-books and watching videos about how to make money online. Because I grew up in the 80s and graduated from college just before the internet was born, like a lot of us, I was never formally educated on the subject, so it was not second nature. I have been labeled by some as "the internet queen" because that is where I can be found during most of my free time. But let me set the record straight, I am far from living up to that name.

Here is a little background about myself just to give you an idea of how my mind works. It doesn't involve much technology. I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. Most of my work has involved kids who are neglected and/or abused. Fighting the desire to throw the laptop on my desk out of the nearest window because it won't cooperate, is probably the most technological thing that I do at work. Don't get me wrong, I have learned a lot about computers over past seven years. Sometimes I get lucky and fix the office printer or help someone with who is having problems with their computer. I will admit that sometimes I have no idea how I did it, but please don't tell anyone. It would ruin my "internet queen" reputation.

So, what I know best is kids. One thing I always say to parents is that, unlike adults, kids are like sponges. They can watch T.V, play a video game and hear every word of your adult conversations, all at the same time. One thing I always tell kids is that, just because I am an adult, does not mean that I can't learn anything from them. Kids seem to have the ability to retain a lot more information at once than adults, so the internet is not as frustrating for them as it is for some of us. So, what does all of this have to do with operating an online business? I used to think it had nothing to do with it until I came to my senses.

Kids these days have grown up on the web. They are aware of fashion and the latest trends. They know what they want and how to push all the right buttons so their parents will get it for them. They also know the limits of what to ask for. So, where do I go when I need help with understanding a program that makes no sense or want to know about the hottest selling items? I ask kids. My eleven-year-old niece and her friends helped me choose jewelry from one of my wholesalers to resell. I had no trouble selling what they chose. They know what their parents and other adults are looking for also. If you don't think your kids ever listen to you or know what you want or are interested in, ask them. You might be surprised to find that they listen to you more than you think. My niece tells me everything her friend's parents are looking for also. She listens to them, too! Kids are great marketers and know what advertisements make them want an item and why. Want to know a great blog site to advertise a product? Chances are a kid can tell you. They are also great researchers. If they don't know, they can find out, and usually it is faster than you can find it. Also, don't overlook the local high school and college computer geeks. That is where you should go when you need a webpage designed or get the answers to your tech questions. They work cheap and sometimes for free. Always reward them in some way, even if it just taking them out to dinner or helping them with something in return. You don't want to take advantage of them just because they are kids. They learn how to treat others by observing their parents and other adults and will mirror these behaviors. It is good way to teach moral values to our future adults. Keep in mind that this is the generation that will be responsible for taking care of you when you are too old to take care of yourself!

Hopefully, I have convinced you that kids can be an important and profitable part of your online business. Learn from them! They love to teach and their patience is usually better than ours. They are kids. They know what it is like for others to be impatient with them which helps them to be more empathetic and less irritated when they have to show you the same thing a hundred times. It's also a great way to spend quality time with a child and even teach them the value of work and the rewards to be gained. Give them praises for their skill, knowledge and help. There is nothing wrong with boosting a child's self-esteem along the way. Your business will be more successful when you give back to others in the process!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Your Most Powerful Prospecting Tool

The internet is full of millions of self replicated websites, and if you're a Network Marketer you probably have one too! So how do YOU get noticed in this sea of duplicated websites?? Well to be absolutely truthful you do not! Have you noticed that people do not magically show up on your site, sign themselves up and start building a business?

:-) I thought you might have noticed that! :-)

Your company or team could have the most fantastic replicated "website that sells" but that alone won't bring you customers! My primary company has some of the most brilliant and effective marketing tools I have ever seen. They work REALLY well, to the point that we often get our prospects signing up as distributors automatically!

But even this kind of amazing marketing system will not bring you success in network marketing without the most crucial ingredient to the WHOLE puzzle!

Did you know that MOST people do NOT join a Network Marketing business because of the great company or products? Most people join because the TRUST the person who introduced them to the business! It is YOU that are your own best business asset. Yes, you!

Take a moment and go look in the mirror! That is who is going to attract people to your team. Your own unique, beautiful self with your own special talents, gifts and contributions to the world.

We are all given a gift, a contribution to make to the world, and as you find that, you will more and more find what your unique contribution is to Network Marketing, to your team!

And you will find that you begin to attract other like minded, like hearted people!! Ooops ... you looked in the mirror and don't like what you see? I understand ... I feel that way too sometimes. None of us are perfect! And that's where personal growth and development comes in.

That's one of the greatest parts of this business... you get paid to grow personally. How cool is that? (I'll tell you more about that another time!)

Think about it ... why did are you reading this report? You probably found my article while surfing the web. You read a little and felt enough of a sense of trust to spend your valuable time with me.

In network marketing, building relationships is your key to success. When people get to know you, like you and trust you, when they are ready to start their home business they will seek YOU out.

You will be their first choice, rather than Jane Anonymous who they know nothing about, or Joe Hard Sell who is always "pitching" his opportunity but never bothers to build a relationship with people.

AND because you DO have a fantastic business opportunity with great products, great pay and so forth, you will be an outstanding choice for them as a business partner! If you offer real VALUE to people, not just a sales pitch, you will build long term trust with people. So how do you build trust, offer real Value, and share more about yourself with people?

1. Offer something of value to your prospects. Share things that YOU find valuable. Don't give away junk! I have a page on one of my websites on free eBooks. I actually spent a week researching the net to find materials that I felt were valuable, high quality, and offered useful information.

I've seen so many newsletter publishers or websites on the net giving away junk. Maintain quality and your prospects will appreciate you and trust you and stay in touch with you!

2. Be a Real Person. We have discovered what we feel is the most fantastic and effective prospecting tool ever developed ... the Face Page. A Face page is a unique web page that is about You! :-) It about your values, your vision, and the things that mean the most to you! You can create one for free at many web communities such as, or you can get an industry specific page at

Your Face page offers useful information to people with no strings attached. It has links to your business websites ... and through this page you can offer people valuable free gifts, like complimentary eBooks, audio training, e-mail training courses.

On the internet, one of the ways to build trust is to give people valuable information that they are looking for. The Face page helps you to do this. I have found the Face page to be a very effective Viral Marketing tool as well. My husband loved what I wrote on my Face page so he passed it around to our friends and family and his family!

Now several of these folks are looking into my business as a result of his sharing the page. Whenever he or my family tells their friends about my business, they send them to my Face page. I have made thousands of dollars through my Face Page, and it's NOT because it sells anything!

3. Brand Yourself. You've heard of branding? Except in network marketing branding is a little different. Instead of branding your product or business, brand yourself! Branding yourself creates a consistent personal presence both locally and on the internet so people can get to know you.

Use the same name and e-mail on different internet forums. You can even get a domain that is your name! Then people can type in your name and get to your Face Page.

When talking to your prospects you can tell them where to find you on the web, at That way, when people type in they will get to your Face page and get to know you. Best of all, as you do this consistently, people will begin to seek you out and begin to call you! That is when network marketing becomes REALLY fun!