Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Internet Business-- How Kids Can Help

Doing business online can be a real challenge. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology and product trends. If you don't have time to do your homework because you are too busy working a full-time job and taking care of a family, it may make things seem impossible if you are not internet savvy. There are definitely some perks having a technology, marketing and product development staff at your place of employment. Just thinking about all of the people it takes to operate a viable business is overwhelming. I have spent many hours reading e-books and watching videos about how to make money online. Because I grew up in the 80s and graduated from college just before the internet was born, like a lot of us, I was never formally educated on the subject, so it was not second nature. I have been labeled by some as "the internet queen" because that is where I can be found during most of my free time. But let me set the record straight, I am far from living up to that name.

Here is a little background about myself just to give you an idea of how my mind works. It doesn't involve much technology. I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. Most of my work has involved kids who are neglected and/or abused. Fighting the desire to throw the laptop on my desk out of the nearest window because it won't cooperate, is probably the most technological thing that I do at work. Don't get me wrong, I have learned a lot about computers over past seven years. Sometimes I get lucky and fix the office printer or help someone with who is having problems with their computer. I will admit that sometimes I have no idea how I did it, but please don't tell anyone. It would ruin my "internet queen" reputation.

So, what I know best is kids. One thing I always say to parents is that, unlike adults, kids are like sponges. They can watch T.V, play a video game and hear every word of your adult conversations, all at the same time. One thing I always tell kids is that, just because I am an adult, does not mean that I can't learn anything from them. Kids seem to have the ability to retain a lot more information at once than adults, so the internet is not as frustrating for them as it is for some of us. So, what does all of this have to do with operating an online business? I used to think it had nothing to do with it until I came to my senses.

Kids these days have grown up on the web. They are aware of fashion and the latest trends. They know what they want and how to push all the right buttons so their parents will get it for them. They also know the limits of what to ask for. So, where do I go when I need help with understanding a program that makes no sense or want to know about the hottest selling items? I ask kids. My eleven-year-old niece and her friends helped me choose jewelry from one of my wholesalers to resell. I had no trouble selling what they chose. They know what their parents and other adults are looking for also. If you don't think your kids ever listen to you or know what you want or are interested in, ask them. You might be surprised to find that they listen to you more than you think. My niece tells me everything her friend's parents are looking for also. She listens to them, too! Kids are great marketers and know what advertisements make them want an item and why. Want to know a great blog site to advertise a product? Chances are a kid can tell you. They are also great researchers. If they don't know, they can find out, and usually it is faster than you can find it. Also, don't overlook the local high school and college computer geeks. That is where you should go when you need a webpage designed or get the answers to your tech questions. They work cheap and sometimes for free. Always reward them in some way, even if it just taking them out to dinner or helping them with something in return. You don't want to take advantage of them just because they are kids. They learn how to treat others by observing their parents and other adults and will mirror these behaviors. It is good way to teach moral values to our future adults. Keep in mind that this is the generation that will be responsible for taking care of you when you are too old to take care of yourself!

Hopefully, I have convinced you that kids can be an important and profitable part of your online business. Learn from them! They love to teach and their patience is usually better than ours. They are kids. They know what it is like for others to be impatient with them which helps them to be more empathetic and less irritated when they have to show you the same thing a hundred times. It's also a great way to spend quality time with a child and even teach them the value of work and the rewards to be gained. Give them praises for their skill, knowledge and help. There is nothing wrong with boosting a child's self-esteem along the way. Your business will be more successful when you give back to others in the process!

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