Friday, July 22, 2011

What Is ASP Hosting And What Can It Do For You?

Understanding what ASP hosting is and how it works will allow you to know better which is the right choice for your specific needs. First, let us define just what an ASP is. In the most basic sense, ASPs are a way of selling and distributing software on the web. The term ASP stands for application service provider. But, there is much more to know about what these actually do.

Some excellent examples of companies that can be considered ASP in the way they are set up include Amazon, Ebay and Epinions. It is the way in which these services are set up that they are considered to be ASP services. While they do not have to provide software solutions, many of them do and that is what the term has come to mean.

Some features that are common in these include the following. The ASP will own and operate the software solution. This keeps prices low for all those that use the service. They also own, operate and maintain the servers that the software application will run on. They will employ individuals to maintain the software applications as well. And, they will allow for people anywhere, to be able to access the software from any place that the Internet can get into.

The other key factor to ASP hosting is that the company will charge a per use charge for those who use the application. Or, they may do a monthly payment set up or even annually. In some of the rarer cases, they will provide the applications use free of charge as well. Even harder to find are those that pay the customer to use the application.

Finding the right ASP hosting options for you needs should take into consideration several things. First, the fit of the company and its application is quite important. From there, price, quality, and the amount of set up time involved will help you make a choice. You’ll find your hosting needs available in a variety of ways right here on the web, no matter what your need actually is.

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