Monday, July 18, 2011

SEO - How To Make Google Trustrank Trust You

A discussion of Google Trust Rank and a look at the things you can do to earn creditability in the eyes of Google TrustRank.

The Google TrustRank is just one big algorithm that relies on a number of secret factors when it comes to elevating your pages in the search engines. However most Internet gurus will tell you that there are certain things that you can do to greatly increase your chances of being put in a more honorable spot by the famous search engine.

First of all you might try registering your domain name for a long time. That shows Google how serious you are about getting into business. Register your name for ten years and see what happens. A website that’s registered for a long time is probably going to be given priority over one that is only registered for a year.

Secondly make sure you are working with an SSL certificate on your site. This also tells Google that you are a serious merchant that cares what happens to its customers and that intends to treat anyone who visits the site fairly. It also helps to list a real mailing address with the site as opposed to a Post Office Box. Too many scam artists use P. O. Boxes so Google may ignore your site if it sees that you don’t have a “real office.” Also be liberal with your contact information on the site. This gives you credibility with TrustRank.

Yet another tip for gaining credibility with TrustRank is to only link with sites that Google might consider reputable. These are known as authority sites. If you link to crap then Google might see your site as crap too. This would be a big mistake. You are better to have a few quality links instead of scads of less then respected links even though internet experts will often tell you that the more links that you have on your page will help boost your rankings in the search engine pages.

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