Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paypal: A Friendly Way To Pay

PayPal is becoming more and more prevalent as a means of doing business on the internet. Those who spend a lot of time on eBay are well aware of how PayPal works. Now that more and more websites are asking for PayPal payments, many consumers are left scratching their heads and wondering, “What is PayPal? Is it safe? Is it easy?”

PayPal is a means of making or receiving secure payments over the internet in the place of a credit card. Consumers must sign up for a PayPal account and link it to either a bank account or a credit card. When the time comes to pay for a purchase over the internet, the customer provides the merchant with their PayPal account information, the money is paid to the merchant (less a small transaction fee) and the linked bank account or credit card is charged appropriately.

Common uses for PayPal include sending and receiving money to or from friends and family online, requesting money for a charity drive and making online purchases. In addition, when requesting money, an invoice and detailed payment instructions can be generated.

Money can be sent to over fifty five countries in the following currencies: U.S. dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, and Yen.

Using PayPal is easy to use, safe and free for the purchaser. PayPal doesn’t share financial information so the seller never sees bank account or credit account numbers. They have strict anti-fraud measures in place and protect buyers from unauthorized purchases.

In addition, for those who accept payments into their PayPal account, an ATM/debit card is available for easy access to funds. Otherwise, simply log into PayPal and request a transfer of funds back into the previously linked bank account.

With over 96 million PayPal accounts already set up worldwide, PayPal is clearly making friends.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paid Surveys Forum - Should You Take Advice From A Paid Surveys Forum?

If you're looking for a good website to get paid survey leads from, I don't recommend using a paid surveys forum. Usually, the scam sites have infiltrated them and filled them with propaganda that tells you to go to their site to make the most money. As a seasoned paid survey professional, I know first hand how alluring the promises of work from home riches can be. Unfortunately, you'll never become filthy rich just by filling out paid online surveys. You can, however, make a decent living if you go about it the right way.

First and foremost, avoid the paid surveys forum. You can't trust what the people who post have to say. Second, you have to do your homework. Look through websites, try and find success stories or testimonials from satisfied members who have actually gotten paychecks. I have used the same sites for years, so I'm not really aware of the new ones that may have popped up since I first started looking.

The sites that I use are awesome and I highly recommend taking a look at them to see what you should be looking for in a paid survey site. With these sites, I consistently make around $3,500 each month. The most important thing to note is that these sites don't require monthly membership fees.

That's a great way to spot a scam website, by the way. If a site claims to give you access to lists of paid surveys in exchange for your credit card numbers and automatic withdrawals from your bank account each month for membership fees, run in the other direction. Trustworthy sites only make you pay a one time membership fee. Next, if you find one that you're satisfied with tell people about it. Scam sites don't have to keep ripping people off, if everyone in the industry looks out for one another eventually they'll be put out of business!

Friday, October 29, 2010

How To Retire Rich At 22 Years Old

Having what you want is important. Most of us, if not all, appreciate having extra money lying around the house. The thrill of finding a hundred dollar bill in your shorts you wore last summer should be not a thrill at all. You deserve to have so much money, an accountant is required to keep up with it all. What’s it like having a $1000-$2000 a day popping up in your checking account. Its a much better feel than borrowing from your mother in law, bless her heart and your friends, payday loans, other special people who believe in you.

What’s it like to wake up and call your bank 800 no and check how much was deposited while you slept free of stress all night. What’s it like to pay cash for a car you saw a day ago. What’s it like to pay cash for anything without stretching your budget, or eating hamburgers and living on cheap cereal. Well, the beauty of retiring at 22 years of age is the same beauty of retiring at any age. We all work. Basically, we are all a little lazy. That is why we all like vacations. We are generally designed to be stress free individuals. Money, much of it, detoxifies the body being released from worry. Set the course for freedom from lack. Prosperity is healthy, adds to spiritual insight, eases pressure on the body. It allows us to be children on the inside again. Free to dream, to believe that anything is possible. Why would anyone choose to be less than prosperous. We have discovered how to retire at any age. The secret of life is in the sharing of what brings blessed wealth, bountiful wealth, and we have found the secret, the methods, the way passport to wealth literally. I am willing to share what I know

The path to wealth is not always what you perceived it to be or anticipated. There are times in our life, we let go, and allow and these are the times we prosper the most

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How To Make An Online Residual Income Business Work?

Do you think you can generate residual income by joining an MLM business? You can, but after you have done some work. An MLM does not make you rich overnight. It is more than signing up to get started and getting it to keep going. Besides, most MLM are run online, and many people, who do not understand how to make it work, quited the MLM business even before they started. There are a few key points you need to know to generate online residual income.

To begin, choose a product of YOUR choice. You must be interested in the product and feel comfortable that you will be able to arouse interest from other people. If you believe in a product, then you should have no problem telling others about it and convincing them why it is a good buy. DO NOT try to build up belief in something when you can find plenty of opportunities, which you can choose from. Look around until you find the product that you think is suitable for you.

Next, to be successful in an MLM, you need to get marketing help. In order to build an effective marketing campaign, look up to your higher level up for help. Do not work on it alone when help is readily available. Your up-line may share and pass you some tips for creating an effective marketing strategy.

Then, you must think BIG in an MLM. Take advantage of the great abundance of knowledge and information that you can get from the internet. Build your customer base from all over the world. You can then expand your business.

The above are the key points to create a successful MLM business. You just need to follow these points and you can make start generating online residual income.

The opportunities are out there for you! Do not let these opportunities slip away.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Virtual Assistant: Use A Special Report

Of all the marketing tools that a Virtual Assistant could use, the Special Report is probably the one most underused. This means that you are going to want to put into action for your business right away.

A special report is somewhere in between a long article and a short ebook. Length can range from five or seven pages to as many as fifty. To answer the question of how long your special report should be is simple: however long it needs to be.

When there is a topic that you would like to go into some depth with and an article just wouldn't give you enough space, it's time to create a special report.

Some ideas for you would be:

• How Ruby's VA Service Will Benefit Your Business.
• Ten Ways Ruby's VA Service Will Save You Time.
• Quick Tips For A Professional Website.
• Ruby's Secret Internet Marketing Report

Creating a special report is a commitment of your time and energies so do be sure to choose a topic that you can spin into a promotion for you VA services. Not only are you giving them something valuable for free, something that will teach them something in their business they want to know about, but it also shows you as the expert VA.

Use a special report as a bribe to encourage new subscriptions to your newsletter. Pick topics that will interest your target market and show them your expertise. Your writing will remind them in a subtle way that you are the VA they need to go to.

Take the time to format your report attractively. Incorporate some photographs if appropriate. Use color and bold fonts for your headings. Create a title page and use your headers and footers to include your web address and copywrite info on each page. End your report with an express invitation for readers to consider hiring you. Stand out from your competition and use a special report!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Training Tools Keep Web Content Writers Alert

As more and more web sites understand the need for web content containing useful and valid information, they are turning to experienced content article writers to meet their needs. As the demand for better articles also continues to grown writers must use all the training tools available to better execute their product.

Developing internet content can be demanding at times when companies determine the need to totally revamp their web site’s presentation. Whether it is due to a shift in their product or market focus, or because their search engine ranking has fallen and is having trouble getting back up. Researching for the proper information can take time if a writer strives to submit usable content in demand by many companies today, but realizing that income from this type of work is usually low, doing it quickly takes training tools to help you in your search attempts.

Possibly the best training tool is one that helps a writer learn to type faster and with fewer mistakes as well as better knowledge of the programs used by web site owners and builders so they can turn their product in, ready to be placed online, increasing their value to the site owners.

Reviewing training tools provided by search engine owners can also help web owner and writers better understand the demands placed for search results. Training in which keywords work the best in certain situations and how to make them work for your site is also important to stay abreast with.

There are many training tools available to help web owners as well as writers contribute web content articles that can get results. Knowing how to determine keywords and keyword phrases for a particular industry and knowing when to use misspellings may also be helpful and this information is available through numerous training tools sources.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Using Network Marketing To Sell Your Product

Network marketing is a concept that has been around for a while, and is a proven method of earning money. Network marketing, like any other business, is not a get rich quick scheme.

There are quite a few large companies that use the network marketing model. They include Mary Kay, Amway, Quixtar, Nikken, Herbalife, and many others. If you want to use network marketing, it's veryu important that you work hard to create a solid system and business plan. Nothing will make a network marketing company fail faster than a system that doesn't work.

First, you need to recruit partners who will sell your product for you. These are the 2nd-level customers in the multi-level marketing plan with your company on the first level. Your responsibility is to provide your partners with the materials needed to sell your product. They hold events, do promotions, and tell their friends about the benefits of your product, and get a percentage of whatever sales are made due to their efforts. It’s as simple as that – you form partnerships with regular people, who then sell whatever you have. Most network marketing companies provide their partners with things like brochures, catalogs, model products, and any other things that would cause sales to go up.

When starting your network marketing program, it would be a good idea to lay out your business plan and discuss the entire thing with a legal expert who can advise you on any problems you may run in to. You should also consult experienced business leaders who can give you advice on your business, poin t out weaknesses, and suggest improvements.

Network Marketing is a great business model that has worked in the past, and can work for you. If you spend the time, effort and money to create a solid opportunity for your distributors, then you can expect success.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Benefits Of Zipping And Sending Zip Archives Online

File compression is something that many of us use everyday. Maybe you have a bunch of photos to send to a distant family member and you want to archive them all into one file. In business, co-workers can be found zipping up files and sending them to each other all the time.

Zipping up files has many benefits. It saves valuable disk space, reduces the overall file size of the archived files, and helps keep the speed of your processor.

If you aren't great with fumbling with different zip programs but you need to zip up and send multiple files, then an online zipping service is perfect for you.

An online zip service will allow you to easily add files to an online zip archive and then send them to anyone you wish, via e-mail.

This kind of service is also perfect for people surfing the web on a public computer, like at a library or school. Many of these kinds of computers don't have any kind of zipping program, so this is where that kind of service really shines.

If you have a domain name and want to offer this kind of service to your visitors, you can be sure that a tool like this will bring back many return visitors to your website. You'll also be able to profit from it if you want to as well, every zip file sent has a header and footer with links that the owner specifies. These viral links can be offered up for sale to potential advertisers for an additional income stream. It's very easy to install, and configuration is a breeze.

Using this online zipping tool is great because it will ultimately save the user disk space as well. You don't have to worry about your privacy with this tool, either. An auto delete function deletes your zip files after a specified period of minutes. See if it works for you, check it out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deleting A Friend From Your Myspace Friend List

Problems may occur among group of friends in real life. This is also a thing to consider in deleting a MySpace friend from the list. You are not alone in having such similar feelings. The next section will talk on how to delete a MySpace friend.

Friends can usually hurt us more than our enemies. Since we are much concern about our friends compared to those who are not too close to us. What a friend thinks, say, and do really matters to us. But, once they crosses a line, and hurts us, we may consider driving them off our lives. The idea relates to individuals and their MySpace friends. When a MySpace friend caused us pain, we might consider removing them from our friend list. It is completely normal.

Grounds for consideration in removing a friend:

• After resolving conflicts, you can always re-add a deleted friend.

• Comments you've posted on a deleted friend's profile cannot be removed. The owner of the profile has the ability to remove them or not

• A deleted friend can still send you email messages, but cannot leave comments on your profile or blog.

If you still want to remove a MySpace friend after considering these factors, the procedure is pretty easy. To edit and delete a specific friend, log into your MySpace account. Locate the area labeled "My Friend Space" and click the red link marked "edit friends" in the top right hand corner of this area. All of your MySpace friends can be viewed from this page. Click the little box next to the picture of the person you wish to delete and go to the bottom of the page. Click the "Delete Selected" button and it is done. You have successfully deleted your friend. But if things worked well and wanted to re-add the friend, just ask a friend to add you and wait for that request to be accepted.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Web Hosting companies is one the best?

With all of the web hosting companies available it is difficult to know if on company is better than another. and to make matters worse, most of the review sites seem to be driven more by who pays the highest commission rather than who actually does the best job for you or your business.
This article makes no claim that the web hosting company recommended is perfect for every type of online venture, for example for a really large company like a bank, or a supermarket this company probably wont fit simply because they are geared to small business. It will however work exceptionally well for a small to mid sized endeavor, and offers many features that up till recently were reserved for companies that employed someone to manage their site and had the expertise to install php databases and other scripts, and administer a Linux server running the Apache web application. this company takes the expense and the technical requirements out of the equation for you.
This company also has a number of options as far as payment terms available, the longer prepayment term you choose the cheaper it becomes all the way down to $6.95 per month for a 2 year prepay term.
Here are just some of the features they have to offer.
1 Click setup for 3 different blogs, and they can each be installed multiple times.
· Each account includes 3 Statistics programs, know where your customers come from.
· Professional email accounts
· 1 click setup for online photo galleries.
· Unlimited domains, never a fee for additional domain hosting.
· Get a free domain registration for life starting with a 1 yr account.
· $50 advertising credits for both Google and Yahoo.
· Live Chat, and phone support, with quick answers to your questions.
· They host over 270,000 sites.
· And most of all they don’t act like they are doing you a favor hosting your site.
Setting up almost anything is very easy, things like email accounts, email spam filters(spam assasin if included free) they also have very rapid chat response times, and will answer almost any question you have immediately.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Understand The Different Kinds Of Web Hosting

Web hosting is a term that describes the kind of Internet service which permits individuals, families, or companies to build, maintain, and host their websites. If you have ever served the Internet you know that there are websites devoted to anything and everything on the ‘Net. Whether it is a personal site showing off pictures, a small business getting the word about a product out, or a global company that is making its presence known on the World Wide Web, web hosting is a service that each of them needs.

There are different kinds of web hosting available. Well known to hobbyists and very small business owners alike is the free web hosting service which permits the building of entire websites for free. Of course, most of these services are very limited with respect to design, and additionally will place advertisements onto the site. While this is a not a problem for an individual’s hobby site, it may come across as being a bit unprofessional for a business. Thus, most businesses – large or small – will choose to go with the paid web hosting option.

Yet even among web hosts there are different kinds. Shared web hosting is a common term to many hosts. It simply implies that a business or personal site does not have a dedicated server, but instead is placed with many other sites on the same server. This is perceived to be a disadvantage by the big business clients who pay extra for a dedicated hosting service. Some hosts have begun to market their service as a virtual dedicated server, which is little more than a dedicated server in name only. Whatever choice you may pick, having a website is a most rewarding endeavor, and while for businesses it should be considered a requirement in today’s global market, more and more individuals are entering the world of website development as well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Internet Can Help You Operate A Home Business

The Internet has created a wave of new trends, including online home businesses. In the past, people had to leave their homes and commute to work in order to spend the day at the office. Now people have the option of starting a home business and can stay home with their families while they are working. The ability to create your own work schedule means that more people are able to spend more quality time with their loved ones and less time working away from home. One disadvantage, however, is that in some occupations, the Internet has become saturated. This prevents people working in certain fields to successfully work online.

If you are a writer, you may have experienced such saturation. The Internet has allowed anyone to operate a small business in this field, regardless of the amount of talent that they possess. This is not a negative result of the Internet, it simply means that if yo have talent in this field and are looking for ways to make money with it online, you may be faced with greater competition than you expected.

On the other hand, the Internet also makes it easier for almost anyone to see the work that you have done. You will be able to sell your work without having to deal with the hassle of a middle man.

The Internet can also help people in other professions as well. If yuou are an accountant or tutor, you now have the possibility of running a business out of your home rather than having to worry about the office. You now can advertise your business to anyone who surfs the Internet and bring in new clients more easily than before.

No matter which business you decide to pursue, the Internet is a great source for potential customers. In order to grow your business successfully, you do not want to ignore the large customer base that can be found online.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best Way To Find A Legitimate Home Business Opportunity

The best way to find a legitimate home business is through a referral. When someone refers a program to someone else they are vouching for the authenticity and reliability of the opportunity. It helps, too, that getting a referral from another person allows you to ask that person questions about the business and get more information before you invest.

Referrals can be found in many different ways. They can come from people you know or through people you meet while networking online. A referral is a very personal way to get into a business. It allows you to be able to find out what it is like to run the business before you ever even get started.

When it comes to finding a legitimate home business it is very important to avoid scams. Scams can cost you a lot of money and plenty of valuable time. By avoiding the scams and only going after the legitimate home business opportunities you will be able to get started in home business without a lot of headache and hassle.

Many times people will answer ads or do research on their own to find a legitimate home business opportunity. This is fine, but it is not the best way to do it. Using referrals is the only way to be really sure that the opportunity is a legitimate home business opportunity.

The possibility of getting scammed when you find an opportunity through a referral is small. Most of the time you will have some type of relationship with the person referring the opportunity and therefore there will be a sense of obligation to not provide you with information about a scam.

The best way to find a legitimate home business opportunity is always going to be through referrals. They help to cut out the questions and make everything clear so you can make an informed and responsible decision before investing.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Seo - Is Joining A Blog Ring A Good Seo Tactic?

A blog ring works in exactly the same way as a web ring. You go to a blog ring site and then join the ring that is most closely matched with your topic. You place an object on your page that allows visitors to click on the link to the next blog in the ring. In turn other sites send their traffic to you.

To choose a good blog ring make sure that you check the statistics as to how many visitors that blog ring actually generates. The blogging host usually provides these totals. It is not worth it to join a blog ring with low numbers as the code that is used to generate the link boxes can take up a lot of space on your site.

The easiest way to find the blog ring that is best for your business is to type blog ring and then your general topic area into a good search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

However blog rings are not always the best idea. For one thing many of them require that you upload huge flashy images, banners or links on your site. This is a bad idea, especially if the banners or links have flash animation in them as a search engine spider can encounter this and read your site as broken or as having dead space.

While joining a blog ring is cheap they can cost you. . First of all there is no grouping of links you might find yourself linking to sites that you would rather not be associated with – such as adult content or even your competition’s site.

The point is that not all traffic that a blog ring brings may be wanted on your site. If you don’t focus your keywords and ads you will end up attracting a lot of surfers and window shoppers. The problem with these types of visitors is that they exhaust your bandwidth and sometimes leave spam or nonsensical content on your pages.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seo - Don't Seo What Does Not Sell

Sometimes what people see as the failure of search engine optimization techniques is actually the failure of a business in general. There is something to be said for “doing what you love and the money will come” but if nobody else loves it but you and your wife, it is not going to sell. This means doing a bit of market research,

Developing an Internet business is the same as developing any other type of business. You need a concept that will sell which of course means asking yourself the series of deep penetrating questions and of course doing your homework. It also means giving the people what they want which is basically “a quality product that works at an affordable price.” Yet for some reason most people believe that they most people will go for “a low quality product sold at a high price and that a bit of well applied SEO will take care of any flaws in the business plan. Nothing could be further from the truth!

There are really only three things that you can sell on the Internet.

1) Goods. These are concrete items that you would normally find in a retail store. Selling goods is your most expensive option simply as it might require the leasing of warehouse space.

2) Services. This includes all the services you would normally expect to be sold in the non-virtual world.

3) Information. This is everything that you would find in a newspaper, magazine, periodical or library.

Once you have decided what you want to sell, whether it be goods, services or information or some kind of dual or tripled combination of all three options, you are ready to contemplate the type of business that you want run on the Internet and create an intelligent SEO strategy for marketing it!

Success breeds Success!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Internet Marketing: An Essential Ingredient For Business Success

Promoting your online business is a very important part of drawing interest in your goods and services. The more people you can attract to your site, the more potential you have to generate a higher volume of sales. Budgets for advertising and marketing online are often low. This means the business has to get creative to make the most out of what they do have.

What all internet businesses have is the potential to reach millions of individuals who use the internet. Online newsletters are a great way to generate business. Not only does it let current consumers feel that you have not forgotten them, it keeps your business fresh in their mind. These newsletters are great for potentially new customers as well. People are more likely to pursue making a purchase from an online business that appears to be stable

Sending promotional emails is often a great way to advertise. This method reaches a large volume of individuals with very little time or money invested. You will need to purchase an email list for your target market from a retailer. Make sure you are informed of the methods to use, or many of your efforts will be wasted by junk mail filters.

For online businesses who want to try something more, consider hiring an online marketing broker. These individuals are skills at setting up marketing for various types of businesses. They will also work with you to update your website design if necessary. Most online marketing brokers cost a minimal fee. However, the catch is that they will have you sign a contract that entitles them to a percentage of the revenue generated by the traffic they generate that actually makes a purchase. Since type of earnings generally means they are going to work hard to make your business succeed, and generate a nice profit for themselves.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Assembly Work At Home Can Provide Income

There are plenty of ads offering to pay money to those that are willing to do easy assembly work at home. There are people everywhere looking for money and are willing to put things together to earn it. For many, this provides an opportunity for them to utilize their skills in order to earn an income.

Usually, if you have the ability to work with your hands, you will be able to perform the job, but you want to be careful about which opportunity you choose to join. There are many scams that are only interested in taking your money and running.

For the legitimate assembly companies, they will provide you all the pieces that you need in order to assemble their products. All parts and whatever else may be needed should all be included. However, tools are the responsibility of the person in charge of assembly, but in most cases you already have access to these tools in your house.

The company provides detailed instructions on how to assemble and when you have completed the assembly, you ship the product back to the company. If they are satisfied with your work, then you will be paid for your services. If the company is legitimate, you will be payed without hassle.

Some scams may ask you to purchase parts for the pieces that you are putting together. In return, they will show you a list of companies that will buy the product from you once it is completed. You may unknowingly see the profit of buying the parts and reselling the product for more money.

You may also be required to purchase special tools in order to get the job done. These tools may be poor quality, however once you have the tools, parts and instructions you will assemble the product. When you are ready to sell the product, many of the companies that were planning on selling your product to may be out of business.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Secrets To Writing For Your Niche

How do you attract your targeted niche market to your Virtual Assistance practice? Start by crafting a website that clearly reflects your ability to meet their needs.

Keep your target market and niche in mind when you're writing the content for your website. Don’t be afraid to identify your target market from the start.

You may choose to brand yourself as ‘The Author’s VA’ and build this title right into your header graphic and headlines. Everyone who visit’s the site will know that you specialize in serving authors. Or you may have specialized in providing speedy service for urgent tasks so you’re branding might be ‘The Speedy VA” with a tag line of “Your business emergency is our first priority.” Visitors will know right away that you’re the answer to all their last minute administrative problems.

Your service descriptions will also need to be tailored to your niche. Describe just how you can be of special service to your target market. Let them know how your specialized knowledge can benefit their particular kind of business. Without trying to sound like you’re tooting your own horn, you do want to highlight your understanding of their industry.

Any testimonials that you share on the website should be from clients in your desired target market. If you have done work for others, it might be best to leave their testimonials off of the website in order to present a clear message about your niche. Ask your current clients to provide you with a testimonial that mentions how well they appreciate working with someone who has specialized.

Writing good web copy for your target market will set you apart from all the other VA's that don't – and that is just what you need. If you do this just right, you’ll convince your potential client that you are the perfect VA for them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SEO - Choosing Blog Fonts And Colors

Part of having a cohesive blog design is to choose one or two fonts and two to four colors and stick with them on your site. The best looking sites are minimalist in design. A site that has too many different types of fonts and colors on it just looks unprofessional.

It is also helps to choose colors that suit your subject areas. Cooler colors such as blues and grays tend to suit blogs that are of a technical, political or authoritative nature. Warmer colors seem to suit more casual subjects. For instance a pink and yellow themed site is more suited to a blog about baby showers than it is to a rant about human rights abuses in Africa.

In general the smaller and more classic your font is, the more it implies authority and respect. An example is Times New Roman or Bookman. Arial, Verdana and Helvetica are middle of the road fonts that are offered with most blog templates as a standard font. The shorter, squatter and larger the font, the less professional your blog will look.

Additionally it is best to stick with fonts that most people would have on their computers. Keep in mind that if a computer cannot read a font it will put your site on a default font so it can be read. This can knock your layout out of alignment and give it an unattractive appearance on other people’s computers. Fonts that any computer can read include Arial, Verdana, Times Roman, Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino and Tahoma. Keep your layout as simple as possible to avoid distortion of it on other people’s computers as well.

One warning is to stay away from the black hat SEO technique of making your keywords the same color as a web page. The search engine spiders are on to this technique and will penalize your site for it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Got Computer? Work At Home?

Are you like me? I always wanted to work at home on my computer. But the question always was how to succeed and make money. Was there some success secrets I needed to know? Where would I find the answers I would need, to have a successful work at home business?

What can an ambitious person do to create a successful at home business, where to start? What a good question. Starting a successful work at home business doesn't have to be full of anxiety and stress. Others are doing it and enjoying great success.Why not me? Why not you?

Imagine with a few secrets to success you can succeed with your dream of having a successful work at home business. Enjoy your day your way! Maybe it is staying home with the kids or just escaping rush hour.With the right step by step plan success is no longer just a dream!

I want to work at home with my computer and have the day to do with what I want to. Aren't you wondering if you can too? There are success secrets that if you can learn will help guarantee your successful work at home business dreams.

Fortunately I've found good mentors to help me along they way, each teaching me different but valuable lessons on the path of success. Great people with success secrets gave me a leg up on others that have pursued the dream of a successful work at home business, speeding my success. Recently I have found another secret to success, if only I had discovered it sooner... you won't make that same costly mistake, or will you?

My dream; I always wanted to work at home on my computer has come true, will yours?Take the right steps and the success secrets can be yours too. Live that dream of yours, own your days. Doing what few will ever do.

You're About To Learn 'Secrets' That Most People Will Never Know About How To Really Create A Successful Work At Home Business.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

SEO - Should You Go For A Long Or Short Domain Name?

It is widely believed that most search engines now look at the domain name when they go to index a page. However nobody really knows if this is really true as the search engine algorithms are actually secrets, like FICO scores. Google and Yahoo also constantly morph their algorithms to avoid favoring URLS that are using black hat SEO techniques from soaring in the page rankings unfairly. However to be on the safe side you might want to consider that this is a rumor that is probably true.

Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters. You don't have to settle for an obscure acronym for a domain name like when what you mean is

Having said that, there appears to be some disagreement about whether a long or short domain name is better. Some argue that shorter domain names are easier for people to remember and easier for people to type in the search engine box. For instance is a lot easier to remember than argue that a longer domain name is usually easier on the human memory – especially if it is a catchier phrase. The catchier it is the more clients are more likely to remember the domain name and type it into the search engine box.

One reason to stay away from acronyms is that they can mean more than one thing. The acronym ACA is a good example – it stands for several things including the American Counseling Association, The Association of Canadian Archivists and the Association of Canadian Advertisers just to name a few.

It is probably a good idea to go for a shorter name as long as it is to the point and meaningful. If it is longer than two words then make sure it is memorable.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't Kid Yourself. You Must Know The Rules Of Making Money Online.

Making money online has to start with the love of a steady job in the comfort of your own home. I started out by being taught how to set up a google adword account, yahoo account and a MSN account. When you work and you already have a job, family and other interest signing up can take one month alone. Interruptions are like mosquitoes having a feast on your epidermis.

But, once the accounts are set up then the picking and choosing begin. You have to ask yourself? Do I like writing articles? Do I like making websites? How many affiliate programs should I sign up for? How does that work? Your lucky if you are this hip to figure out how to ask all the questions and have the time to read the answers to all the questions. Daunting? Yes, Worth it, yes.

There are people who are true servants and desire that their success is measured by others success. That is why affiliate programs work. Joining a program with people who know how to communicate success is your best bet for success.The good teacher can show the simplest mind step by step how to do very complicated techniques.

This is a gift that the right online teachers give everyday. The rules of making money is to get in the game. The game is exciting, exhilarating and satisfying. Keywords, search engine ranking, article writing, adsense, adwords, yahoo and so much more. When you give yourself the chance to attract the best teachers and choose to be the best student you cant lose.

Keyword specialty is the science of the internet. For example, using two little words in every ad "buy',"purchase". The keywords are a feedback system from the internet letting you know if you are communicating with buyers or not.Copyright © Dr.Helen Thomas 2007. All rights reserved.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adsense Decoded Review - Good Or Bad?

After having a chance to see what the videos have to offer those who implement the tactics they show, I decided to write this Google Adsense Decoded Review. Ideally, after reading this brief review, you’ll have a good understanding of what the system is all about and what you can realistically expect to get out of it.

Dr. Patrick Hillenbrand, creator of Google Adsense Decoded, managed to make $10,852 in the first month he used the program, all while using absolutely no search engine traffic. This is an awesome amount of money, but how likely is it that Average Joe can recreate the success Dr. Hillenbrand had?

An Adsense GPS roadmap, the program works for those who like the idea of making money with Adsense marketing. It really can work well for anyone who is willing to fully execute the principles outlined in the Google Adsense Decoded videos. Literally, in a matter of days you can go from making just a dollar or two each day to $500+ in the same 24 hours.

A little over $100 gets you the Google Adsense Decoded system, and there are no recurring fees or hidden charges. The program even teaches you advanced "Adsense Brokerage" techniques that will further increase your earnings. Literally, each of the secrets outlined in the videos are proven to generate more income than you ever thought possible. Also, there's no way for you to get lost along the way, as the instructions are all step by step. It doesn't get much easier than that!

I highly recommend the Google Adsense Decoded system to anyone who is interested in the exciting world of online marketing. Dr. Hillenbrand gives you all of the tools you need to make a ridiculous amount of money working from home, and after awhile the system starts to run itself. This means you make money without doing work!

Friday, October 8, 2010

SEO - Familiarizing Yourself With The Metrix

Turning a pay per click affiliate program into a money making machine involves getting to know what professional Internet marketers call the metrix. The metrix is simply a term that means “numbers.” You need to get cozy with your numbers and you have to know how to read them so that you can figure out when they are reflecting a profit and when they are reflecting loss. This is how you figure out your costs versus your profits and whether or not you are getting ahead.

As an affiliate marketer you will also hear the term ROI flung around all the time. This is an acronym for Return on Investment For instance, If you know that your affiliate program pays you $1.00 for sale, you could theoretically bid 0.75 cents per click to bid on a keyword in a pay per click program and still make a quarter with each click. However what many beginning network marketers overlook in the beginning (perhaps it is wishful thinking) is that this is only true if 100% of the people visiting your site actually buy. This means that most of that .75 that you are paying for is going to consumed by someone who logs into your site and is “just looking.” Never assume that the traffic you are bidding on is going to be the same kind of traffic that is already visiting your website.

If you don’t want untargeted, non-buying traffic it is important to do some market research before you launch a pay per click advertising campaign. This means taking the time to find out which words or phrases people most commonly use and input into the search engines when they shop for your product or service. One of the best free online tools for conducting this kind of targeted market research is the Overture (Yahoo) keyword search engine tool.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finding The Best Affiliate Program For Your Site

There are plenty of affiliate marketing options available if you own your own website and are interested in getting involved with these. The best affiliate program is not necessarily the one that provides the highest commission. It could be the one that gives you the best opportunity to make the most sales. For example, adult and gambling sites usually offer the highest commission, however this may not fit well with your site.

The best affiliate program will offer something that is related to your site and offers an opportunity to convert your visitors to paying customers. If your site is related to golf, then you want to choose an affiliate program promoting golf.

There are other ways you can affiliate commissions even if you promote products that are not directly related to your site. For example, often travel sites will offer valued commissions. If you suggest this to your sports minded visitors and offer it as a suggestion to travel to other golf courses, you are likely to earn even more income.

If you register with an affiliate marketing company, you will be able to learn which affiliate companies have the better options. There are many affiliate forums where you can discuss company performances with others that are interested in affiliate marketing. You'll want to research the pay structure of each affiliate program before deciding to join.

There are other things you want to consider when joining an affiliate program other than the pay structure. You also want to consider whether or not the program leaves you any control. Some affiliate programs want you to make adjustments to your website to meet their demands. This can confuse your visitors and you always want to keep your website as close to its original state regardless of the commissions you may earn.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seo - Using Blog Directories To Increase Your Web Presence

With the popularity of blogs increasing every day, it’s nearly impossible for a reader to know what blogs exist and where to find them all. This is where the encyclopedic power of the blog directory: it organizes and categorizes the thousands of blogs listed its database so readers can find your blog more easily. There are usually headings and all the person has to do to find your blog is point and click on a heading to find you. These blog directories also often have search engine boxes as well which is handy as many of the blog hosts don’t. Many of them also allow visitors different ways of viewing the contents of the site – alphabetically, by date and so on.

Blog directories are generally free to the blogger, though they will often require you to feature a small, approved banner or a link is also placed on your site. Often your listing is not approved until the placement or link is in place. Depending on the directory this can take a few hours or a few weeks for them to approve.

To get listed in a blog catalog, visit them and submit your site, accurately describing your blog (an inaccurate description will result in less targeted traffic). Check their requirements for banners and be sure to use the link they generate for you – this will ensure you get credit if another blogger joins from your page. Most blog directories will require you to host their images on your own server space, so be sure to follow their directions. Stealing their bandwidth is a sure way to get de-listed in a hurry.

Some popular blog directories that you might want to check out are Blogadvance, Blogarama, Blogcrowd, Blogexchange, Blog Catalog, Get Blogs, Globe of Blogs, LS Blogs and Traffic Swarm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Online Flirting On Myspace - Tips And Advice

With online flirting, no eye contact or body language is visible, this appears to be hard. No need to worry since MySpace offers its members some tools to get their point across when flirting. On the next section we will talk about the features on easier flirting and few instructions about successful online flirting.

Most flirting related problems in Myspace are the need for an eye contact and reading body language. With the use of the eyes and body signals, people consider it to be MOST effective. This is not usually true. You can flirt effectively by using language and art.

There are several means to flirt with other registered MySpace members. You will be able to leave comments on other member’s profile, or even flirt with someone by sending your messages privately. Do this by checking on the profile of someone you desire, leave your personal comment by clicking on the link that says “Add Comment”. Click on the top left link in the person's contact box to send them a private message if you choose to flirt privately. Simply paste the code of a flirty graphics you desire into the area where you usually type the comment.

A few things to consider when leaving a private message or comment to someone you wish to flirt on MySpace. Follow some tips and advice.

a) Check your punctuation and grammar before leaving a flirty message or comment.
b) Keep flirty messages comments short and direct to the point.
c) Keep flirty messages and comments light-hearted.
d) Add humor to flirty comments and messages.
e) Hand out compliments when leaving flirty messages and comments.

With MySpace, flirting need not to be hard. But over doing it might turn the person off.
Follow the tips and advice, and you won’t have any problems at all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do You Go With A Dedicated Server Or Not?

For many businesses, finding solutions in dedicated server options is difficult. This is mainly the case because individuals do not know what they are looking at or looking for. What is a dedicated server and do you need one? If you are not sure, then you may want to keep reading! It can make a large difference in your website?s performance.

The dedicated server is a web hosting solution that is advanced in that it allows you to own the complete server. It is not shared and it belongs to you and your needs. You will get a connection to the internet and the necessary things that you need and off you go. There are several different types of dedicated servers but what you should consider is whether or not you need this level of service or not.

You can understand your need for a dedicated server by analyzing your daily use of the web. For example, does you website have about 3000 daily web users? If so, you will want to consider moving to a dedicated server. Also, if your website seems to be moving slower now than it did when you first began putting it up, you may also have a need for a dedicated server.

Unmanaged or managed, that is the question! In unmanaged dedicated servers, you will get the server and the equipment that you need to run it. But in a managed dedicated server, you will get the help you need in getting all of it done and in maintaining it. You will have nothing to worry about besides the website?s content.

Whether or not you use a dedicated server is up to you. But, if you need to move to this level of hosting, it is wise to consider several options and to get it all together well. You will want to insure that you have the right specifications. To understand further what you need, look for options in purchasing a dedicated server right here on the web.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blogs - The Cheapest Persuasive Marketing Tool

A blog is basically just another persuasive marketing tool, just like a newsletter or a press release. However unlike web pages, that can require a lot of fooling around html or graphics, you can upload your message quickly to a blog and have it able to be searched the same day. This is because blogs are created on templates that are quickly refreshed by their hosts and indexed by the search engines.

The fact that blogs can be easily updated and indexed quickly search engine spiders allows you to post the "latest" news about your product or services. This makes you look appear as if you take a personal interest in your business or industry. It gives you added credibility as well as serves as a constant reminder to your readers that you are always up to date and open for business.

Another advantage to creating a search engine optimized blog is that bogs are inexpensive to set up. In fact, many of them are available for free. There is probably no cheaper way to get your advertising message out to an audience than through a blog. They are most valuable for small Internet businesses that can’t afford other more expensive and traditional forms of advertising.

Who knew that since blogs were first invented that they would transform so expediently from being a way of delivering news to one of the most effect search engine optimizing advertising tools on the web. If you haven’t yet considered this way of search engine optimizing your site then consider it, as it is also a way of advertising and elevating your search engine rankings that is still under-utilized on the net. The same can’t be said of other systems that use SEO techniques such as Google Adsense which has been exploited to death.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Affiliate Marketing: A True Home Based Internet Business

If you are looking for a true home based internet business, then affiliate marketing may just be the ticket for you. Subsequent to all, if you own your own websites, possibly have editor access to a site where your writing is published, or if you have a pastime that you have dedicated a website just for the enjoyment of it, you may be able to cash in by simply putting a few well placed links on your site. Although it is factual that countless affiliate sponsors will only pay pennies for a completed sale, there are some who will actually part with a lot of cold, hard cash for a new customer! Finding them and bringing them to the sponsor will turn your site into a true home based internet business.

Take for example the credit card company that will pay out more than $100 for a customer who follows your affiliate link invitation to fill out a credit card and is approved, and you can see how quickly and easily the money will accumulate, by changing your website from one that is just operated on a whim or as a hobby into a very serious and very true home based internet business. The trick to earning real money and turning your website into a true home based internet business rather than a site that is filled with banner ads that may be at odds with one another or that might only net you a few pennies is to be selective and creative.

Search carefully the affiliate sponsors who are willing to market, and then go all out marketing them. Imaginatively you may consider posting articles to your site about the product or service, networking with other sites to have your site displayed on their sites, and do whatever else you can think of to market your site and with it the affiliate links you have selected. This, in turn, will make your site a true home based internet business.

Friday, October 1, 2010

AA Roadfinder

The AA provide a great UK route finding service on their website,, It is a very simple and easy to use function, simply by typing in your location and desired destination - either by place name or post code, the route finder will provide a detailed road map as well as full and clear driving instructions as to how to reach the destination in the quickest time possible. It is therefore a very easy and simple to use method of navigation, suitable for everyone. There is an option to go ‘via’ a certain place, which can be incorporated into the route. On top of this, the route can be planned avoiding any motorways, or toll roads/congestion charged areas. These options can be ticked before entering your search.

Other elements can also be factored into the route finder, including petrol stations, speed cameras and traffic black spots. Icons are also shown for such buildings as hospitals, hotels, and sports grounds.

The map can then be emailed onwards, printed out or simply copied down from the computer screen. The service is completely free of charge, and is available to every user who visits the AA site. The search is generated almost instantaneously, which is highly convenient for any last minute journeys or route alterations which need to be made.

Due to the fact that this type of navigation requires map reading, it can be quite a dangerous method to use when driving alone, especially at night. It would be advised to make regular stops at safe destinations in order to familiarise yourself with the route that needs to be taken, or have a passenger who can read it for the driver, and therefore there will be no accidents as a result of careless driving.

Used properly and sensibly, the AA route finder is a great free way to direct you safely from A to B.