Monday, October 18, 2010

Seo - Is Joining A Blog Ring A Good Seo Tactic?

A blog ring works in exactly the same way as a web ring. You go to a blog ring site and then join the ring that is most closely matched with your topic. You place an object on your page that allows visitors to click on the link to the next blog in the ring. In turn other sites send their traffic to you.

To choose a good blog ring make sure that you check the statistics as to how many visitors that blog ring actually generates. The blogging host usually provides these totals. It is not worth it to join a blog ring with low numbers as the code that is used to generate the link boxes can take up a lot of space on your site.

The easiest way to find the blog ring that is best for your business is to type blog ring and then your general topic area into a good search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

However blog rings are not always the best idea. For one thing many of them require that you upload huge flashy images, banners or links on your site. This is a bad idea, especially if the banners or links have flash animation in them as a search engine spider can encounter this and read your site as broken or as having dead space.

While joining a blog ring is cheap they can cost you. . First of all there is no grouping of links you might find yourself linking to sites that you would rather not be associated with – such as adult content or even your competition’s site.

The point is that not all traffic that a blog ring brings may be wanted on your site. If you don’t focus your keywords and ads you will end up attracting a lot of surfers and window shoppers. The problem with these types of visitors is that they exhaust your bandwidth and sometimes leave spam or nonsensical content on your pages.

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