Friday, October 29, 2010

How To Retire Rich At 22 Years Old

Having what you want is important. Most of us, if not all, appreciate having extra money lying around the house. The thrill of finding a hundred dollar bill in your shorts you wore last summer should be not a thrill at all. You deserve to have so much money, an accountant is required to keep up with it all. What’s it like having a $1000-$2000 a day popping up in your checking account. Its a much better feel than borrowing from your mother in law, bless her heart and your friends, payday loans, other special people who believe in you.

What’s it like to wake up and call your bank 800 no and check how much was deposited while you slept free of stress all night. What’s it like to pay cash for a car you saw a day ago. What’s it like to pay cash for anything without stretching your budget, or eating hamburgers and living on cheap cereal. Well, the beauty of retiring at 22 years of age is the same beauty of retiring at any age. We all work. Basically, we are all a little lazy. That is why we all like vacations. We are generally designed to be stress free individuals. Money, much of it, detoxifies the body being released from worry. Set the course for freedom from lack. Prosperity is healthy, adds to spiritual insight, eases pressure on the body. It allows us to be children on the inside again. Free to dream, to believe that anything is possible. Why would anyone choose to be less than prosperous. We have discovered how to retire at any age. The secret of life is in the sharing of what brings blessed wealth, bountiful wealth, and we have found the secret, the methods, the way passport to wealth literally. I am willing to share what I know

The path to wealth is not always what you perceived it to be or anticipated. There are times in our life, we let go, and allow and these are the times we prosper the most

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