Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deleting A Friend From Your Myspace Friend List

Problems may occur among group of friends in real life. This is also a thing to consider in deleting a MySpace friend from the list. You are not alone in having such similar feelings. The next section will talk on how to delete a MySpace friend.

Friends can usually hurt us more than our enemies. Since we are much concern about our friends compared to those who are not too close to us. What a friend thinks, say, and do really matters to us. But, once they crosses a line, and hurts us, we may consider driving them off our lives. The idea relates to individuals and their MySpace friends. When a MySpace friend caused us pain, we might consider removing them from our friend list. It is completely normal.

Grounds for consideration in removing a friend:

• After resolving conflicts, you can always re-add a deleted friend.

• Comments you've posted on a deleted friend's profile cannot be removed. The owner of the profile has the ability to remove them or not

• A deleted friend can still send you email messages, but cannot leave comments on your profile or blog.

If you still want to remove a MySpace friend after considering these factors, the procedure is pretty easy. To edit and delete a specific friend, log into your MySpace account. Locate the area labeled "My Friend Space" and click the red link marked "edit friends" in the top right hand corner of this area. All of your MySpace friends can be viewed from this page. Click the little box next to the picture of the person you wish to delete and go to the bottom of the page. Click the "Delete Selected" button and it is done. You have successfully deleted your friend. But if things worked well and wanted to re-add the friend, just ask a friend to add you and wait for that request to be accepted.

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