Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making "Friends" With The Competition Is Good SEO

Before you start creating your own business blog it doesn’t hurt to check out what the competition is doing. This is not only a form of market research that allows you to see what readers might be interested in, it is also a way of preventing yourself from making the same mistakes as your competitor.

However the main reason to check out your competitor’s site is to see if you are mining from the same informational sources. It is a good idea to make your content as different from your competition’s as possible and to take cues from what your competitor is doing that works to make your own blog more successful.

A competition’s blog can also be a valuable source of PR for you. Every time you enter a comment on your competitor’s blog you can add a link back to your blogging site. This ensures that you are placing yet another link to your blog in a place where it is sure to be appreciated by interested visitors.

Bloggers love comments because readers who are engaged in a discussion in the comments section will return to a page again and again. Some popular blogs have hundreds of comments on some entries, and for every commenter you can be sure there are dozens who are following along but who do not care for whatever reason to get involved in the discussion. Comment areas will usually allow you to enter your email address and blog address in addition to your name, so for every comment you make, you’re insuring that another link to your blog is placed in front of people who might be interested in what you have to say.

However before you leave any kind of spam or negative commentary remember that your competitor may do the same to you on your blog. Ultimately this just makes both blog businesses look bad.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Best Bank Account For Small Business

Everybody in business needs a bank account. But all banks are not the same and some offer services that might suit your needs whilst others are not designed for your type of business.

Banks love small businesses! This is why they have introductory offers like "free banking for the first two year." They know that if they catch an entrepreneur when s/he is starting in business for the first time, chances are that they have got a customer for life.

If you are in business how do you choose the right bank for you? Well it depends… I bet you knew I would say that?

If your account is always in credit then you should go for a bank that offers interest on the money in your account. If you are usually in debt then perhaps it is better to choose a bank that offers the lowest interest rates and does not charge heavy penalty fees.

Do you need to make a lot of cash withdrawals? Then choose a bank that has many cash points near your business and home.

Do you prefer to use online banking? Most banks have online banking but some can be very slow. Speak to your colleagues to find out which has the best online bank accounts.

Some banks even allow you to deposit your cash and cheques at any post office. This is great for people who have a large number of small transactions and do not have a branch nearby.

Do you need a business credit card? Many banks offer a free business credit card for the first year or sometimes even two. What about a business plan? Some banks even give you free business software to help you make business plans!

Switching your business bank account is quick and easy and there is no need to be tied up with one bank for eternity. As your business needs change why not change your bank account?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Research Is The Starting Point For Any Internet Home Business

The key to building an internet home business is getting to understand the internet business world. This requires a lot of leg work, but it really is the only way to ensure success. Going into an internet home business without knowing about the internet business environment is not a smart move and will likely end in failure.

One reason that research is so important is that the internet marketplace is a whole different world than the traditional marketplace. Additionally, the technical aspects of the internet can really be complex. These two things alone can mean disaster for a business owner who is unfamiliar with them.

A business owner needs to start with getting familiar with the internet in general. It is a good thing to learn how to conduct searches, use email and download programs. They should also look into websites. They will need to know how to build a website and get it online. They should learn about automation tools and other business tools that will help their business operate online.

Once they have built up this general knowledge they should start looking into the industry they are going to be working in. They should approach other business owners in the industry and try to build a friendship. They can discuss the problems with internet sales or other things that may be helpful with these new associates.

The business owner also needs to do a lot of research into internet marketing. Marketing in internet business is essential. It is not easy and, in fact, is the reason many businesses fail online. It is wise to read as much on the subject as possible.

Building an internet home business is a process that starts with research. It is going to take time and plenty of dedication, but it will be well worth it when the business turns out a raving success.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paid Search Advertising Is Not Adequate SEO

A discussion of why investing in paid search advertising is not adequate to SEO a website and why you need to practice other search engine optimization strategies too.

Many businesses both big and small suffer unnecessarily simply because they are under the impression that is enough to simply pay for a listing in a search engine like Google. It is because they think that if they can buy certain keywords or keywords phrases there is no point to searching for them too. However many SEO experts say that paid search advertising is not enough. Just because you paid for it does not mean that this type of promotion will pay for all of your needs.

You also need to manually search engine optimize your site in other ways as well. Paid search advertising may not always cover your entire market. Yet another consideration is that paid search advertising sells the same keywords that you have bought to other webmasters so they are not exclusive to you. So if you are using the same types paid search engine advertising as your competitor, neither of you really have an edge.

If you find yourself in the position of buying search advertising it could also mean that your site was not designed to accommodate your SEO in the first place. When designing a site it is important to conjure up an architecture that comfortably adheres to SEO principles such as user friendliness, avoiding Flash animation, avoiding black hat techniques etc.

The fact is that if you have to spend money on paid search engine advertising, you probably don’t have a site that is search engine optimized in the first place. The entire point of SEO originally was to find techniques that were free that would help raise a site’s rankings in the search engines.

Friday, November 26, 2010

What You Should Know About Setting Up Your Own Home Business

Setting up your own home business is one of the most challenging tasks you will ever have to face. Forget about all those online get rich fast schemes that you have heard before, most of them are not really true. If all people can get rich fast online, then there won t be anybody left in the work place - we will all be in the Bahamas or in some exotic island getting gorgeous tans. Sorry to burst your bubble but the thing is, setting up your own home business takes a lot of time, hard work and cooperation from the entire family. However, the good news is, if you are really good at what you do, there is a chance for you to really make your home business work and turn it into a huge dollar earner. Yeah, no kidding, remember how eBay started?

Now, before you start jumping up and down with excitement about setting up your own home business, always remember that working at home is not really as easy as it seems. If you are really keen about setting up your own home business, you should first talk to your family set the rules. Let the whole family understand that just because you are home doesn't mean that you are available to them most of the time. To make your point clear to everyone, set up an office somewhere in the house where no one is allowed to disturb you unless the house is on fire. Also, get your own phone line and do not let anyone use it unless it is a business call. Once you get your working schedules straight with whole the family, then you can now start working in peace.

How long will it take before you can get your home business up and running? The answer to that question depends largely on you. Remember that the success or failure of your home business is in your hands. If you really want to make things work, then you should work hard enough to get things up and running.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting A Home Business Requires Time And Effort

Each person has their own reasons for wanting to start a home business and there are, of course, plenty of businesses that are available. First you need to figure out if you want a work from home business or a work at home business. There is a difference in the work required for each, however no matter which one you choose, it should be something that you enjoy doing. When you choose something you like to do you will be more likely to succeed.

Service related jobs are the most common work from home businesses. These include jobs such as plumbing or another form of home improvement. Consultants can often work for someone else and telecommute. Occasionally you may also be able to find a salaried work at home position, although these jobs are more difficult to find. If you persist you may be able to find just what you are looking for.

Working from home has its benefits. Besides being able to work in the comfort of your pajamas, you will also be able to create your own hours and decide how often and when you want to work. Not to mention, the overhead costs are low. You can also take a tax deduction on some of your operating expenses. However, be sure to speak to your accountant before claiming these expenses because there are specific rules that you must follow.

If you are considering working from home, you may want to work part-time before leaving your full-time job. Then you will be able to learn more about the work at home opportunity and weigh the costs and benefits. You will be able to see if the opportunity is a good fit for you before you choose to give up your day job.

When working from home, you are most likely working as a contractor. Therefore you will be responsible for filing your own taxes on a regular basis. This is similar to what businesses do for their employees.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maybe Office Furniture Does Make The Man

Some people say that the clothes make the man, but I think in the corporate world that the office furniture makes the man or woman for that matter. If you are in the mail room you are lucky if you get a desk and maybe a beat up chair. If you are in middle management then you usually get your own office and some marginally nice office furniture. If you are in upper management you usually have the corner office with all of the nicest office furniture that money can buy. So does your position get you the nice office furniture, or does your office furniture help you move into a better position? I am only bringing up this point because many people say that you should dress for success. If you dress nice then you have a better chance of moving up in corporate America. Let us think about this a little bit.

If you have a chance to choose what type of office furniture you will get for your office, then you should definitely jump at the chance. If you are in the middle management and your office looks as nice as most of the people in upper management, then the next thing you know you might become part of upper management. One of the things that are true about human nature is that people like to be around other people like themselves. If you dress like upper management, act like upper management, have office furniture like upper management, then there will be a better chance of you being promoted to upper management. I know that this sounds absurd, but if you think about it this theory actually makes some sense. The next time you are picking out office furniture for your office you should take some time to look at your bosses’ office furniture and try to purchase furniture similar to what they have in their office. If you pay attention to this fact, then you just might get that promotion you have being waiting for.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Talk To A Seo Professional

If you have decided that you cannot do search engine optimization all by yourself it might be time to hire a professional. However it is also important to remember that although this might be expensive (expect to invest about $10,000 in a professional SEO job) that you have to keep your expectations of what such a company can do realistic.

For instance no search engine optimization company produces overnight results or even results that make much of a difference to your business within a month. In fact if you do find a company that does this you should avoid them like the plague as that is evidence that they are practicing black hat SEO. Sooner or later the search engines catch up with black hat SEO techniques and penalize your website. So in a nutshell –you might have a week or even a month of terrific business illegally gotten with doorway pages and cloaking techniques but after that your site will be dumped from the search engine listings.

Keep in mind that what you are usually paying for when a site is about to be optimized is a clean up of your HTML code and the writing of new SEO copy for your site. Unfortunately the result after an SEO professional has changed your site’s copy so that it is more attractive to the search engine spiders is often difficult to accept – especially if you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting a website professional to write persuasive ad copy for you. The key is that if you are going to get a professional SEO job then you have to let go of your old ways of thinking about what good writing looks like, sounds like or read like. It might seem nuts that you have paid an arm and a leg for copy that you think is grammatically incorrect but unfortunately misspellings and bad grammar might be an essential part of your optimization process that can’t be helped.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Will Video Ever Replace Text?

A lot of marketing gurus have been touting online video as the way of the future.

They extol video as a replacement to boring and static text.

While I have to admit that I really like using online videos for promote my websites, I think that replacing all your text with video is silly. There are a lot of times when I’d much rather read an article or a manual than watch a video.

Also, when I’m reading a book or the newspaper, I can highlight anything I think is particularly important, and I can rip out just the pages that I think are relevant to me.

Also, you can skim an entire book and have a pretty good idea what it’s about. Skimming a video just doesn’t work as well.

Then there’s the fact that you can read anywhere. If you’re sitting flying in an airplane, you can read a book the entire time. You can’t watch a video the entire time. Watching video also requires technology like DVD players or laptops which requires batteries or a plug. When you’re reading all your need is light.

One application where I like video is when it’s accompanied by an article, not the replacement for it. For example, when I record videos and put them on my blog, I always try to include a text version for what I’m saying in my videos so that if a visitor doesn’t want to watch my videos or can’t, then they can still get the gist of what I’m saying by reading the accompanying text.

When you’re using videos as a marketing technique, one thing you need to be aware of is that not everyone has broadband. If your target market only includes broadband users, then fine, but if some of your customers are on dialup, then make sure you supplement with text.

So while video may very well be the way of the future, it’s never going to completely replace text, nor should it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Scoop On How To Start Running Your Own Internet Business

In today’s world of e-commerce, the prospect of running your own internet business is very good. Many online businesses fail because the owner thinks all they have to do is provide goods or services that are in demand. While that plays a large role, it is not enough. It is still very important to get interest in your goods or services as well as make the final sell.

Once you have your website designed, it is important to test it before allowing the public access to it. Ask friends, family members, and employees to test it for you. If you need a larger test base most colleges will assist you with having a group of students test the site. Those who test it will be reporting on accessibility, the flow, spelling or structure errors, and basically anything that they might discourage a consumer from making a purchase from your website.

Advertising is a big part of any business, and e-commerce is no different. If you have a very low budget consider advertising on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. They will let you advertise for free in exchange for you promoting them on your website. With the amount of people who use search engines every day, your ad will be seen in volume. Another free way of advertising is to set up a blog in an area that your target market will view it.

Once you have your website and advertising in place, invest in a tracking system. This will tell you the links that consumers are coming to your site from. This informs you of what advertisements are working and those that aren’t. Tracking will also tell you where in the order process consumers are stopping. This will allow you to make changes to those pages. For example, if a high percentage of consumers are stopping on the shipping page, you may need to offer other shipping methods or change shipping costs.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Signs Of A Real Internet Home Business

The world of internet home business is often clouded by people trying to scam opportunity seekers. This can make for a very disheartening and difficult process of finding a real home business opportunity.

Part of the problem is that there are so many choices in home business opportunities. The internet has made home business something almost anyone can, no matter their budget. This also has created the perfect breeding ground for those who love to offer big promises but fail to deliver.

In order to find a real internet home business opportunity a person has to understand how to spot a real opportunity from a scam. This may sometimes be tricky, but it can be done when a person has the right knowledge.

One of the key differences between a real home business opportunity and a scam is that with a real opportunity the company is willing to tell everything up front. They make it clear what the business is and how money is made. They never try to hide anything or keep details vague.

Another big sign of a real opportunity is that there will be plenty of people who are willing to back up the company. These people may be customers or even other business owners. People who have worked or who are working for a company are the best source of information. They will be able to give the real scoop about if the opportunity is real or a scam.

Also look for a genuine, proven system of making money through the business. If there is not a clear way that money will be made then it is not likely to be a real home business opportunity.

Finding a real home business opportunity is something that can be despite the many scams that seem to about there. There are plenty of real home business opportunities that can make a big profit and be successful. It is just all about weeding the real one from the scams.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Seo - How Fonts And Graphics Sabotage Seo

Creating a search engine optimized web site can be confusing. On one hand you have web site designers telling you to include more eye candy on your site in the form of attractive fonts, animations and graphics. On the other hand SEO experts will tell you that the minute a search engine spider or bot encounters a weird font, picture or flash animation that it cannot translate into text for whatever reason then it will read all of your text as blank space! This is a good way to get yourself ignored by the search engines.

The solution to this is to integrate your text with normal, average fonts wherever you can such as Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana. Never print a photograph on your site without first making sure that you have a photo caption in bold printed beneath it. Google image bots love this and it helps get your site more highly ranked in its search engine pages.

You might also have to reconcile yourself to the sad fact that although flash can be amusing it is very mid nineties and out of style. It looks tacky and having it on your site usually tells your customers that you don’t have much experience at either designing or selling on the Internet. You really don’t need Flash animation to sell yourself, especially if your product or service is good.

Another big mistake is to simply upload your site with mostly pictures of products or your subject matter. This leaves nothing for the search engines to index. This is a big mistake unless you are linked to a strong partner or have a very efficient linking campaign running. Whenever possible always remember to include as much text as you can to improve your rankings because anything read as blank space by search engine bots and spiders equal low ratings!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Business Opportunity Leads - The Convenient Truth

I always find it sad when I bump into someone and find out that they just lost their job. That is always unsettling. I can't help but empathize with their situation. However, what I don't get are the folks that tell me there is nothing out there. Nothing out there for whom? Are they truly out there looking for business opportunity leads, or have they just given up? You see, when it comes to searching for jobs and gigs, the entire market has changed.

Have you evolved with the times? It's fairly easy to tell whether you have or not. In fact, one simple word says it all. INTERNET! The World-Wide-Web is where you should be browsing. In my opinion, this is the only way to scout out work now days. That whole business of searching through newspapers and looking high and low for "Help Wanted" signs is a part of the past. In this modern-day world of technology and convenience, you should be turning to your PC or Mac for business opportunity leads.

Some of the best places to surf for business opportunity leads are http://Monster.com and http://CareerBuilder.com. Please tell me that you are taking full advantage of these websites. If you are in need of a job or career, these are the sites to visit. All you have to do is punch in your field of work and location. This will set you well on your way to finding an ideal job. I don't care what type of work you're looking for.

You may be interested in a few business opportunity leads of your own. Have you ever pondered starting your own business? I t could be home based you know. This way you would make the grand profit and no longer be a bottom man. If this does interest you in the slightest, I suggest you hop online for some useful business opportunity leads. Get an idea of how others have started their own companies/businesses.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seo - Why Submitting To The Big Indexes Is Good Seo

The big indexes such as Yahoo, Open Directory and About.com are the best places for people to find you. However applying to be listed in them can be a bit of a federal case. Still despite all the red tape, proper submission to these indexes is crucial because there is a pronounced trend towards using "human-edited" indexes in search results. In particular, many of the major search engines are starting to use Open Directory index listings in their search results, making it the second most important place to list your site, right behind Yahoo's directory.

Another thing to consider is that more and more search engines are using link-popularity as a ranking method (Google is the originator of this technique). Under this system the ranking of your site depends on how many other pages link to yours, and how essential the search engine thinks these links are. That means that a secondary benefit of getting a link on major indexes is that it can improve your ranking on some really big search engines. For example, getting your site listed in Yahoo! And in the Open Directory can seriously boost your page ranking on Google.

Before you go to submit to one of the major indexes, please take the time to find and read their submission guidelines, advice and limitations. It sounds so simple but actually it is harder to get listed on the big indexes then one would think. This is because neither Yahoo nor the Open Directory Project is very concerned with accepting just any old crap in their index. Also decisions about what is allowed to be listed in their pages are often made by humans who can tell even better than an algorithm if a web master is trying to pull the wool over their eyes with some crafty black hat SEO.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nba And Physical Demands

Playing basketball for the NBA can be very physically demanding on a player. The professional ball players have to be in optimal physical condition while they’re playing, and even in off-season. This means that they have to keep up their healthy diet and exercise regime even when they are on vacation from playing. And the players usually do this, too, because they know that if they pig out and become sedentary during off-season, then it will be extremely difficult when they return to camp. They would have to work twice as hard in order to get their bodies back into good enough shape to play a good game. Obviously, most NBA players realize the importance of maintenance year around because they are more apt to get hurt if they are not in the best shape possible. This alone is a motivating factor for many of the players. Because of course they want to play to win and live up to their potential. They also want to have the optimal amount of energy needed to sustain such a physically demanding job. Also, staying in shape makes an NBA player more likely to help his team make it to the play-offs and even win the championship.

The Detroit Pistons are in really excellent condition. Last year, they had the best record in the NBA. They went to the eastern conference finals and played the Miami Heat. Even though the Pistons lost, they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did had they not been in the best shape possible. Since the Pistons lost the championship, of course Miami Heat won. This means that Miami Heat’s NBA players were in optimal shape as well.

So as you can see, staying in shape at all the time is of extreme importance for a professional basketball player. They can’t expect to help their team win if they’re overweight and out of shape, and they could become seriously injured if they play despite being out of shape.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Internet Opportunities Could Be Knocking On Your Door

There are various legitimate online business opportunities that you could be come a part of, but unless you see the potential in that business, you could let it pass you by in the hopes of finding something better. Unfortunately, there are so many internet scams that exist that many people are afraid to join an online program. However, not all programs are scams and there are many legitimate opportunities as well. There is always someone that is willing to take a chance on internet opportunities. If you are not that type of person, then you will never find the right opportunity.

Success is determined by having the right attitude and choosing to succeed. If you believe that your business will fail, then it most likely will. However, having a positive attitude can help you nurture and grow your business. You first must make the decision to take advantage of the program.

It is not always easy to identify an opportunity that has potential for growth and success. There are some businesses that offer people a chance to create their own business following their business model. Many people are unwilling to take advantage of these opportunities because they do not wish to follow the direction of someone else.

Many people are reluctant to join franchises because they will not have complete control over their own business, however franchises offer a successful business model. You can be driving a successful business without the need to create your own strategies.

When you come across an opportunity online, you should research it thoroughly to make sure it is not a scam. Read all the reviews and you may also want to check with the BBB to ensure that the company is legitimate. Once you find one that is genuine, put in the time and take advantage of the opportunity. You will see success.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Know any Twins. Then imagine they’re one person and you’ll have an idea of what makes up the personality of a person born under the sign of Gemini (May 22 – June 21). Geminis can be contradictory, people with dualities to their nature that can perplex their friends, families and lovers. They love versatility and change, but can be flighty and mutable to create interest in their lives. They don’t like routine. Decisionmaking can be difficult for them and they can often change their minds http://www.eziness.info

In the Zodiac Great Year, the Age of Gemini occurred from about 6450-4300 BCE. It was a time when writing and accounting systems were developed and humans were beginning to trade with one another.

Geminis are kind, affectionate and generous, so long as this doesn’t impact their own lives and comfort systems too much. They have a strong intellect and love mental challenges. They catch on to new ideas quickly. They have an analytical side and can see both sides to an issue.

If you’re a Gemini, you have some interesting company in your birth sign. Some of the famous Geminis include President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Henry Kissinger, Joe Namath and Paul McCartney. Many members of royal families were born under the sign of Gemini, too. Queen Victoria, King George V and Prince William, all of England, were or are Geminis.

Boredom is a big issue for Geminis and they can get into trouble looking for some excitement. But they’re very creative and active and should have outlets for all this energy like artistic projects or exercise or vigorous sports like racquetball. Because they’re always looking for new and interesting experiences, they can tend to overindulge in food or drink or night life and club-hopping. Geminis need to remember to pace themselves or they could risk burning themselves out too early in life.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What You Need To Start A Home Based Business

Are you excited about what a home based business could do for you? When you run a business out of your home you will be able to take advantage of more benefits than you probably ever thought possible. The great thing about a home based business is that you already have the space to get started. But with that being said, there are other things that you will need to have as well.

One of the most important tools of a home based business is a reliable computer with internet access. It is safe to say that if you want your company to be a success that you have a computer to rely on day in and day out. This will help with everything from setting up a website to networking to advertising. When you have a good computer you will be ahead of the game from the start.

Being able to access top notch information is also important when it comes to the start up of a home based business. For instance, you should scour sites such as http://InternetIncomeWorks.com in order to learn as much as you can about income opportunities as well as this industry as a whole. The more information that you can collect on your type of business the better off you will be. After all, if you are new to starting a home based business you will want to get some help. This will guide you along the way, and allow you to make the most out of your business.

Finally, do not forget other details. You will need to set money aside for advertising costs, learn how to network with others, pay for phone bills, and much more. Again, these are all things that you can learn by reading about other people’s experiences online.

Overall, it may sound like you need a lot to start a home based business, but this is not exactly the truth. Sure, you will need some items and tools, but all in all you should be able to get away with low start up costs.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Programs Require Constant Monitoring

If you own your own website or blog, affiliate marketing programs can greatly improve your income and enhance your credibility among your customers. When signing up for affiliate programs, it should involve consideration as to the types of information that you already have on your website or blog.

For example, you are more likely to have increased sales if you own a website about cats and place affiliate links on your website related to pet care. The affiliate products that you promote should always be related to the primary website or else you run the risk of confusing potential customers. Confused customers may not provide the business you are hoping for.

There are many affiliate marketing programs to choose from, so selecting an appropriate one for your website should not be too difficult. Before you join, you want to be fully aware of the pay structure and any changes that could be made to the pay structure. Be sure to thoroughly review and make sure you understand the affiliate program fully before you associate your name with it.

If you are an affiliate, you will need to do more than simply place their link on your webpage. Some companies may be promoting seasonal items and you will appear more credible if your links are updated. If a customer visits your site in December and notices that you are still promoting summer items, they are more likely to leave your site without considering the other information or products that you offer.

Sometimes a company goes out of business and their links can be replaced by an adult site or one that is unrelated to your content. If you do not keep on top of updating your links, you could be promoting an offensive or unrelated site. If your website appears more professional, visitors are more likely to be converted to paying customers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reseller Web Hosting - A Cheaper Alternative ?

Reseller Web Hosting - A Cheaper Alternative ?

Word Count:

There comes a time when the internet bug hits us all and we tend
to acquire a wealth of domain names and web sites to feed our


Article Body:

There comes a time when the internet bug hits us all and we tend
to acquire a wealth of domain names and web sites to feed our

We start out with the best intentions, set up a personal home
page with a few details about ourselves, then create more for our
family, then our business and before we know it we have several
domain names and web sites spread across several web hosting

A more convenient approach would be to set yourself up with a
reseller account with one hosting company.

Most people assume that to have a reseller account, you need to
be in the business of selling hosting. This is not true. Anyone
can set up a reseller account and enjoy the benefits of saving
money and also having the convenience of only dealing with one
company for all your hosting needs.

I'll take my hosting reseller http://www.HostingRevolution.com as
an example. They provide a very competitive reseller account
priced at $35. Their Reseller's Package allows you to host 100
Domains. You are allowed to give every Domain you host up to
20GB's of monthly transfer and up to 2.5GB of storage.

Previously I had over ten domain names and associated web sites
that were costing me around $5 - $10 a month to host. The average
months hosting costs were around $50 - $60. Therefore, by setting
up a reseller account and transferring my domains and web sites
over to my reseller account I made an instant saving of $15 a

Now, another extension of this would be to start selling hosting
to your friends, after all, you have a reseller account. So if
you have ten friends, ask them if they would like web hosting on
your server, maybe offer it free to them and ask them to
recommend your services to their friends, these can then become
"paying" customers. Now YOU can get people to pay for hosting and
make back the monthly reseller fee. Just sell ten accounts for $3
a month and you have instant income of $30 to offset the $35
reseller fee you are paying. So you get hosting for $5 a month
for as many domains and sites as you like.

So, with the reseller account you have helped yourself, helped
your friends, and possibly started making money as well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Training Tools For Your Learning Curve

One of the best things about life is that we don’t always know what it holds for us. There are always new things that are constantly being developed and put out there to replace this software or that software, and for people who work with the internet and computers for a living, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to catch up on all of the various aspects of technology.

For this reason, it is important to arm yourself with the training tools that it takes to overcome the obstacles that ever progressing technology places in front of you and turn these obstacles into tools to increase your chances of success. What kinds of training tools do you want to look for? Many companies offer global learning courses to their employees and other companies offer training tools online for people to brush up on their computer skills. These training tools and courses can be found either on the internet (the most common way) or in local centers around your community. If you have a local community pages or newsletter, look into any free computer learning courses they may have available, or any low cost seminars you can attend.

In order for you to be successful in the business and internet world, it is important to investigate and find the training tools that work best for you. If computer based training is what you need to keep you up on the latest in computer technology then look into purchasing CBTs from your employer or off of the internet. Many people learn better attending classes, and still others find that seminars have the most effective training tools they can use in the business world. Whatever your learning style is, there are training tools out there that have been designed for your learning curve; whatever it takes for you to keep up on things and make your skills marketable in an ever changing industry.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seo - Increasing Web Presence By Developing Web Content

One way to spread the word about your website or blog is to offer amusing and entertaining content to other sites. Other sites love free content that has bells and whistles or a useful function of some kin. There are several ways to do this. All it takes is a little creativity and some programming knowledge to create a piece of code that allows others to paste an object that relates to your site.

This piece of code could be any kind of Internet knick-knack. It could be a horoscope, a short poll or a guessing game. It could be a calendar, a list keeper or some kind of puzzle or word generator. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure whatever it is that you invent that it is something that your readers will want. For instance if you are writing a blog about astrology you might want to provide them with a piece of code that displays their daily horoscope. If you are doing a dating blog you might want to post a piece of code that generates a yes/no response from the reader such as “Who should phone back first after sex – a man or a woman?”

People also like free clip art. If you have the ability to create clip art or provide a clip art library (that relates to your theme of course) to individuals then you will be sure to attract more traffic to your blog. This helps get your name out there so that it is associated with creativity and unique resources.

A really good example of this type of content in action is at fa├žade.com, which offers a full-fledged tarot, rune, numerology and celebrity horoscope reading scheme as a free program that can be placed on other sites. The reason it is being cited as an example here is because it is so glitzy, full of bells and whistles and also very popular.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Paid Surveys Companies - Are There Legitimate Paid Survey Companies?

It seems to me that it must be difficult for legitimate paid surveys companies to get more members, given all of the bad press that the industry has been getting over the past few years. Personally, I blame all of the scam sites that perpetually send spam email to people who are just looking to make an honest living. And really, who wouldn't give it a try? The idea of working from home is appealing. Unfortunately, so many people have been scammed out of so much money that even the honest paid survey sites have a bad name.

Out of all of the paid surveys companies that are in operation today, there are only a few reputable companies that I would recommend dealing with. These sites have been helping people to make money for a long time, and has successfully managed to survive much of the bad press. If you're interested in getting paid to fill out online surveys, these are the places I would start at.

One of the other reasons I enjoy being a member of these sites, besides the fact that it will never try to scam you out of your hard earned money, is because they are very realistic in telling members how much they can expect to make as a paid survey professional. Unlike any other paid surveys companies I have ever seen, these sites have an interactive income calculator that you can use to find out exactly how big your paychecks will be depending on how many surveys you are willing to fill out each day or week. Another thing I like about these websites is that they not only provide those who join with unparalleled lists of paid surveys, but also massive lists of focus groups that you can participate in to make even more money. If you're looking to make money from home but are worried about getting ripped off, I highly recommend that you do your research.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Financial Concerns With A Home Business

Part of running a home business is taking care of financial matters. When a person works for someone else the only financial matters they usually worry about is their own paycheck. With a home business, though, all the financial matters rest on the business owners head and it is the business owner who is responsible for making sure they are managed and under control.

Financial matters are going to include paying employees, handling customers transactions, shipping costs and operating costs.

Many home businesses do not have employees. If this is the case then this is not a big concern. However, if the home business does have employees then the best option is to go through a payroll company to have the employees pay handled. This will just make it so much easier to manage and help to avoid a lot of liabilities that can be associated with payroll matters.

Customers transactions are the bread and butter of the business. as such, they need to be handled carefully. There are many ways to mange customer transactions, but the easiest is to use automated software built into the business website. This will track transactions and handle all of the billing needs of the business.

Lastly, is operating costs. This is the one area that will remain largely with the business owner. The business owner needs to make a budget and stick to it. They should catalog all operating costs and make sure they are within the budget. The key is to keep records and to maintain those records.

The financial aspect of a home business is something that many home business owners never stop to clearly think about. They may figure they can handle it as it comes up, but it is smart to be prepared because messing up financially with business matters could spell trouble for the business.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Best Home Based Business Leads?

If you’re building a network marketing business and are trying to find the best source for home based business leads, this article may be an eye opener. The very best source for MLM leads is often yourself, and in many cases they don’t have to cost you a dime. In this brief article, I’m going to reveal some easy, cost efficient ways to generate extremely high quality home based business leads. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have a few new ideas that you can apply to your own business to make more money.

One great way to generate home based business leads is through press releases. An online PR campaign is really easy to do, and in many cases won’t cost you anything. There are tons of sites online who publish press releases absolutely free, and a well-crafted press release can be a powerful tool for driving targeted visitors to your MLM opportunity or lead capture page.

Another excellent way to generate home based business leads is through pay per click (PPC) advertising. Online programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) give you the ability to bid on specific search phrases, and then pay a certain amount each time a searcher clicks your ad and visits your website.

Last but not least, participate in online forums. Become active and genuinely helpful in forums, and then simply add a link to your lead capture page or offer in your signature. This will generate quite a bit of free traffic and leads for your business, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Hopefully this short article has given you some good ideas on how to generate the best home based business leads yourself. Advertising your business doesn’t have to be expensive, a little bit of creativity goes a long way.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Persistence Makes Your Home Business

Have you always wanted to run your own home business? Maybe you've already tried, but your home business didn't take off. Maybe running a business from home is your ream but the reality of it seems unrealistic. Never fear. With persistence, you can make your home business a success.

It's a well known fact that most home businesses fail within the first year, but less well known is that most of them don't need to. Very often, persistence is what is lacking. People starting up home businesses often have unrealistic expectations about the amount of work which running a home business requires. They may also expect their home business to start making money immediately, whereas in fact a business usually takes a few months to get going. Persistence during these early months is vital if your home business is to succeed.

When supplying grants and loans for a home business, what funding bodies look for more than anything else is evidence of your persistence during times when business is slow. All the great business ideas in the world mean nothing in the absence of persistence. Running a business from home can be tough because you have to motivate yourself. Your home business depends entirely on your persistence even when you feel frustrated, on those days when you are stuck at home working and your business seems to be going nowhere.

The good news is that, with persistence, a properly planned home business almost always has the potential to do well. If you are prepared to work hard and be patient, you can make your home business a success. Persistence is the key to taking your home business through those difficult early stages and getting you to the point where your other business skills can really make a difference. When it comes to running a successful home business, persistence is what it's all about.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Top Reasons Why Online Events Are Becoming More Popular

Online events have become more popular in the last 2 years mainly because of the following:

1. Convenience - Attending online events do not require you to leave your home. Thus, you do not have to worry about gas, traffic, parking, accommodations and if your children are 5 year old and over you may not even need a baby sitter. You do not even need to get dressed and made up to attend an online event.

2. Time - Another benefit of having an online event is the TIME FACTOR. It is great that people do not have to worry about being at a certain location at a certain time since the event is online. As long as they have a computer and Internet connection, and that they are able to connect during the times that the event is on, then, they are all set.

3. Technology - With today's technology, attending online events can be as inter-active as attending physical conferences or expos. People are able to network via chat rooms. They can network using text chat or even voice chat. People can make a connection with others and possibly even joint venture on projects. They can exchange personal and business information in a flash.

4. Cost - Online events do not cost as much as physical events. This is great for the online event host and for the participants as well. Hosting an online event can yield similar results to hosting a physical event with out the extra cost and work.

5. Fun - Online events can be lot of fun. Some of the things that can make an online event successful and memorable are contests, giveaways, networking opportunities, audios and presentations.

Like any other event, whether online or offline, one thing to remember is that promotion is the key to getting lots of traffic and participants for your online event.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Key To Web Success Is Building Traffic

The road to success for any business is its ability to enlarge its customer base and bring in more potential buyers. Traditional businesses do this through advertising in traditional ways such as newspapers, radio and television. They also count on word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Internet businesses also count on traffic to produce sales but building traffic in the internet age takes a new direction referred to as internet marketing. Since most of the customers you want to visit your site are online, the best course is to advertise online. However, where is always the question. Building traffic requires time, effort and in many cases money but most of all it requires patience.

Affiliate programs are rapidly turning into the most financially feasible methods of advertising available on the internet. It has the potential of placing your ad on virtually thousands of web sites at no cost to you, until they produce results. Affiliates also offer a more targeted effort for your ads and reach more of the customers who might use or need your products or services.

Not everyone who visits your site will but on the first visit, but in building traffic to your site you can put it in a position for future sales success. Having a group of affiliates advertising your site online, preferably sites relating to the type of business you are in, should prove very effective in raising the number of visitors you see on your business’s web site.

Additionally, by offering useful information such as informational web content, you will be building traffic by making your site more attractive to search engine spiders. Being found through a search engine is probably the most rewarding way of building traffic as the visitors are looking for what you have to offer and not merely stumbling across the information.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Ways To Make Fast Money

Looking for free ways to make fast money ? This article may help you out. There are a couple of free ways I know of to make some quick cash. They will take up your time but once you have them set into place you should make a decent amount of money.

First register with Google Adsense. If you have a website you can add Google Adsense to your webpage. If you do not have a website you can create a blog and do the same exact thing. With Google Adsense you make money every time someone clicks on an ad from Google. Google supplies the ads for you. It is 100% free. Google will also supply you with the HTML text which you must add to your webpage or blog. With your blog and website be sure to submit them both to search engines and directories. Always be sure to add new and quality content to both your blog and webpage.

The next way to earn fast cash is to become an affiliate for a product. Let's go over this first. You want a product that is in high demand. What product is in high demand? Porn sites are in high demand. Now you may not agree with helping out the porn sites but this article is about quick ways to make cash. If this method is not for you then you can skip this paragraph. Porn sites are the easiest product for a beginner online to market. They give you everything you need to make a good amount of money from marketing their site. Never pay to market a porn site, their are tons of quality porn affiliate programs out there that are free.

Now that you have your means to make cash, next you must get traffic. Getting traffic is not really hard it just requires that you are willing to take sometime out of your day, consistently. With porn sites you do not even really have to sell the product the product sells itself. These are a couple of free ways to make fast money online.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Seo - Search Engine Optimization Copywriting Considerations

Can you actually ruin your business by employing SEO copywriting techniques to your web pages? It is not likely but it is possible. It is especially possible if the text you are uploading to your pages are more search engine spider friendly then they are people friendly. Many people can recognize this type of writing and are very offended by it if they see it on the site. They see SEO techniques in copywriting as a compensation for a less than satisfactory product.

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you send out SEO articles to ezine or article directories or out on an RSS feed the results can be difficult to alter. SEO writing can be costly too, not only in terms of the time you must spend figuring keywords and keyword phrases but also in the time you must spend actually writing the articles. It is also costly if you decide to hire SEO writing specialists.

What many Internet gurus don’t tell you about search engine optimization, SEO articles also need to be done fast if they are to succeed. Many keywords go stale after a month or two and it takes two to three months for search engines to crawl your site. This is because the search engine rankings that they consist of are often created from key words and key word phrases that are ranked in the top ten search results of a search engine. However sooner or later those keyword positions are going to change and more than likely slip down in the rankings. This also means that you need to be tied to the services of a professional copywriter to keep your copy that you are sending looking consistent. SEO articles and copy that seems fake or erratic because several ghostwriters did it simply turns off potential customers to your site.