Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Virtual Assistant: Use A Special Report

Of all the marketing tools that a Virtual Assistant could use, the Special Report is probably the one most underused. This means that you are going to want to put into action for your business right away.

A special report is somewhere in between a long article and a short ebook. Length can range from five or seven pages to as many as fifty. To answer the question of how long your special report should be is simple: however long it needs to be.

When there is a topic that you would like to go into some depth with and an article just wouldn't give you enough space, it's time to create a special report.

Some ideas for you would be:

• How Ruby's VA Service Will Benefit Your Business.
• Ten Ways Ruby's VA Service Will Save You Time.
• Quick Tips For A Professional Website.
• Ruby's Secret Internet Marketing Report

Creating a special report is a commitment of your time and energies so do be sure to choose a topic that you can spin into a promotion for you VA services. Not only are you giving them something valuable for free, something that will teach them something in their business they want to know about, but it also shows you as the expert VA.

Use a special report as a bribe to encourage new subscriptions to your newsletter. Pick topics that will interest your target market and show them your expertise. Your writing will remind them in a subtle way that you are the VA they need to go to.

Take the time to format your report attractively. Incorporate some photographs if appropriate. Use color and bold fonts for your headings. Create a title page and use your headers and footers to include your web address and copywrite info on each page. End your report with an express invitation for readers to consider hiring you. Stand out from your competition and use a special report!

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