Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adding Photos To Your Myspace Site

During the registration process on free MySpace, you are encouraged to upload a photo from your computer. But when you already set up your account, you can add pictures for other members may be able to view it when check your profile. The next section will talk about adding more pictures to your MySpace account, as also explain how to do it.

As mentioned, you will automatically be encouraged to post a profile picture during the registration process. This will be your “default photo”, this will be shown in your profile and to your friends’ page next to the messages you sent and comments. Make sure to have your best and latest picture posted for this reason

If you frequently update your pictures, the procedure is easy to learn. First, you have to put in pictures in the provided space to change your default picture. After changing your default picture, it will still be visible to any member who checks your pictures. Now the new picture you post will be considered as your "default picture", this will be shown in all the areas your previous default picture was displayed.

Simple steps to follow in adding pictures to your MySpace account:

1. Log into your MySpace account.
2. Look for the link marked "Add/Edit" photos, which is directly under the "account settings" link.
3. Click the link.

Locate the "Upload Photo" box at the page. You can browse pictures from your computer to add on your MySpace Site. Click “Upload” to the selected picture from your computer. After the page refreshes, change the default picture with the new one if you wish to do so. Click the box underneath the picture you want as your default that says "set as default".

To let the members view your photos, they have to click “pics” underneath your default picture on your profile page. They can view all your pictures at your photo page and leave comments about the pictures if wish to.

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