Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get A Free Google Friendly Website

Squidoo is a free website service. They provide you with a tag based webpage that you can use for just about whatever you choose. It can be a list of your grandmothers cooking recipes, a family tree website, a collection of pictures of your house pets or whatever you want. You just cannot post porn or hate related stuff of course.

The site is set up is such that many different areas of the squidoo site link back to your page via tags and other group links ect. The overall sitewide pagerank on squidoo actually helps each individual site's pagerank improve if the site content is kept fresh by it's owner. This creates good backlinks immediately upon publishing your first page or as they call it: a Lens. Squidoo pages are used for virtually anything. Some Squidoo pages are used for business opportunities and some are used to list grama's favorite recipes and anything in between.

Squidoo also puts Adsense ads on all lenses sitewide and splits the proceeds with the lens owner that the click came from! And remember this website site is free!

Squidoo also has pre-made modules for Amazon Ebay and others that you can add to your site and you can make money from those sales as well.

The site allows HTML in all fields of the setup process. You can see your Squidoo lens in Google within two weeks without even submitting it to a single search engine! And my site showed up in Google the second day after I made it! I just followed the prompts, and put in what I wanted to say and it was not complicated at all.

The site administrators at squidoo work hard to ensure this is a friendly community for everyone. This is very important and I must say, they do it very well.

In my case I created a site to sell products but you can use this site for almost anything. Long story short, you just cant go wrong with a Squidoo page so get yours free today!

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