Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When And How To Send A Private Message On Myspace

Having a free MySpace account will give you vast connections of friend. MySpace is a best way to have new friends, aside from adding existing friends on your “Friends List”; you can also join up with your past friends. There will come a time that you need to send a private message. The next section will talk on how and when to send private message to another MySpace member. Sending a private message is essential in many situations. Usually you need to send a private message if there are definite information to be passed. Some of this information needs to be placed in a private message may include: • phone numbers • addresses • full names If you get the possibility to share information like this kind, you must do this in private message. Adding a comment on your friend’s profile will shown to everyone and this is not usually secure. Make use of the “Send Message” feature of Myspace to avoid showing personal information. You must be logged into your own MySpace account first in order to send a private message to a friend or a possible MySpace friend. Once in, check on the profile of a member you want to send a private message. Click “Show All Friends” to view a friend who is already listed on your home page. Find the “Contact Table” of the person from their profile if you want to send a private message. If the layout is customized, you may find this any where but this is usually placed below the profile picture. You may find the following links on a typical MySpace profile. • Send Message • Add to Friends • Instant Message • Add to Group • Forward to a Friend • Add to Favorites • Block User • Rank User Pick “Send Message” if you want to send a private message to a person. Click the top link on the left side of the list in the contact box to send a private message to someone with a customized layout since the links will not be marked the usual way. No matter how it's tagged, there will always be a "Send Message Link",

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