Sunday, April 8, 2012

See How Easily You Can Make Clients And Prospects Remember Your Name

Why should you use promotional gifts to help promote your company? Isn’t a business card just as good? On the contrary, promotional gifts play a strong psychological role in convincing people in your industry that they need you. Take an example from Robert Cialdini’s book, The Psychology of Persuasion, in which he explains that one secret to persuading people is the “Rule of Reciprocity” ingrained in us since birth by society. Because it is beneficial for humans to be able to exchange and share, with the expectation that we will be repaid in the future, people are more likely to give in to your requests if you give them something first. Have you ever wondered why Hare Krishnas give you a flower before asking you to listen to them talk about the benefits of their religion? Promotional gifts fall into the same general category but with the added benefit of having your name, phone number, website and logo printed on them. The best kind of promotional products is the kind that provides some utility to the end-user. While pens and calendars were great to keep you top-of-mind for your audience in the past, today there are numerous hi-tech options such as thumb-drives, laser-pointers, digital picture frames, and even MP3 players with your information engraved on them. The more an object with your name on it gets used, the more likely someone will be to remember who you are and what you do. Of course, once you provide the promotional gift to your client, prospect or influencer, don’t forgot to ask for your return favor. You can do it right up front, as when you receive the complimentary, pre-printed return address labels in the mail. Or later on, like when you receive government0candidate pins or buttons in the hopes that you will cats your vote at the proper time. Remember that each promotional object that you give out is an opportunity to start a conversation, and opening to ask for a ‘favor’ in return.

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