Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Virtual Assistant: Are You Using A Newsletter?

Every business owner, including a Virtual Assistant needs to use a newsletter to keep in touch with their current clients and to develop a relationship with potential clients.

To develop your mailing list you’ll need a quality autoresponder service like Aweber or perhaps you’ll choose an all inclusive ecommerce system like WAHM Cart. Both of these services give you the ability to manage multiple mailing lists. You can run a main list for your website and add a second list for customers only.

Place an opt in for your newsletter on every page of your website and also create a page that gives more information on what a subscriber can expect when they sign up. You could even provide a sample newsletter there. Make signing up attractive.

Be sure to send out your main newsletter on a regular schedule so that the client or potential client knows when it will arrive and sees that you are timely and reliable. A VA who sends out a sloppy or irregular newsletter doesn’t inspire much confidence in subscribers. If you do it weekly stick to the weekly schedule - if you do it bi- weekly or monthly stick with that schedule.

If you do choose a weekly mailing schedule, you might want to keep the newsletter short and to the point. Share package specials, task suggestions and testimonials. Don’t hesitate or feel like you’re bothering anyone. They opted in because their interested and even if they haven’t hired you yet you need to keep in touch with these people so they think of you when they do need to use a VA.

Use your newsletter to establish your expert status with your readers. Connect them with valuable resources and show them you are up to date with online business. You want to guide and teach your target market about using a virtual assistant and convince them that you have the skills and understanding that will benefit their business long term.

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