Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Use An Article Directory

An article directory is a type of web site that organizes articles, sometimes referred to as content, into categories and ways that make them easier to find. An article directory may also include an article search engine that lets you find articles of interest to you.

Some kinds of article directory help you to find articles that have been published in print media. You may be able to search by media, for example, newspaper articles, or by topic

Other types of article directory let you find articles that are available for repeat, reproduction, or purchase. For example, if your PTA is doing a newsletter and you want an article about first aid, you can search an online article directory to find one that is suitable for you to use. Other types of article directory help you to find content that you can add to a web site, which will interest people who visit your web site to look at your products and would like more information on related subjects. For instance, if your primary business is selling sewing supplies, you might want to add content about different kinds of fabrics. If you cannot afford to commission original content, an article directory may help you find content that you can reproduce, or to which you can link.

Some article directory sources are actually article distribution services. You can submit an article you have written to such a directory, either for free distribution or with the hope of getting paid when your work is used.

Students should be aware that using an article directory to find articles they could copy for school reports is not a good idea. Many schools today use software that can check to see if your work is plagiarized. Teachers are also very good at recognizing your normal language patterns and can usually tell when you are trying to pass off as your own something that another person has written.

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