Saturday, October 29, 2011

Presentation Strategies That Sell Your Prospect Now

The heart of the sales call is the presentation. Your future customer has a number of questions which must be answered during your presentation:

Why? “Why should I listen to this salesperson? What can he show me that will benefit myself and my company?” Give the prospect a quick glimpse of the end results. For instance, you might mention at the beginning of the presentation that your program will eliminate his constant involvement in administering his present system.

What is it? “Exactly what are your products and services?” To answer this question you must demonstrate your products, show how your different systems work, and emphasize quality characteristics. Vividly establish the balance sheet for your future customer. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and make a comparison to what you have to offer.

Who says so? “The prospect must know who will back up or validate your claims and promises. Stress your reputation. Present the fact that your company has been in business for x number of years, that you have been innovators in your field, or that you have just started a new division that has been very successful within the last few years.

Who did it? “Who has successfully used your products and services and has had satisfactory results?” Most people do not want to be pioneers. Testimonial letters and an invitation for your prospect to call existing customers at the time of the sales call will have a dramatic impact.

What do I get? This is where you add it all up. Summarize the benefits that your program or product has for the customer and ask for his commitment.

Power Strategies:
Keep the Presentation Simple
Know your Product and Competition Cold
Sell Smart by Being a Know it All
Direct your Presentation to the Prospect’s Need
Do not Make a Presentation if Unnecessary

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