Friday, October 21, 2011

A Quick Look At Badge Reels

Badge reels are an attractive way for employees to display their company ID badges. Retractable are especially convenient in situations where employees need to swipe their card through a scanner or present it to a security guard for inspection. Instead of wasting time fumbling around in their wallet or purse, your employees will be able to instantly access their ID card. However, unlike other options for displaying badges or ID cards, the retractable reel keeps your employees' badge close without it getting in their way all the time. Retractable reels can also be used in recreational settings for things such as keeping your keys safe or displaying your badge during a Little League game.

So what kinds of badge reels are available? Most providers of retractable reels offer five different series. Within each of these series, there are normally multiple color options available. The first series of badge reels is plastic. This is the most popular series, and works well in many different situations. The second series is heavy duty. This series is designed to withstand the weight of heavier items. The third series of badge reels is the ski and sports series. Because of their design and color scheme, these reels stand out. Therefore, they are perfect for companies or organizations that want their members to be easily identifiable. Even though these reels are very light weight, the plastic they are made from is quite durable.

The fourth series of reels are the silver or gold metal reels. These retractable reels feature a lanyard hook, which make them the perfect option for carrying keys or other similar items. The last series of badge reels are the Premier series. As the name implies, these reels are a cut above the rest. Premier retractable reels are made from chrome and plastic. They feature an extra long cord, and have a special clip on top that makes them very easy to use.


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