Friday, July 20, 2012

How Does Someone Know To Buy Domain After It Is Searched At A Registrar?

Here is a scary issue... and I feel it happens way too often for it to just be a coincidence. I am posting this as a warning to anyone who is searching for a domain name... if you find a name that is available and you like it... you better purchase it immediately or you will risk losing it to someone who is looking to make a quick resell by tracking searched names!

Yesterday I searched a domain name for a client and when I went back to buy (after they approved it) it was gone. This is not a generic name and is an 18 character long .com domain! I have had this happen before and always just figured it was a bad coincidence but there is no way this was the case this time.

I searched this domain on DirectNIC and later that day it was registered under

Any ideas on how someone is scamming names (and then trying to resell them) based on recent searches with registrars? Am I just paranoid and has this happened multiple times to me only as a coincidence?

I know that if you have a trademark on the domain name you can legally challenge and often get the name that way but that seems like a lot of hassle to sue for a name just because you searched for it one day and then it was snatched only to be resold.

I know others have experienced this too... and it makes me wonder about the integrity of the registration system if there is a way to track searched names like this and then use this information to hold names hostage.

Apparently, there are those that have access to registrar data and speculate on that data to buy up domain names that are searched (and that have a likelihood of being purchased later).

So, here is my recommendation: "When you search for and find a domain name that you like (and will work for you) buy it immediately. If you find you don't need it... then sell it yourself. It is worth the $10 - $15 to get the domain instead of losing it and having to pay $100 the next day"

Keep searching for that perfect domain name... and if you find it... BUY IT immediately!

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