Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Future Is Coming / The Future Is Here!

So I'm on a conference call last night and I hear something I've heard about before. Web 2.0. Not so impressive in print, but very impressive online. Web 2.0 stands to revolutionize not just who and how media is delivered to us. Web 2.0 stands to completely shake up the marketing world and how some of us make money online.

Everybody has at least heard of MySpace or You Tube, even if they aren't aware of the ramifications. These networks exists, thrive as a matter of fact on user provided content. This doesn't just put power in the hands of the providers, but also power in the hands of the consumers. The amount of material being put online in these networks is so immense almost any one can find something to suit their taste. Media customized to the user, streamlined by the user and even provided by the user.

The users have a ball and the content networks get eyes and ears for low production cost. Television networks dream of getting the target audience per dollar that sites like Last.fm and MySpace can get. Thus the new generation of marketing is here. Lush web sites with ripe viewers, those who can adapt to market effectively here will be rich. Those of us finding niches here will do very well.

The future is coming if you’re a major marketing firm, but the future is here if you're a small time innovator. Get your ball in the came and start harvesting the dollars. If you're not advertising with audio / video, providing topical content or catering to the entertainment whims of the fickle web fan, you're shoveling dollars out the window.

Web 2.0 will shape our lives in the next decade whether you realize it or not. It will change our businesses whether we want it to or not. The Madison Avenue types will be all over it. The times they are a changing are you?

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