Monday, August 9, 2010

Promoting A Website In Three Easy Steps

Probably the most important step in promoting a website is building one that is user and search engine friendly. Too often a website is so convoluted with information, that the thread that should permit browsers to find their way through it is lost. This also means that there is no congruence with respect to keywords. Think of one keyword or key phrase that describes what your website is all about – ideally, this should be a word or phrase that someone would type into a search engine when looking for information on the topic – and then use the word and phrase on your site frequently.

Secondly, swap links with other sites. Obviously, if you have a site dedicated to dog shampoo, you will want to find other sites that have something to do with either dogs or shampoo and swap links with them. A site that sells wood carving kits will not do you any good. Thus, be wise when swapping links. In addition to the foregoing, keep your site as free from banner ads as possible. A few well placed ads may be acceptable, but if you turn into an affiliate site for other vendors, potential customers or visitors will be turned off and move on.

Third, you will need to submit your website to the search engine. There is no other tool that will help you to promote your website as much as a good search engine submission. You will probably run across a large number of sites that will submit your site to search engines for free. Stay away from these sites! Not only will your email address be submitted to so many spammers that your inbox will never be the same, but many major search engines no longer accept this mass additions, and therefore your submission is useless. Instead, find the big search engines and go through the manual submission process to get your site properly listed.

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