Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is Being Unorganized Hurting You

Are you in a rush with time? Does your day control you? You wish you could get more organized in your personal and business life? You look around and your life is a mess. Your house is a mess. Your office looks like a hurricane went through it. Your car looks and smells like a dump. You even have magazines and papers dated back to 1998. Why is it that some people are just organized in their personal and business life. Other people struggle with it.

Well you might be saying to yourself that they were born with it. Or they had great parents. How about they must of been in the right place at the right time. That has got to be it. It is actually none of the above. The secret is skill. It is a learned skill.

Here are 2 easy steps to get yourself organized in your personal and business life:

1. Stand back and take a good look at yourself. Go around your house right now. Take a look in each room. Ask yourself, "What kind of person lives here?" Go to your car. Ask yourself, "What kind of person drives this car?" Go to your office. Ask yourself, "Would I hire this person for a job or task?" Please be honest with yourself. By looking and evaluating yourself, you can find out quickly where you need to clean up.

2. Stop making excuses. Many people work in messy work spaces. They are the people that say " I work better in this mess" or how about " I know where everything is at." I am sure you don't know anyone like that. I am going to challenge you for 2 days to work at a clean desk. Then look at your results. You can actually gain 1 to 3 hours a day by being organized. It might amaze you.

Is your life unorganized? Do you look at your day and have no time? Is your life chaotic? Just by taking these two steps, it can change your life. It might feel like a challenge. It might feel like a burden. However at the end, the outcome will amaze you.

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