Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tips For Monetizing Your Site With The E-bay Affiliate Program

If you own a non-money making website, the E-bay affiliate program offers you an ideal way to monetize your website and turn it into a site that makes money. When you direct traffic to E-Bay’s site, you get paid part of the revenue earned by E-Bay and you also get paid for referring new customers.

To be an effective and successful E-Bay affiliate you need to find a way to attract potential customers looking for something specific and guide them to E-Bay where it is available for them to buy.

Here are some powerful tips for monetizing your site with the E-Bay affiliate program:

Design your website to be super-focused on a niche topic that is sure to attract much targeted traffic. To target motor-bike enthusiasts you would have a website that has everything to do about motorbikes. You could have a music website for musicians.

Once you’ve selected your niche, bring all listed products from the E-Bay marketplace, which are related to your niche, into your own website.

Attract the attention of potential clients with a well-written ad that is clear, concise, easy to understand and interesting enough to get the customers to want to buy your product that is being sold at E-Bay.

Using snap shots of your product and placing them strategically in the ad increases your chances of attracting the attention of your customers.

Change your ads every so often to keep interest in the product alive.

Offer prospective clients your lowest price possible to ensure they will click on the item.

Build a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable so that you will be rated highly by your clients. Provide good service and deal only with quality products. Send your clients exactly what you promised in the ad and make sure it is in the condition you had promised.

Follow these few simple ground rules and see how soon your web site will start making big money in the E-Bay affiliate program.

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