Friday, June 18, 2010

Cold Calling-Dead As A Doornail

Are you one of the tens of thousands of working folks out there who is trying to decide whether to go for the gold and work at home from your computer? Are you searching, or on the verge of searching, for that perfect home internet business? You’ve actually picked a great time for it.

There’s a whole new industry on the Internet out there to help you, especially if you’re a novice in e-commerce. They call it Plug-in Profit Sites, or PIPs for short. There are different types of these plug-in profit sites. Most rely on affiliate marketing techniques to dribble in the dough. But a few are more ambitious.

Recently, automated profit sites are cropping up that seem to be flourishing. A case in point is the coastal vacations automated sales system.

Tropical locations grab the lion’s share of the vacation market. When everyone closes their eyes to dream about paradise on earth, a beach and sun-honeyed palm trees is most always what they visualize. What could be more fun than making such dreams come true… and making a living doing it from home?

The automated sales system PIP we looked at in this field rewards your ability to drive traffic to your system website. If they make a sale because of you, you get a check for between $1,000 and $9700 dollars.

Some of these coastal vacation PIPs use web conferencing and online presentations to inform their prospects about their services. They also pay professional marketing assistants to follow up on prospects.

Many smart people labored many intensive hours to create these fully automated vacation fantasy systems. It’s worth looking into how an automated sales system can work for you. Who knows, you and the plug-in may be made for each other! And wouldn't that be a fantastic opportunity for you!

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