Friday, June 25, 2010

Why The Visual Appearance Of Your Blog Matters

Keep in mind that as long as form follows function on your blogging site it will be considered to be well search engine optimized. This also applies to the visual components of your blog.

There are several ways that visual elements are going to play a part in how others see your blog. First of all there is your title. You may have to make several artistic decisions just around this including, what font you want to use, whether the font is in color, the size of the font and whether or not your title will wrap into an image. It is very common for free blogs to allow you to choose a template with an image or upload an image of your own that will be a mainstay image that sits on top of or behind the title.

It is quite important for your title to be relevant to the content of your actual blog. Although shots of waterfalls or forests might be attractive, they really don’t say much about your business. It is best to show an image that relates somehow to your blog concept. So if you are marketing outhouses, have a picture of one on your blog or at least a shot of a roll of toilet paper. Don’t forget that humor succeeds visually often as well.

For instance if you are writing a blog about aromatherapy, you would be much better off to have a blog that shows perfume in some form as an image rather than showing a skyscape of fluffy clouds.

The best images convey a message that expresses the purpose of the blog.
The best blogs always look professional and unique and they are not cluttered with an excess of visual imagery either. Stick to one type of design theme and don’t stray from it to make your blog appear as sleek and stylish as possible.

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