Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Business Imitation Or Innovation?

Are you starting a business for the first time? If this is your first foray into business you are much better of finding a concept that already works and improving on it then trying to launch your latest idea.

Look at how the Japanese identified the opportunity in the automotive industry. They imitated and innovated on an existing proven demand and are now the market leaders.

They did not try and create a new market for an unproven idea. They came, copied and improved on an existing concept.

Many of the most successful business men in the world have used already established formulae for making money and just done it slightly better or added a new twist. Adding your own "flavour" and thereby creating your own unique business will still be fun.

Banks are much more likely to look favorably at a proven business model than to back a new and unproven idea. This is probably the reason why when you buy a franchise you can get funding of up to 70%.

Have a look at the successful businesses operating in your local area that are already making money and see how you could do it better. Perhaps by choosing a better location, you might attract many of their existing customers to your business.

Maybe you can offer a higher level of service and charge higher prices thereby attracting the high value customers.

It is much more difficult to launch a brand new concept and create a new market than to create a novel way of supplying existing demand and just improve on the basic delivery.

Once you have experience in running and managing a successful business then perhaps the time might be ripe to test your own ideas.

Does higher reward come with higher risk? Perhaps it is better to set your sights slightly lower and build a foundation that can serve as a platform for more risky ventures?

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