Saturday, May 28, 2011

Countless "Biz Ops" Everywhere, Are They All Scams?

For months, I have been researching numerous biz ops, ebooks, schemes, network marketing websites as well as just about every other thing you can think of that is in any way related to making a decent income on the internet. Wherever you look, there is somebody else promising to give you "the secret" for making a fortune online. With countless people calling themselves gurus, who can tell which ones are for real? One good rule of thumb is to always diligently study every opportunity that you run into before making a commitment.

I like to "Google" a brief descriptive phrase in quotation marks about whatever offer I'm researching followed by the word fraud or scam and see if there's a lot of negative feedback in the results pages. There'll always be some angry customers, but I measure the positive versus the negative and come to my own conclusion. As you've heard before, if it sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is! Don't be tempted to buy into some "turnkey system" or "cash machine".

If you are looking for some way to make a living online, you'll find more of these types of "products" than anything else. I have looked into COUNTLESS offerings and the vast majority are based on the same lie. That you can get rich quickly with little or no effort.

Believe me, it ain't gonna happen. What most newbies need most is a DETAILED "road map" on WHAT needs to be done, HOW to get started and IN WHAT ORDER to take on each task. What's wrong with most how-to products is that they lack enough detail or are not geared for those just starting out, or both. The best advice is to meticulously choose a well known marketing course and then get ready to APPLY what you've learned. There really aren't any substantial shortcuts, but education plus work and a little time will result in success.

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