Thursday, March 15, 2012

Build A Free Website

Do you want to make a free website? Building a website can be a daunting and expensive exercise if you have never built 1 before. In this article I will explain to you how you can build a website for free without having any knowledge in website design and without the need of purchasing expensive software. The process in getting started is simple but lets get started with the basics first. Firstly there are 3 things you typically need to build a website They are: 1. Domain Name (similar to a home street address) 2. Web Hosting Account (similar to a land where you build your home) 3. HTML pages and image files - your content (similar to the home you build on your land) Once you have a domain name you then need to find a web host where then you need to configure your DNS so it points back to your webhosting account. For this article we will not need to worry about this because its done for us already. To start building your free website first visit and signup for your free web hosting account from the webpage. You won't need a domain name but if you want to create your website with a domain there is an option available. Once you have signed up login to your control panel. From here you have a powerful feature which is the Website Builder that comes with your free webhosting account. To get started just click on the New Website Builder Link on the right hand side in your control panel. You will be directed to another webpage. Make sure you allow pop ups because the login screen will pop up. On the right hand side of the webpage you will see a Blue Launch website Builder button please click on this button. There are lots of free designs you can choose from for your website look and feel. Edit and select any design template you want to use from the choices available. Add the content to your website and edit it to suit and save your changes. Once you follow this process correctly your website should be up and running in no time.

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