Monday, March 19, 2012

The World Wide Web For Absolute Beginners, Part 2

The Internet is a great place for making money and there are many ways to do it. Buying and selling products or services on the Internet is referred to as e-commerce. There are some e-commerce sites that sell hard goods such as exercise machines, cameras or children’s toys. Other e-commerce sites sell information or services. If you intend to sell anything on the Internet iyou would requirea a website where customers can browse through products and decide what they want. Developing an E-commerce site for the purpose of selling products is different from building a non-commercial website where information is exchanged free of cost. Besides the regular essentials such as graphics software and site building software, an e-commerce site also requires a shopping cart and a payment gateway. Web-safety for beginners Your e-mail and subsequently your computer are highly susceptible to many online viruses, while you are browsing the Internet and through your e-mail. Here are a few tips for browsing the Web safely: Install anti-virus software on your computer. There are many anti-virus programs that are available free of charge on the Internet. These identify and block potentially dangerous virus from harming your computer. Protect all your documents and applications with strong passwords that use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Be careful when furnishing your personal information including telephone number or physical address to anyone. Be careful who you give your financial information to, especially when using a credit card. Do not get tempted by offers showing you how to make money fast. There are a few genuine schemes but plenty of scams. You do not want to know what it was. Do not trust everybody who you meet online. Using the secrecy of the internet, many individuals easily masquerade as some one else with malicious intent. It is important to remember that all the information that is contained in the World Wide Web is not necessarily true.

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