Thursday, March 29, 2012

Six Simplicites That Create Success

This article is take from a an audio article that I posted on my blog as is one of my favorites. I took a look at the things that helped me in my home business and these six were the most valuable. 1) Always create and control your own products. Never rely on the products of others for your success. That's right, you must have your own products to be a large success. Anything else is much harder. And notice that I said products in the plural meaning you should have several. 2) There is no such thing as an internet business only a home based business. Now why am I saying that? Because there is an error out there that says "internet business only". The truth is that you are in home based business that does a lot of it's work on the internet. There are other methods of expanding your home based business that have nothing to do with the internet. Don't forget to try them as well. 3) There 3 systems that run all businesses. A Product creation system, a Sales creation system, and a Customer traffic creation system. Focusing on improving these 3 areas and ignoring most anything else will drastically improve your production. 4) Build your business on multiple products. It is hard to build a lasting business with one product. You should have a collection of related products in different forms. I teach people how to make multiple products easily on my blog. 5) You are in the business of collecting people who inquire about what you have, buy what you have, and who buy other items that you offer. This the basic flow of business or a fundamental of doing business. Inquiries, sales, & re-purchases are what we all do in business and they are done in that order. 6) All business must be reduced to a numbers game or it is not profitable. If you cannot make everything you do into a number that can be compared to a previous number you can get into trouble. Statistics run a business even if you do not keep them. Using the six items can greatly increase home business success

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