Thursday, June 14, 2012

San Diego Directories

The San Diego Directories are great to have whether you live there or on vacation. These guides offer you the best places to eat, places to see, business listings and some even have company profiles. There are a couple of directories online that can help you look for anything you need in the city of San Diego. They can help with residence or business locations.

The Old Town San Diego Business Directory can provide you with yearly local events, historical places to see, parks and beaches to go to. It will provide you with bus lines and train stations. In addition it can help with locating a certain business you need. Or like the Yellow Pages it groups the same types of businesses together for easy use.

Then there is the San Diego Yellow Pages Directory. This is a business directory where the types of business of categories alphabetically and then list all of the businesses accordingly. There are also the San Diego White Pages, this is a residential directory. If someone has a listed phone number they will appear in the directory. These White Pages has State, Local and Government pages listings. Emergency numbers as local police and hospital information.

In this day and age of the computer, there are online directories as well. One being the City of San, this offers a complete online directory of hotels, places of interest, beach location, attractions, such as the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. They also offer apartment rentals, almost like our next directory Craig’s List.

Craig’s List is a great city directory; it can give you jobs postings, items for sale, people offering their services. It is more of a personal directory than some of the larger directories. Another online directory is called 1800 San San Diego Biz

All of these directories we have mentioned even the online directories, all contain any information you will need about who is in San Diego as well as what is in Sam Diego. Things to see, things to do, transportation and local yearly events and not to mention reference numbers as well.

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