Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tell-A-Friend Script As A Viral List Building Tool - Part I

This is no secret but have you been using it for your business?

Getting free referrals from your existing contacts, subscribers or customers is a brilliant way to grow your mailing list.

As lots of people keep on claiming that money is in the list and you have to find multiple ways to increase your subscriber database, you wouldn't want to avoid using this simple, yet powerful tool.

A Tell-A-Friend Script.

What the script does is give your website visitors the ability to refer other people to your website. Just by simply adding a few names and email addresses, your subscribers can refer their friends and contacts to your website without having you to bug them to do so. If done properly, your website visitors will be more than happy to refer not only one, but probably 5 to 7 contacts at one time.

I've done some marketing test on a product using just a tell-a-friend strategy and within 2 weeks, I collected more than 700 subscribers. I know that 700 is not a big number but if it's free marketing, why not do it?

Moreover, you install the tell-a-friend script on your webhost once and your marketing effort can run on its own over time. It won't stop there. The people that have been referred to your website will find the tell-a-friend webpage and use the script to refer more people.

This is when the marketing effort takes care on its own.

However, not all tell-a-friend scripts are created equal.

If you do a search on Google, you'll find many companies or individuals that offer free tell-a-friend services. Beware that most of the time 'free' does not always mean 'free'.

These companies might be offering the services for free. In return, they will put their own ads in front of the people your website visitors refer, or worst, they collect your referrals info as well.

I find that installing a script on my own web server is the best for me, but it's up to you to decide if there is any other services that suit your need.

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