Monday, August 20, 2012

Get Listed On Chinese Search Engines

Almost everyone knows that China is th world’s most polulous nation. But how many people knowe that China’s urban middle class is projected to soon exceed the entire population of the US?. China is No.2 in the world in total Internet usage and growing fast. Its economy is roaring along at 7-10% GDP growth every year. It’s easy to understand why Western business people have been salivating over the Chinese “big, juiicy piece of meat” for a couple of decades now.

Here are two more important trends: (1) the percentage of Chinese who can speak and/or read the English language (especially read!) is increasing rapidly (leading to many positions for Westerners as English teachers), and (2) the number of Chinese “chuppies” who carry MasterCard, Visa, Discover and other international credit cards (in US dollars, no less) is also rapidly expanding. What this all adds up to is a large and growing segment of the Chinese population that can now purchase your product or service over the web. Chinese are well-known for its appetite for Western goods and services (check out Vegas if you don’t believe me!), especially luxury goods.

Is your site listed on China’s major search engines? Well, these search engines may have already picked up your listing, but why not be sure? Give the Chinese search engines a boot by listing your website with them.

Following are website submission URLs for the major Chinese web search engines. Unfortunatlely, these web pages are written in Chinese, so get some help from a Chinese:

Top 5 Chinese Search Engines

1. Baidu:

2. Sohu:

3. Sobao:

4. Tianwang:

5. Sina:

THE FINE PRINT: Baidu, Sobao, and Sohu are the big players in the Chinese search engine market, with Baidu being the Google of China. The rest of these search engines may be closed down by the time you read this –or one of them may have overtaken Baidu.

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