Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's My Game Dad!

1.Do have your child to practice and games on time. The coach is not the taxi driver. If you can't drive your child , make other arrangements to see your son gets to his practice and games.

2. When the game is over ,it is the parent's place to see their child returns home safe. The coach can't and won't leave any player on the field after practice.

3. The coach need parents to help him out. Coaching is a tough job.

4. Do take the time to see that your son gets his exercise training done at home. Dads this is bonding time for you and your son.

5. Do be there at your child's game to cheer his team on.

6. Do volunteer parents to help in the concession stands or in maintaining the field.

Parents can really be a blessing to the coach or his worst nightmare grouch.

Parents don't do any of these terrible things.

1. Don't put pressure on your child to succeed in baseball.

2. Don't fuss with your child about what he didn't do right in the game. Parents remember this is a journey your son wanted to try out. It won't be his final destination in life.

3. Don't let your child hear you cheering for the opposing side. He is on the field trying to impress his parents.

4. Don't yell at the umpire if you disagree with him. You may embarrass your son.

5. Don't coach from your seat in the stands. This is for the coach to do. Parents , you may face having the coach call you out and embarrass you.

6. Don't tell the coach when the best time is to have a game. Parents , you have no say in how the coach runs his ball team.

7. Don't interfere when the coach calls your son out. This is a sure way to help your child learn responsibility. When he starts to work , you can't control his life or his boss.

After reading this list , parents it should be clear how you need to act when attending your son's baseball game. Praise your son for the hard work he performed on the field. This will really help your son's convenience grow. Children need to know their parents care and love them. That is the main proble in the world today with children.Take time out of your schedule to attend your son's game.

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