Friday, May 4, 2012

Cashing In On The Web

There are several people who wish to have an easier life, to make it big. Some play the lottery, some just work really hard; others try the World Wide Web.

It can be simple, but like everything else, making money online can be difficult and tricky.

Online stores are popping up all over the place. If you have a talent and would like to receive royalties for it, develop an online store. Customers can shop all hours of the day, and payment seems to be almost immediate, coming from e checks and credit or debit cards. You will want to charge for shipping the product, and unfortunately, some online stores overcharge grossly. However, it can still be a fairly profitable business.

Whatever “IT” is… you can sell it online. People across the globe are cleaning out their garages and attics full of useless and sometime priceless stuff and selling it or auctioning it off. The most popular site isn’t the only one out there, but it’s the most widely known. This is relatively easy to do, just set up an account with the website and then another one with an online banking system and voila, you can start selling anything (and that does mean anything from dirty socks to a pop star’s hair) to anyone around the world. Trust that there are some crazy things being sold and worse yet, being bought online.

Another way to make money online and perhaps to some a less lucrative way, is to do something like medical transcriptions or even writing articles for various websites. Becoming a medical transcriptionist is fairly easy, pay a little money and take some courses (it’s a two year degree). One has to be well versed in medical terminology and be able to hear quiet, rushed, and often foreign voices. Writing articles online is a little trickier. You need to be able write, work under a deadline, and be extremely creative because there is no plagiarism tolerated. No matter your specialty, there is a way to make money off of it online. For more info, visit these sites: , as well as

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