Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joining A Forum- What Does It Really Mean For Businesses?

I can’t say enough about forums. When you are working from home the feeling of isolation can be lethal. It can dampen your drive towards success. It can promote a sense of incompetence that can be crippling. If you are like me and don’t care for those online conversations and marketers calling your house then isolation can be a real trap. You wil find yourself doubting for no good reason. You have all the skills and abilities to succeed but are working in an environment that does not pat you on the back. There is no one there to say “Great Job!” when you’ve just gotten a new contact or written a top notch article. Forums are one way to beat the isolation.

Doubt is the biggest business killer there is. People start to doubt themselves their programs and quit just before the turning point. Forums are a way to beat the doubt and meet business owners like yourself who have wisdom and experience on their side. People who offer advice freely for you to take or leave, no strings attached.

Forums help build relationships and relationships are key to any business. No one wants to buy from someone they don’t know. They want to buy from people they now and trust, people who they can contact if they need help with the product. People want guarantees and relationships can forge that bridge.

Forums are also one way to get your business some advertising and exposure. When you join a forum you have the opportunity to attach a signature to each of the posts you make. When your post appears on the site so will a link to your business. This is a fantastic advertising opportunity. Not only will these people be getting to know you and you them but they can also check out your business through your link. Talk about multiple benefits!

I have been meeting fascinating people with some of the same problems, doubts and experiences. I have been building relationships and making friends. I have been building my business and making money. All this from a forum- who knew? Now you do! I recommend free forums like Conquer Your Niche and Warrior Forum.

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