Friday, May 4, 2012

A Free List Of Immediately Useful Top Paying Keywords

Which keyword will you create content for? A $0.20 ( twenty cent) housepainting keyword or a $2.00 (two dollar) home improvement keyword. Many people will obviously go for the $2.00 keyword. A closer look however will show you are better off combining the two for a richer fuller presentation about home improvement. Additionally you can use $0.20 (cents) to launch a pay per click Adwords campaign to drive traffic to your site which will be displaying $2.00 ads. That obviously make for a lucrative spread.

As internet marketers our livelihood very much depends on how well the revenue streams we set up perform and unless you have a massive flow of traffic on a consistent basis, you don't want to mess with those $0.20 keywords. Personally I don't think sacrificing good content for the benefit of having higher paying keywords is useful. It can be beneficial in the short term. You however want to build a more sustainable business that will serve you for many years to come and that means being able to provide quality content that is useful for your readers. People come to your site expecting that they will be informed and leave having added some value to their lives. It is not easy when you are constantly being told to write in such a manner that helps your page rank and in a way search engines will love. Whatever approach we take should have a bearing on our site’s capacity to be a worthy information resource. The challenge therefore is about striking the right balance between the need to make some good income and being useful. Finding the right keyword combinations at both ends of pricing, mixed in with a meaningful content on a regular basis that ensures a spread like this is definitely the goal we all strive for.

There are many tools out there and one I find remarkably useful tracks keywords dynamically to ensure the latest values are available for your adsense/adwords campaign. Check it out for the latest free listing. It's an eye opener. Don't leave money on the table.

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