Sunday, June 5, 2011

Linkbaiting - What Is It Actually?

Linkbaiting is a new buzzword around SEO circles; the point of starting a great linkbaiting campaign is to generate as many links as possible from many different sources. Roll out a linkbaiting campaign correctly and your website will literally explode with traffic and you will gain more backlinks in a week than you could get in a year of traditional SEO.

Linkbaiting as a theory is still a mystery, many people have heard of the word “linkbaiting” but very few actually understand what it means or how to roll out a good linkbaiting campaign. To create some linkbait you need to have one core ingredient and that is to have something that is interesting. It needs to catch a reader’s eye; particularly bloggers eye’s to be exact. With the proliferation of blogs on the Internet it is possible to create huge hype and buzz about a website or product. Once it has been spread around the Blogging world, word should spread and your website should have a linkbaiting success story.

The biggest problem with link baiting is actually creating a product or piece of copy that has not been done before or that is very interesting. I find my strike rate is around ten to one. That means for every ten pieces of link bait that I produce only one of them really gets going and creates a huge buzz.

Follow these steps to setting up a good link baiting campaign: Create a fantastic story, tool or otherwise unusually interesting piece of content. Then publish it on your blog or you website. Now, promote your new content by contacting friends that have blogs or using sites where you can actually pay people to blog about anything and everything. If your content is “newsworthy” your linkbaiting campaign should take off and you should receive thousands of visitors to your site and hundreds if not thousands of inbound links.

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